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Hair balm

To ensure proper hair care and a healthy glow, it is necessary to use a hair balm after each wash. Possessing conditioning and moisturizing properties, it is able to smooth out dried hair flakes and greatly facilitate combing. Only it is worth figuring out which balm to choose and how to use it correctly.

What is used for

One goal of balms is to improve the condition of the hair. Running water contains a lot of chlorine, and shampoos have a very alkaline environment, which is very harmful to hair scales. Detergents also greatly dry and thin the stratum corneum of the hairs, as well as adversely affect the epidermis. As a result, the hair is lifeless, brittle and electrified.

Modern balms, in addition to care, clean the epidermis and curls of dirt and shampoo residues, and are also able to neutralize excessively alkaline environments.

Balms for normal hair were the very first to provide easy combing.

Further, agents for dry and damaged hair were widely used. They are popular to this day, as ladies often resort to staining and lightening. The hair becomes thinner and loses its natural shine, so intensive care is simply necessary to replenish natural elements and softness.

Also, thin damaged curls will help restore a product created specifically against brittleness.

Manufacturers did not forget to take care of the young ladies with the normal type, but with special problems. For a long time, balms for curly and curly hair, for split ends, naughty curls, with the effect of lamination and straightening are widely available.

In general, for the normal type, it is not necessary to use additional care products, since balms are intended to provide assistance specifically for damaged curls. Finished products have the advantage that they have some components in the composition that contribute to protection against ultraviolet radiation, from frost and have thermal protection. Additionally, such products moisturize the scalp and normalize the sebaceous glands.

Balms are divided into several types:

  • Rinse conditioner. The tool is more suitable for the normal type of curls. It facilitates combing and gives shine.
  • Balm-conditioner. In addition to facilitating combing, it restores the structure of the hairs, deeply nourishes and protects against the loss of a natural shade from burnout in the sun. As a result, the use of hair becomes soft and docile.
  • Balm mask. The remedy is similar in type of action to a regular hair mask, but lighter in texture. It can be applied to both strands and scalp. This type of balm is characterized by more specific qualities: increased hair growth, intensive nutrition of curls and epidermis, prevention of hair loss and so on.

Ingredients in the composition

It is necessary to choose a remedy based on the needs of a particular type of hair. So, for the normal type, it is better to purchase a balm without silicone and other additives. Otherwise, the hair may become heavier. But this option is great for thick and porous hair, in order to pacify them. True, you should refrain from applying to the roots of the hair in order to avoid the effect of a dirty head.

Vitamins are simply necessary as part of a caring product, since it is they that have a beneficial effect on the appearance of curls, stimulation of growth and quality of the skin. The main ones are A and E. They protect against moisture loss, nourish and slow down the natural aging process. No wonder they are called beauty vitamins.

Chamomile balms are able to provide softness, moisturizing, disinfecting and even brightening effects. Such a product helps to restore the scalp and curls, gives a natural shine and is hypoallergenic.

Rinsers with a series of ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, powerful cleansing properties and normalize the acid-base environment. Such a component, despite the intense action, is very gentle. The hairs also become soft and docile, and the epidermis restores the hydrolipidic balance.

Nettle is present mainly in anti-dandruff products, and also stimulates the growth of strands. Natural vitamins of this plant restore the shine of hairs, eliminate dandruff and itching.

It is worth noting that the more intense the effect is necessary to restore and treat hair, the more difficult the composition of the product. That is why you do not need to be afraid of balms on herbs. Nothing can replace natural vitamins from plant extracts.

For especially cautious citizens, manufacturers produce paraben-free products. In fact, a small amount of preservatives in the care product does not harm the hair. Otherwise, the funds would deteriorate too quickly.

The balm itself is sulfate-free. Sulfates can only be found in shampoos, so rinsing agents will not be able to wash keratin from curls and damage their structure.

For very dry and very lifeless curls, you can choose cosmetics with sea buckthorn, shea butter, almond oil, blueberry or cloudberry extract and with other natural berries and oils. They contribute to the saturation of the hair structure with nutrients and moisture retention.

The main quality of any type of rinse aid is the elimination of the electrification of hair.


Balms are coloring, healing, smoothing and with the effect of lamination.

Coloring, or tinting, have the ability to give a certain shade to curls. You can find balm to give your hair a light, brown and brown shades. The advantage of these funds in the absence of ammonia, damaging the hair shaft of chemical additives and obtaining a natural shade and shine of curls.

