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Hair Mask Estel

In our difficult age, when you have to act quickly and do many different things at once, caring for your hair often fades into the background. And when we finally pay attention to them, our curls most often already need treatment and nutrition. Then the feverish search for funds that can help us begins. Estel hair cosmetics that work efficiently and quickly will help you out.


Estel hair masks act in a way that softens, provides shine and strength to your strands. By their action, they are much more effective than those analogues that can be bought in stores, and you can see the result after the first application.

But here a lot depends on the state of your curls.

If they are very dry and brittle, then you can not count on a quick effect. It is also worth choosing a mask that exactly describes the problem of your strands, otherwise you can forget about the positive result.

In addition, the masks of this company are filled with natural ingredients and do not contain harmful substances that adversely affect your hair. This makes them better and more efficient. They also have a pleasant smell, and one jar lasts up to four or more months.

And finally, it’s worth saying that Estel’s price is very reasonable and any woman can afford it.


Over the years, Estel has created a lot of mask recipes. Here we look at the general directions for different types of curls.

  • For dyed hair. This kind of tool was created specifically so that your bright colored curls do not fade from the constant use of shampoo and exposure to external factors.

With this mask your color will remain bright and beautiful for a long time. Masks act by aligning the cuticle and deep nourishment, as well as strengthening the strands from the inside. The composition for the preservation of color includes "Mask for colored hair" and "Mask-cocktail."

  • Antistress. This is a special mask for tired and nourished hair. It gives your curls strength and shine, nourishes with useful ingredients and gently cares. Suitable for all types of curls in any state, so this is a great option for those who do not know what to choose.
  • For long curls, a special tool is perfect. It was created just in order to nourish and moisturize along the entire length, as well as regenerate brittle strands. As a result, your hair will become stronger, will shine, become soft and obedient. This mask contains several active ingredients, such as beeswax, vitamin E and pantolactone.
  • Against yellowness. It’s unpleasant when you want to be a platinum blonde, and your ringlets stubbornly cast yellow. For such cases, Estel also has several masks that preserve the cool shades of the blond.

The main active ingredients are purple pigments and mango and orchid oils. Thanks to them, your hair not only maintains a cool shade, but also regenerates and strengthens from the inside, giving curls more strength.

  • A creamy mask from Estel with a thick texture is well suited for curly strands. It acts on both naturally curly and chemically curled hair. After just one application, you will feel the difference - it will be easier to comb the strands, they will harden and become stronger. In addition, the mask moisturizes well.

The active substances that transform your curls are collagen, macadamia oil and silk proteins, which make your hair feel nice and smooth.

  • For highlighted hair. Saving color for strands with different shades can be a daunting task. Therefore, the company created a mask specifically for these purposes.

She is engaged in the restoration of the lipid layer of the hair and strengthens them. Pearl extract gives curls even more density and radiance, and shea butter moisturizes and nourishes, making hair beautiful.

  • For clarified curls, there is such a tool as a comfort mask. It protects against harmful factors from the outside, and also strengthens and moisturizes from the outside. In addition, the tool restores the structure of curls, gives them shine, softness and beauty.
  • The indelible mask is well suited for those people who are constantly on the go and doing business. For this type of product, you don’t need to take a special shower or wet your hair, but simply apply it and you can run on. It moisturizes well, after the first application, the hair will become easy to comb and shine.
  • Estel has a tonic mask. She is responsible for strengthening the hair and “cheering” them, making them beautiful and silky, as they should be. If you use this mask regularly, then your hair will be saturated with keratin and this, in turn, will make them strong and elastic.
  • The painting mask is designed specifically for those who want to try a new color on themselves, but do not want it to last long. The manufacturer has a huge selection of colors in which you can dye your hair. However, they will not break and dry, as with many other products.

The shades presented in assortment:

  1. Coral This is an incredible color cast in pink, but much darker. After application, the manufacturer promises smoothness and beauty of hair;
  2. Golden violet. This color would look almost natural, if not for the purple hue. He will give you originality and immediately highlight from the crowd;
  3. Color. With light blond and purple-ash tint. Here, all the beauty is how your hair shimmers with all these colors;
  4. Golden copper. Sensual and warm noble shade.
  • Estel also has masks that provide additional hair care. Each of them is aimed at treating one or more problems, so it is better to choose the functions that you need. If you don’t know what to choose, they have a simple firming mask for all types of curls, which will certainly help you.

