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Banana hair mask

A banana hair mask is an easy way to pamper your curls with a “dessert”. Natural, important, easy to prepare and affordable - bananas can be found in the store all year round.


Fruits and vegetables are very rich in vitamins, minerals and elements that are useful for health and beauty, not only fresh, but also for external use in the format of natural cosmetics. Banana does not lead in the number of various beneficial substances, but their concentration is much higher than in other fruits.


The pulp of this fruit contains a unique set for the beauty of hair, which is similar to the action of a balm or conditioner:

  • Potassium. The substance needed to restore the structure of the hair, "cosmetic repair" of damaged strands, deep moisturizing;
  • Magnesium. In a banana mask is needed to nourish the hair, increase their volume, give the curls shine;
  • Iron. Thanks to this component, the hair becomes stronger, hair loss is prevented;
  • Vitamin A. Essential for comprehensive and regular hair care. It provides good growth, strengthens, promotes collagen production, has good regenerating properties, slows down the aging process;
  • Vitamin E. It acts on curls, giving them a radiant, well-groomed appearance without dryness and split ends, elasticity and silkiness, as well as on the scalp. It contributes to the saturation of cells with oxygen, improves blood circulation, which affects directly the processes of renewal. Hair looks better and grows faster;
  • Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid provides control of sebum secretion and protection from the negative effects of harmful environmental factors (wind, UV rays, sea salt, low temperatures);
  • Vitamins of group B. They are necessary for the prevention of the disease that causes dandruff, as they have an antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. Nourish, heal and strengthen hair, protect from early gray hair;
  • Niacin. Vitamin PP is useful for hair growth and strengthening. Like vitamin B, it delays the appearance of gray hair.

The cosmetic properties of a banana make the mask of this fruit universal.

It suits a variety of hairs, including damaged perms, frequent styling and colored hair. For a more effective result, there are banana masks with the addition of components, the priority of which is to solve a particular problem of a particular hair type.

Cooking method

Preparing a fruit mask is not difficult, but you need to take into account some nuances and follow simple rules. The most important of them is to choose a suitable fruit. A banana should not be overripe or overripe. A bright, soft fruit is best suited, from which it is easy to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Before preparing the mask, the banana needs to be peeled and the upper thin layer removed - so it will be less sticky in the composition of the mask. Knead the peeled fruit with a fork is undesirable.

So that small lumps do not get stuck in the hair when washing your hair, it is better to turn the fruit into mashed potatoes using a blender, a meat grinder or a fine grater.

The same rule applies to other components of masks that are difficult to wash off from the hair. Liquid ingredients like honey and oils are best warmed up in a water bath. All components are gradually added to the banana mass and mixed thoroughly.

Despite its harmless composition and mild effect, a banana has contraindications and can cause an allergic reaction. To prevent unpleasant consequences, it is worth checking the mixture on a small area of ​​the skin, only then apply the mask to the hair.

To make it easier to rinse off at the end of the procedure, when mixing in it, you need to add a little olive oil.

You can also apply burdock oil in a small amount directly to the curls. It will not only simplify the process of washing your hair after the procedure, but also increase the penetration of beneficial components into the hair structure.

The mask is intended for application to wet curls before washing your hair. You should start from the roots, gradually distributing along the entire length. The movements should be neat, massaging; for better distribution of the mixture over the strands, it is convenient to use a wooden comb with rare teeth.

The mixture dries up in the hair and in the open air in 15-30 minutes, rinsing it off after this time is quite problematic, therefore it is better to make a heat compress on the hair from polyethylene, a towel or a hat. In addition to protecting the mask from drying out, the greenhouse effect will accelerate the onset of the desired results.

To use a mask with a banana costs 1 time per week, no more than 10 procedures in a row. After a break of 2 months, you can repeat the course.

To rinse off the mask quickly, you need to do it right: foam the shampoo in your palms well, distribute it carefully through your hair, and rinse with water at a comfortable temperature. To remove small particles of ingredients, the hair should be combed with a comb directly under a stream of water.

It is useful to complete the procedure by rinsing with a decoction of herbs, such as chamomile or nettle.


At home, it’s easy to prepare an effective care product using banana pulp and additional ingredients. Their choice depends on the type of hair and the specific problem.

For fat

A mask for this type should simultaneously control the sebaceous glands, eliminate the ugly gloss at the roots and moisturize the curls along the length.

Masks with lemon, clay, essential oils, mustard work well.

The recipe for such masks is simple. So, a banana-lemon mixture is prepared from the puree of one small banana and 3 tablespoons of citrus. All that is required is to stir it until smooth and can be applied to the hair. Due to the fact that ripe fruit and lemon juice give a liquid mixture, rinsing it under running water is not difficult. Result: moisturized, shiny curls that stay clean longer.