Therapeutic balm rinse fights against dandruff, restores the structure of strands, moisturizes them and makes them soft. With constant use, the ends split less, and the curls look healthy and smooth.

Due to the high cost of salon procedures, ladies resort to using means with the effect of lamination. The components coat each hair with a thin protective film and smooth the hair flakes. The result is healthy, shiny and well-groomed curls. Often, girls with curly hair use such means to pacify naughty porous hair.

Smoothing balm has a cumulative effect. With constant use, the hair looks noble and aesthetically pleasing. The curls do not electrify, shine and lie hair to hair. Such a tool is able to glue split ends and turn a naughty pile of curly hair into elegant wavy curls.

The peculiarity of the tint balm is that it does not dye the hair, but only gives the necessary shade. Moreover, the color intensity depends on the exposure time.

For bleached or bleached hair, a golden tint balm or with a bleaching effect is relevant. In professional stores you can find many subtle tones of such products - from white to wheat. Accordingly, this option is great for maintaining color or just for leveling the tone when growing strands.

Hue products are good for lovers of image change. Together with the acquisition of a new color, the hair heals and looks natural. Only here shades should still be chosen, starting from the original color of the curls, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

Selection tips

On this occasion, controversy erupted repeatedly. Some believe that since the manufacturer advises using balm with shampoo of the same brand, it means that this is the only way. Others - there is nothing shameful to use funds of various characteristics. One thing is true - everyone decides how to be. But still, one brand and type of product guarantees more effective care.

Rinsing agents for all types of hair have a standard composition. But rather, they are more suitable for the normal type of curls or as close to it as possible. Since the main property of such a balm is the elimination of electrification and the facilitation of combing hair.

A cosmetic product has no contraindications, with the exception of intolerance to some components in the composition. In general, balms are not allergenic.

That is why children's balm for hair appeared on the shelves. At a young age, there can be no question of damaged curls, so the tool was created more likely to easily comb and give pleasure to a child.

How to use

A single rule for both purchased and hand-made balms - apply the product only on clean, damp hair.

Normal balms need to be held on locks for a minute, and then rinse with plenty of water. But there are products that are washed off immediately after application. But mask balms must be kept for about 2-3 minutes, so that the hairs are nourished with vitamins and become moisturized.

The tinted balms will have to be kept the longest. So, for high-quality staining and a noticeable effect, you need to slowly apply the product to the strands, distributing with a comb, so that the color lies evenly. To avoid staining hands, it is worth using special gloves. The balm must be kept on the hair for 20 to 40 minutes, and then rinsed with water until it becomes transparent.

Some types of express funds designed for exposure within 1 minute, girls "just in case" hold much longer. However, this is not entirely true, since excessive exposure to the product will not bring a better result. Alas.

Rating of the best manufacturers

When choosing a product, its price can often be confusing. But not everything that is cheap is bad. To understand which balm is better, it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the most popular and best-selling brands.

"Horsepower" It is recommended for use on dry, dull and brittle curls. The composition of the product includes: wheat protein for softness of hairs, collagen to increase the elasticity of the structure of curls, D-panthenol to moisturize and protect against drying out, plant components.

"Revivor" by Bielita-Vitax Provided in rulers for oily and normal hair, for shine and elasticity, stimulating hair growth and against hair loss. The main components of the balms are essential oils, panthenol and plant components. They stimulate the healing of the skin, intensively nourish the hair follicles and strands.

"Syoss" has probably produced the largest range of rinse conditioners. The funds are designed for normal curls, damaged, stained, brittle and so on. Active components provide intensive nutrition and restoration of hair, as well as smooth the structure of damaged hair.

The “ballet” of the “Freedom” factory still produces its famous rinse conditioner. The product is designed to nourish and restore curls, as well as have an anti-inflammatory effect on the epidermis. Suitable for damaged and colored strands, and just for dry hair. The brand’s secret weapon is a series of extracts. He then works miracles.

Schwarzkopf took care of all kinds of vagaries of hair. The brand also produces tint balms and products for aging hair. The effectiveness of the action is achieved due to the content in the composition of various oils that nourish and protect curls from damage.

Concept It affects an abundance of natural components in the composition of the product. Fruit extracts are designed to nourish and restore the structure of damaged hairs. Silicone smoothes hairs and makes them denser. The brand also presents a huge selection of tint balms for every taste.

Compliment solved the problem a little differently. Balms soften the hardness of running water and normalize the acid-base balance of the epidermis. Panthenol in the composition promotes intense and moisturizing and restoring the structure of the strands. In the brand line there are products for any type of hair, with keratin or selenium.