Estel also helps severely damaged dry hair, ensuring that it is always well moisturized and restores. Betaine and jojoba oil in the composition will help your curls in this.

And for dry hair there is a special mask with hydration.

She is engaged in restoring the structure of the hair and that moisturizes, and also retains moisture inside. Amino acid complex gives curls shine and elasticity.

There is a separate mask to ensure safe sun exposure. It includes a UV filter. In addition, it moisturizes and restores damaged hair well.

For weakened strands, there is a wonderful mask with avocado oils, caffeine and beeswax. It gives recovery after the first time and protects the color if your hair is dyed. Additionally, there is strengthening along the entire length and a healthy shine.


As mentioned above, Estel products contain many natural ingredients. One of the main components is beeswax, which nourishes the hair and gives it shine.

Masks with nutritional properties are always rich in vitamins, in particular, vitamin E, which is engaged in the delivery of oxygen to the scalp and nourishes it. In the means for deep hydration, there is always a hydrocomplex of substances, designed not only to saturate the roots with water, but also to retain it in the cells.

In addition, any mask contains one or more oils.

For example, cocoa butter, almond, jojoba. There are products with a full range of oils, as a rule, for dry hair, since fatty ones deteriorate from such an amount.

Colored strands have completely different components, designed to maintain color fastness. For example, Candellin wax, a care complex and micropolymers covering the scalp with a protective film that allows air to pass through.


In addition to masks for a certain type of hair, there are also separate lines that are responsible for solving a particular problem.

  • "Otium" - A huge line, covering so many problems of your curls. Here, and means for curly hair, and for colored strands, and for long curls. They also have a series for hydration, recovery and volume. For example, a mask for deep moisturizing "Aqua", giving curls the water they need and keeping it in the cells.
  • "Haute Couture" responsible for the tone of your hair. This line has a lot of tinting masks, including coral "Purple Blond", purple and pink. From this begins the acquaintance of users with high-quality and long-lasting color on the hair. The composition of these products includes many natural ingredients, as well as protection from fading in the sun and simply from harmful factors.
  • At the line "Curex"There are several directions. First of all, there is a product like" Color save ", which saves your dyed hair from external influences and keeps the color bright and juicy." Therapy "helps damaged hair regain strength, moisturizing it from the inside and protecting it from the outside. These products have a very mild effect and are suitable for any, even the most sensitive and moody curls.
  • "Classic"creates classic products for any type of hair to nourish and saturate with useful substances. This is a great option for those who are not struggling with any problems, but just want the curls to be healthy and beautiful." Versus winter "provides your strands help during the winter, because it is then that the hair becomes dry, as well as the scalp, so they need special care. "Sunflower" helps to cope with the summer sun and protect curls.
  • "Relax"is a gentle care with a complex of oils that gives your locks the sensation of being in a salon, as well as relaxing and nourishing them after a hard day.


For the most part, users are satisfied with Estel products, namely hair masks. They note economical consumption, excellent results and a “tasty” aroma, which immediately adjusts to the desired mood.

The best mask by customer ratings - "Antistress for the hair." This is a good substitute for balm and you can even not use it with it. Many note that curls have become more magnificent and more beautiful after two or three uses. Satisfied customers share a story about dyed hair, which urgently needed to be restored, and this mask helped them quickly and efficiently.

"Aqua" users are in second place. Moreover, they note not only a good restoration of heavily damaged strands, but also the lamination effect. In addition, the curls lie "hair by hair" and do not stick out, even the most naughty. This mask helped buyers from overdrying by the sun, water, and a hairdryer.

At "Sun flower" some buyers found flaws. They say that after exposure to the sun for a long time, even after applying this mask, the scalp and hair are still dry, while other masks of the same manufacturer do not give such an effect, although they are not intended to protect from the sun. In addition, everyone is happy with everything, and again a lot of positive reviews.

And the list of masks completes our list. "Newtone". Only good things are said about them. And the color is bright and juicy, such as in the best salon, and hair care is very thorough and careful. Someone, however, was not too satisfied with the color, since it was barely visible, but each woman and girl was pleased with substances that restore and nourish her hair.

More on Estel hair products in the next video.

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