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Hair masks Avon

Hair can be called a real treasure of any girl, especially if they are thick and have a sufficient length. Of course, such a head of hair is unusually beautiful, but this beauty requires careful and reverent care. Proper care should consist in the use of various cosmetic and therapeutic agents. Avon hair masks are able to provide various types of care, including daily.


The mask is a necessary tool for hair care of various types. A correctly selected product allows you to deal with the problems of split ends, dryness or excess fat of the scalp. In addition, masks for colored hair provide color protection, prolonging its saturation.

The Avon catalogs offer you a huge selection of masks for intensive care of severely damaged hair or the prevention of various problems. Means with olive have an extraordinary caring effect, make the hair obedient, shiny, without weighing down their structure. Many masks activate hairline growth, prevent hair loss and brittleness.

Popular Series

"Treasures of Brazil"

The entire series of care products is unique due to the presence of acai oil in its composition. This valuable component provides high-quality and gentle care, so it becomes a pleasure to take care of yourself. Hair mask "Treasures of Brazil" perfectly moisturizes hair from roots to ends, but at the same time they do not look oily. In addition, the components of the product have a beneficial effect on the scalp, preventing its dryness.

Regular use of this product gives a noticeable result, which consists in the acquisition of natural healthy shine, strength and growth by the hair.

"Russian sauna"

From childhood, everyone knows how the Russian bath has a beneficial effect on the human body. Indeed, regular visits to the bath with a broom and steam helps to strengthen the whole body, increase immunity. In addition, the skin condition improves, many diseases pass. It is these facts that inspired the company Avon to create this series.

Mask "Russian sauna" created in the spirit of traditions associated with visiting the bathhouse. The main components of the product are extracts of Siberian pine and eucalyptus. Using the product allows your hair and scalp to be saturated with moisture, get the necessary vitamins, thanks to which the hair will get a well-groomed appearance.

Unrivaled Nutrition

This product is another highlight of the body care product series. "Planet Spa". A hair mask with shea butter is available in a convenient jar of 200 milliliters. The name of the product speaks for itself. With each use, your hairs receive the necessary “unsurpassed nutrition” and care, which significantly improves their structure and appearance.

In modern ecology, hair needs to be nourished just like the person himself. With this tool, you can take care of the hair, providing it with the necessary nutrients.

"Paradise humidification"

This tool contains olive oil in its composition, the healing properties of which are known to almost everyone. A few decades ago, women did not have the opportunity to purchase all the necessary cosmetic products, and everyone wanted to have healthy beautiful hair. That is why they took olive oil and added it to the shampoo.

Modern women do not need to invent anything, cosmetologists did it for them.

The use of such a mask significantly improves the appearance of the hair along the entire length.

"The secret of excellence"

"The secret of excellence" - A whole series of care products, which includes shampoos, balms and masks. Of course, the use of all products in combination gives an unrivaled effect. But you can use any shampoo with the mask of this series, and the effect will also not take long. This product has a unique, carefully selected composition, all components of which work in conjunction with each other. Thanks to this, your hair receives comprehensive care, becomes stronger, shiny and silky. The product is great for girls whose hair is very fluffy. The mask makes the hair more manageable and easier to style.

"Luxurious update"

Each girl’s hair needs updating, especially if this update is luxurious. The remedy can truly be considered elite, since black caviar extract is present in its composition. “Luxurious renewal” with black caviar can be attributed to professional gentle hair care, which gives an amazing effect immediately after application. You will notice that your hair is much easier to comb, easy to style and become more docile.

Each girl wants to have soft, pleasant to the touch hair, which I want to touch.

Thanks to the regular use of this product, you will achieve the desired effect. A natural bonus and a healthy well-groomed look will be a pleasant bonus.

"Comprehensive care"

"Comprehensive care" is a series of hair care products, mainly damaged. It is no secret that the use of modern styling products, irons, hair dryers and trowels does not have a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Of course, it is quite difficult for a modern woman to do without these devices, so it is necessary to provide hair with additional protection against their harmful effects.

The mask from this series of products penetrates deeply into the hair, providing a caring and healing effect. Each hair is covered with a protective film, so your hair is less exposed to the harmful effects of electrical appliances.

"Advance Techniques"

This series of hair products is an excellent alternative to professional products, but at a more affordable price. In assortment "Advance Techniques" There are all the necessary products for the care of different types of hair. The most popular and effective masks are:

  • Instant Recovery 7. An indispensable tool for girls whose hairs are badly damaged and have split ends. The use of a mask allows you to make the section at the ends less noticeable, and eventually completely restore them. Suitable for dry hair.
  • Color Protection for dyed hair. This product allows you to extend the brightness and saturation of shades after staining. Unique components block the color inside the hair, preventing its dullness.

"Naturals Hair Care"

Masks from the series "Naturals Hair Care" presented in four versions for different types of hairline. Each product has its own unique composition and has a unique effect. For example, the vitamin complex of one of the products saturates the hair and scalp with all the necessary vitamins. Thanks to this, you will get the desired result after the first application. Vitamins provide unrivaled care, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

The series also has a mask for dyed hair, which helps the color stay bright and beautiful longer.

How to use

The method of using each of the above masks has similar points, but still you need to read the instructions before using each of them. The common point is that they need at least ten minutes to act. This time is the most optimal and effective. For a shorter period of time, the active components do not have time to penetrate deep into the hair, and there is simply no point in holding the mask on the hair longer.

When using a mask, you should first of all pay attention to what kind of tool it is: washable or indelible, for use on wet or dry hair. Most Avon products still apply to wet hair and rinse off. This method of application is considered the most optimal and effective.


Many girls who just want to start using Avon products are skeptical of their positive effects. But positive reviews about masks are much more common than negative ones. Most users are satisfied with the fast-coming positive effect, similar to visiting a beauty salon. At the same time, the cost of home care is much lower, which also can not but rejoice.

Negative reviews consist in the low efficiency of the funds, their complete futility and wasted money.

In this video - a review about the mask "Russian sauna".



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