One Hundred Beauty Recipes uses natural ingredients in its composition, such as: apple, yogurt, honey, egg yolk and others. Balms are designed for nutrition and healing of the scalp and hair structure. As a result of application, the strands become more obedient and smooth.

Clear Vita ABE has a targeted anti-dandruff effect. Accordingly, the means normalize the hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis and curls, nourish, eliminate dandruff and itching.

Gliss Kur produces products of various directions. You can easily pick up a restorative, a tint balm of light and dark colors, with the effect of lamination and the addition of silk. The brand emphasized the restoration and nutrition of curls. Hair really becomes more shiny and healthy.

Garnier Since its inception, has taken a leading position among other brands. Balms are available to maintain healthy hair, to soften the hardness of the water when washing, against dandruff, for split ends and other problems with hair. In addition, there are no silicones in the products, and the composition is quite fortified.

Kora makes hair thicker and gives hair elasticity. Brand balms are available specifically for sensitive scalp. They are protected against ultraviolet radiation and from environmental influences.

"Goat milk" produced by several well-known brands of the cosmetic market. A component such as goat milk is very rich in vitamins and biotics, which provides natural and effective care. Means smooth out fluffy curls and deeply nourish the hair shaft from the inside.

"Charm" has a not so wide range of rinse products. But almost all brand balms are aimed at intensive restoration of the structure of hairs, smooth them and give a natural volume without weighting, do not contain silicones.

Nivea takes care of any type of hair. The lineup contains balms for oily, damaged, normal hair. Their main task is restoration and nutrition. In addition to the healing qualities, you can give your hair the desired shade - light or dark.

"Recipes of grandmother Agafia" famous for the largest possible composition of natural ingredients. Thick balms are economical to use and nourish damaged curls. The products are designed to restore hair, accelerate hair growth and increase their density.

How to make at home

No care product is better than DIY. Home balms and conditioners are almost 100% natural, and the composition can be invented independently from the necessary components. Here are a few recipes for revitalizing and nourishing products:

  • Coffee balm Perfect for adding shine and tinting to burnt hair. It is enough to brew ground coffee firmly, mix the resulting mass with any store balsam / conditioner and apply to strands. Apply to clean, damp hair. We wait about 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. As a result, the curls are moisturized, have a characteristic dark shade and acquire a healthy shine;
  • Kefir balm Suitable for ladies who want to maximize moisturize and restore hair in the shortest possible time. Only now it should be applied as a mask before washing your hair. You can use the fermented milk product in its pure form. The fat content is selected depending on the type of curls, that is, for the fat type, the minimum percentage of fat content, and for dry ones, the maximum fat product.

Kefir mass It is applied to the hair and rubbed into the scalp with massage movements. Leave the mask for 30 minutes and rinse with shampoo. For very dry hairs, you can add egg yolk to kefir.

The result of such a mask will not be long in coming. The hair becomes luxurious, the ends cease to be cut, and the hairs are smoothed.

Burdock balm mask normalizes the water balance of curls, stops their loss and deeply nourishes. Burdock oil needs to be slightly warmed up in a water bath and applied to the scalp, as well as along the entire length of the hair. The product can be left for 30 minutes or an hour. For a more intense exposure, brave ladies leave the mask all night.

Oil is well washed off with shampoo, improves the structure of curls, gives shine and smooths hairs.

Egg Balm since ancient times is considered the best for dry strands. And it can be used even instead of shampoo. How to use is an individual matter. The main thing is to wash off the egg with cool water. Otherwise, we get fried eggs on the head, which is very difficult to wash off. Egg yolk is a storehouse of useful elements, therefore it is very good for nourishing and restoring even “killed” hair dye.


The championship palm was, of course, given to homemade mask balms. Their preparation does not take much time, and the result is simply amazing. And contrary to fashionable advertisements, the simpler the composition, the better.

This video will help determine the choice of hair balm.

Among the reviews about the finished products of the mass market, you can find a lot of negative ones. Like, not good enough. But inventive beauties often pick the finished balm according to the type of hair and supplement it with its ingredients, such as burdock oil, egg yolk, chamomile broth and essential.

Still, even when choosing ready-made balms, you need to pay attention to the composition and naturalness of the product components. And most importantly, that the product is suitable for the type of hair. Otherwise, there is a great chance of not getting the desired result.

Watch the video: Scotch Porter Hair Balm for Men (April 2020).


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