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Kefir face mask

It is impossible to imagine facial treatment at home without a kefir mask - an affordable and effective tool. Many women love this sour-milk drink for a storehouse of useful substances and do not realize that kefir can be used as a cosmetic product as part of a washable mask.

If the intake of kefir is not indicated for all women (due to an allergy to milk protein), then its use on the skin surface is not limited - kefir has no contraindications and does not cause allergies, provided that there are no other potential allergens in the home mask.


Masks based on fermented milk products have established themselves as excellent helpers for dry and oily skin, age-related and problematic epidermis. Home care can be based on a mask of classic kefir of varying degrees of fat content, as well as from yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt or whey. In order to get whey, you need to heat kefir in a water bath and separate the protein - it will begin to fold when it reaches a higher temperature.

The resulting liquid serum can be used as a base for various kinds of masks.

It is amazing how versatile and at the same time unique product is kefir:

  • Kefir mask suitable for the care of any type of epidermis: dry, oily, combination and normal, mature and sensitive;
  • For dry and sensitive skin, choose high fat kefir or replace it with fermented baked milk 4%, fat yogurt;
  • To create a home mask, it is not necessary to take fresh kefir - Sour fermented milk product is also suitable;
  • Mask based on this product has no contraindicationsif kefir is used in pure form. When choosing additional components, it is worth considering their intolerance and the presence of allergies;
  • Kefir mask is inexpensive and does not take much time to prepare it;
  • You can use it every day, while pure kefir does not have to be washed off - leave it on your skin for the whole night, and you will see how your pores have shrunk;
  • The composition of kefir composition contains lactobacilli for youthful skin and high-quality cleansing of pores, protein to restore skin, acids to normalize the functioning of cells, vitamins B, C and E for metabolic processes and cell regeneration.

Than useful

Kefir is a fermented milk drink rich in milk protein, low acid content and a complex of beneficial bacteria. As part of home masks, this product allows you to:

  • Gently clean the surface of the face without injuring the epidermis, which is especially important for dry and sensitive dermis;
  • Moisturize skin well due to lactic acid and a complex of bacteria;
  • Normalize the lipid-base balance of the epidermis thanks to lactobacilli: kefir does not upset and restores the skin's natural pH balance, which is especially true after washing;
  • Lactobacilli in its composition eliminate bacteria from the surface of the dermis and pores, increase the protective function and cleanse the skin of sebum, dust;
  • Amino acids in kefir soothe and moisturize the epidermis, they are necessary for mature skin care, as they are able to neutralize the formation of free radicals;
  • Kefir components have whitening propertiesTherefore, the product will be relevant for problem skin with post-acne or age-related pigmentation. Masks based on a sour-milk drink even out the overall tone of the face and are used to lighten the skin;
  • For oily skin, kefir is especially useful, since the component acts as an antiseptic and cleanses the surface of the face well, normalizes the lipid balance of the skin by adjusting the pH level;
  • Kefir excellently fights aging skin due to the content of biotin in it - a component that tightens the dermis and gives it velvety, amino acids that enhance the regeneration of collagen and elastin;
  • The composition of kefir has an indispensable vitamin C - antioxidant and protective component for the skin. Citric acid in combination with vitamin E have a lifting effect, fight pigmentation, posture, inflammation and uneven texture of the face.

Homemade recipes

Kefir masks have several proven recipes aimed at cleansing the epidermis, moisturizing and nourishing it, soothing and combating uneven face tone, wilting and aging.

Home care from soda is aimed at cleansing - abrasive particles clean the pores well and even out the skin texture, masks from lemon and parsley bleach the epidermis and relieve pigmentation, while compounds made from hercules and glycerin moisturize the dermis qualitatively.


It is based on pure kefir - use it as a tonic and apply on a previously cleansed face every other day or every day. Such a kefir mask is incredibly easy to use and does not require preparation, the composition will allow you to well clean and moisturize even the sensitive dermis.

For oily and problem skin

To get rid of black spots and enlarged pores, an uneven complexion, and other problems of a greasy and combined dermis, the following recipe will help: mix kefir and fresh lemon juice in a 2: 1 ratio, vegetable oil and a little edible or sea salt - it will act as an abrasive element to remove the keratinized layer of cells. In the same mask, you can add a little bit of sweetened or wheat flour to get a thick consistency and additional skin nutrition.

