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Facial swelling mask

There are situations when you wake up in the morning and don’t recognize yourself. Swelling on the face can occur from various causes: a lot of liquid or salty foods before bedtime, after a sleepless night or drinking. Especially often, this effect is observed after the party. There are several ways to rid your body of excess fluid at home.

First you need to take care of removing excess from the body. Use foods rich in potassium, because potassium in the body is responsible for removing water from the cells. The simplest thing you can do is eat a banana or drink a rosehip decoction. Next, you need to make a mask from swelling on the face. This will help get rid of puffiness and make the overall look more fresh.

Folk remedies

There are recipes for masks and compresses that were passed on from generation to generation by our grandmothers. Initially, the effect of such agents was determined experimentally. Nowadays, the effectiveness of many homemade masks for relieving puffiness has been proven with the help of modern knowledge of chemistry and biology.

The components are used only natural: these are herbs, vegetables, fruits and other products that are in every home. The main goal of the procedure is the rapid elimination of bags under the eyes and other signs of swelling. Consider a few popular decongestants.

Potato based

Potato is rich in potassium; it is able to rid the cells of excess water in the shortest possible time. It needs to be boiled in its uniform, peeled, kneaded and add a tablespoon of cream or milk. Apply the mixture on the face for 15-20 minutes, then wash.

If you add crushed parsley leaves to the composition, then an excellent remedy will come out, which will additionally reduce the appearance of small wrinkles.

For emergency elimination of bags under the eyes, we use the same root crop, boiled in a peel, but knead it not with cream, but with vegetable oil.

The product must be evenly distributed on two pieces of porous fabric, it is easiest to use gauze. Two received pillows put on the lower eyelids and leave there for 15 minutes. After this time, the skin returns to normal and the complexion becomes more healthy.

Raw potatoes are also suitable for achieving the goal.

Grate it, add two tablespoons of warm milk and a tablespoon of rye flour. Apply evenly over the entire face. Rinse off after 20 minutes under cool water.

Tea will help

Tea is well known as an anti-swelling agent.

The easiest way to use it is to brew a strong infusion of black or green varieties, let it brew for about half an hour. Then you should moisten the cotton sponges in this broth and leave them on the face until the unpleasant sensations pass. On average, the procedure takes from fifteen to twenty minutes.

We use vegetables and herbs

Cucumbers have long established themselves as an indispensable component for a tonic mask. In order to tone the skin, grate the average cucumber, evenly distribute the resulting mass on cheesecloth and apply a compress to the problem area. The composition can be improved by adding the necessary ingredients.

If the product is used for dry skin, you can add olive or coconut oil. For oily skin, add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

There are situations when there is no time to prepare a complex mixture or not at hand the usual domestic gauze. In this case, you just need to cut the vegetable into thin slices and lay them in areas that need to remove the swelling.

A good result will help achieve parsley root. It is necessary to grind the fresh root to a state of gruel, apply this mass under the eyes and leave for twenty minutes. After a while, rinse with warm water.

If it is not possible to get fresh parsley root, you can use a mask of parsley leaves.

To do this, you need to take a few twigs and finely chop or chop with a blender and mix with a tablespoon of thick sour cream. Apply as a cream on the lower eyelids and other problem areas.

Apple and Pumpkin

Apples are also known for their decongestant ability. Like cucumbers, they need to be cut into slices and applied to the face for a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, washing is not necessary.

In the autumn-winter period, a pumpkin will come to the rescue. It is effective not only for detoxifying the body from the inside, but also able to put in order a person who has lost freshness. You need to boil 100-150 grams of the product in a small amount of water, mashed and add a tablespoon of honey. Use as a compress.

From a raw pumpkin, the mask is prepared in this way: grate a small piece on a fine grater, add a tablespoon of thick sour cream and leave it on your face for half an hour. You need to wash yourself with slightly warm water or a decoction of chamomile.

Other interesting options

Kefir coffee mask handles bags under the eyes. Take two tablespoons of coffee and add kefir to them until you get the consistency of sour cream. Apply to edematous areas for 15 minutes. Rinse with massaging movements without using cosmetics.

If the swelling appeared after a sleepless night, stress or tears, a cognac-based mixture will help get rid of the consequences. Use egg yolk as the base, add a teaspoon of cognac and lemon juice to it. In order not to injure the epidermis with a rather aggressive composition, add half a teaspoon of olive oil to the composition.

The duration of contact with the skin is no more than twenty minutes.

Aloe is a very healthy plant. Almost everyone has a pot with him in the house. To prepare lotions, you need to take a few medium leaves and grind them to a homogeneous mass. All strain through a sieve. In the resulting juice, moisten clean pieces of natural fabric, such as cotton or linen, and apply them to the entire face.

In addition to decongestion, aloe also has an antibacterial effect, which will help get rid of minor problems and make the skin noticeably cleaner.

Buckwheat in the fight against edema is used in this way: grind it to flour or use buckwheat flakes, pour a small amount of boiling water. Spread evenly on the cloth and use as a compress. The result will not take long: after half an hour you will have a healthy look.

Another proven tool is the so-called “chamomile ice”. Harvested in advance. A steep broth of flowers is filtered, allowed to cool and poured into molds. These forms are sent to the freezer. In the morning, wipe your face with a cube of such ice, replacing washing with this procedure.

Even if there is no edema, such a treatment will give your skin a healthy look and help withstand microbes and fight everyday irritation.

The recipe for a mask from edema, see the next video.

All these masks are a short-term solution to the problem and carry a directed action. If the swelling does not go away for a long time, this can be a symptom of serious diseases of the internal organs. In such a situation, you do not need to self-medicate, it is better to consult a doctor.

Watch the video: How to Reduce Swelling in Face Naturally After Sleep in the Morning Home Remedies (April 2020).


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