Also for fattening strands, a mask on kefir is good. The miraculous mixture of fermented milk product with banana in a 1 to 1 ratio must be wrapped in a warming cap for 40 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

A mask with half a banana and an egg works well due to the cosmetic properties of egg yolk and protein. Chicken egg can be replaced with quail in the amount of 4-5 pieces.

For dry, thin and brittle

Such masks are designed to make up for the lack of fat secreted by the glands, fill the hair with moisture, restoring their natural beauty.

Avocados rich in vitamins and healthy fats do best with these tasks.

To prepare the mask, just mix the puree from both fruits. If desired, a few drops of essential oils or a spoonful of base can be added to the mixture.

No less effective means is obtained from banana, yolk, honey and oil. Of the oils that are most effective for this type: olive, jojoba, almond, burdock, sesame oil.

Tired and dry hair is not enough moisture, they also need high-quality nutrition. A mask with sprouted wheat will provide him. 2-3 tablespoons of sprouts need to be ground in a blender and added to banana puree, applied to hair for 30-40 minutes, rinse well.

For mixed

The components in the masks for such a difficult case, when the ends of the curls are dry and the hair at the roots quickly become dirty, are designed to normalize the balance of the skin, moisturize and nourish the hair along the length.

One of the effective options is a mixture of half a banana, a tablespoon of high-quality liquid honey, 2 tablespoons of wheat sprouts or juice from them. All ingredients must be carefully crushed and mixed with a blender, applied for half an hour under a warming cap, rinse with cool water.

The healing effect is given by a banana mixed with sour cream, yolk and honey. If the ends are badly damaged, then sour cream should be selected with a high percentage of fat content, if the situation is not deplorable, a couple of tablespoons of non-fat will be enough. For medium-length hair, you will need one small banana, a yolk, a large spoon of liquid honey and two tablespoons of sour cream.

If desired, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to mask the smell of sour cream.

Do not be upset if the refrigerator did not find all the components. An excellent mask can be made from banana and honey without additional products.

For all types

The following masks can be called universal:

  • With sea salt. The recipe is for hair roots, and the mixture helps to increase the growth rate and get rid of dandruff.

One banana is enough for 1-2 tablespoons of sea salt finely ground (can be ground in a coffee grinder or large blender). The resulting mixture is gently rubbed into the roots and left for 15-20 minutes.

When washing hair, it is better to use a balm for the ends - the salt greatly dries the curls.

  • With aloe. Home-made aloe vera gel or the juice of a grated plant is added to banana puree. For a better result, add a spoonful of olive oil. Keep the mask under polyethylene and cap for 40 minutes.
  • With milk. Cow's milk provides gentle care for split ends and helps get rid of dandruff, and goat also solves the problem of hair loss.

The mask is applied in stages: first you need to moisten the skin and hair with warm milk, then apply a banana mass. After half an hour, rinse well with shampoo.

  • With an egg. Yolk provides nutrition, and protein is the building material for repairing damaged hair.
  • With shikakay. These beans strengthen the roots, protect curls from the harmful effects of sunlight, deodorize, fight bacteria and fungus, prolong the purity and youthfulness of hair.
  • Kallos. This is a ready-made cosmetic product that can be purchased at the store, if there is no time and desire to prepare a mask at home. A firming agent with banana extract takes care of damaged hair, strengthens hair loss, and supports normal health. The product is rich in vitamins and natural ingredients in the composition, and as a pleasant bonus it has a very pleasant aroma. Operates in 5 minutes - simple, effective and convenient.

For growth

Banana is a fruit with a high content of elements useful for hair growth, and it would be an omission not to use them. Masks with the addition of ginger, mustard, onions, beer are effective in this regard.

The beer mask is multicomponent: banana, egg, honey, vitamin C, half a glass of dark beer. All ingredients must be mixed in a blender, applied to hair under the hood for 1-2 hours.

For more banana hair mask recipes, see the next video.


Banana mask is one of the most common based on fruits. As a common remedy, she receives many reviews from those who choose to use her in hair care. The exceptionally positive opinion of girls and women about this product prevails, the responses are accompanied by statements of an enthusiastic character.

A significant effect on dry and damaged hair is noted. The tool gives curls softness, shine, beautiful appearance, ease of combing and obedience when laying.

I also like the mask because it is easy to prepare, consists of budget ingredients, it is not required to stand it on the hair for more than 40 minutes.

Special attention deserves the opinion about the cosmetic product - the banana mask Kallos. This tool in a bright and compact jar creates real magic with curls, making them beautiful, lush, strong, and resistant to damage.

Among the advantages note: a pleasant texture and aroma, a noticeable result from the first application, an affordable price.

Watch the video: Your hair will GROW like CRAZY! Banana Hair Mask (January 2020).


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