A mask of hercules and kefir will deeply cleanse the pores and is suitable for use with a problematic, oily type of epidermis. Grind a glass of oatmeal in a blender or pre-brew them in water to obtain a homogeneous slurry, add kefir so that the mixture resembles a non-liquid sour cream. Apply the composition on the skin with rubbing movements and leave it on for 20-30 minutes, remove the rest of the product later with warm water.

A mixture of soda and kefir - an excellent cleansing mask-scrub for the skin, for the preparation of which you need kefir and starch in the amount of a couple of tablespoons, 1 4 part of soda. Mix the components together and apply the resulting composition to the face, paying particular attention to the area of ​​the T-zone.

The composition of parsley allows you to even out skin tone and get rid of pigmentation: finely chop the parsley, crush it with a knife or fork to obtain a pulp consistency. Rub the cucumber on a fine grater, mix it with herbs and add a little kefir, again, "by eye" to get a non-liquid mask. The exposure time of the composition usually does not exceed 20 minutes.

For dry skin

Glycerin mask moisturizes the epidermis well. Its simplest recipe is a mixture of kefir and a solution of glycerin in equal amounts, if possible, you can add egg white, a teaspoon of honey or heavy cream to the composition. In this case, the fat content of kefir should be as high as possible.

For dry and dehydrated dermis, use the following mask: in a small amount of kefir, soak the crumb of rye bread, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a little liquid honey.

Distribute the resulting mixture on the face, avoiding the eye area, and leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

How to apply

Kefir mask is unpretentious in preparation and use: it can be used at least every day and even left overnight without negative effects on the skin. The simplest application of kefir mask is based on the use of pure kefir and applying it to a previously cleaned and slightly steamed (if desired) face, it is recommended to keep the composition for about 20 minutes. You can wash off the kefir mask with simple tap or boiled water, tonic or micellar water.

The use of kefir masks is regulated by several simple rules that will help to achieve the desired and quick result:

  • It is recommended to apply a kefir mask on a previously cleansed face - You can use a scrub or light home peeling to achieve greater effect;
  • Face can be steamed - Breathe 5-10 minutes over the pan with a decoction of herbs and then apply the kefir composition to the skin;
  • Keeping a kefir mask is recommended for about 20 minutes;
  • Rinse off with normal water, after removing the mask, rinse your face with cool water;
  • After completing the procedure, pat your face with a dry towel and be sure to use a moisturizer, no matter how nutritious the mask is;
  • Kefir is combined with almost all known components: lemon juice, vegetable oil, egg. To choose "your care", determine the type of skin and its problems, and then choose the most suitable products for the needs of the epidermis.

A clean kefir mask can be left overnight - just apply the product on your face and wait for it to dry or form a thin film.

Such a night mask will relieve enlarged pores and a treacherous oily sheen, cope with black spots and give the face a natural healthy glow. The combination of kefir and other components allows you to create care for problematic, aging, oily or dry skin; when choosing additional ingredients, it is important to make sure that they are safe in advance: test for an allergic reaction on the elbow bend before using the composition on the face.

How to prepare a face mask from kefir, see this video.


Much has been written about the kefir mask. Some women use the product in the fight against pigmentation, others to get rid of acne. Pure kefir is often used in home care because women note the availability and low cost of the product, its pleasant texture and the absence of a pronounced aroma. Some ladies use a kefir mask every day for a month - this helps them get rid of postpartum pigmentation and noticeably reduce facial wrinkles.

Kefir mask helps get rid of acne.

Young girls use a mixture of kefir and lemon to dry inflammations and whiten unsightly traces of acne, to normalize and even out the complexion. Lactic acid and lactobacilli in the composition normalize metabolic processes in cellsIn addition, kefir masks are recommended by cosmetologists for their clients instead of frequent and expensive trips to their office.

The effect of rejuvenation by means of a kefir mask is noticed by women of mature age: daily use of kefir instead of a night cream and in combination with it for several months allowed not only to reduce enlarged pores and increased secretion of sebum, but also to tighten the oval of the face without expensive creams.

Watch the video: Revitalizing Kefir & Honey Probiotic Face Mask (December 2019).


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