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Mask for dry skin

Dry skin is a harbinger of wrinkles. To prevent unwanted cell aging, you need a special, delicate care. It is important to ensure hydration and nutrition of the epidermis: this will help relieve discomfort and prolong youth. A mask for dry skin is an effective cosmetic procedure that has a noticeable result with course use.


Dry skin ages faster: even small wrinkles on it are more noticeable than on oily ones. Many women face this problem. In this case, you need special control over the condition of the skin and the sebaceous glands.

The mask is the simplest and most affordable cosmetic product that helps prevent aging, sagging, peeling and related inflammations.

This tool has an effect in several directions: it moisturizes, rejuvenates and nourishes the epidermal cells. As a rule, such cosmetics contain simple components and are selected for specific existing problems:

  • a feeling of tightness of the skin after washing;
  • peeling;
  • irritation and skin itching;
  • pallor and lethargy of the skin;
  • poor response of cells to heat and cold.

Advantages over other types of care

Despite the promising ads, many moisturizers do not cope with the task. Their effect is not aimed at long-term protection of cells from moisture loss. In addition, they do not penetrate deep into the pores, as they contact the dermis for less time. This allows you to moisturize the surface of the skin, but for a short time.

Cell protection noticeably weakens after taking a bath, washing or going outside in the heat, windy weather or frost. The feeling of tightness and dryness immediately returns and again it is necessary to apply the cream.

The action of the mask is characterized by a longer action. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that during the cosmetic procedure, the active substances manage to penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis. This allows you to soften not only the surface layer, but to saturate with nutrients and moisturize the skin from the inside. The benefits of a mask for dry skin include:

  • deliverance skin from a constant feeling of tightness, deep hydration;
  • rejuvenation due to smoothing small wrinkles;
  • braking the appearance of new wrinkles;
  • the acquisition healthy face tone due to saturation with nutrients and oxygen;
  • protection from dehydration as a result of the negative effects of the scorching sun, withering wind and frost;
  • alignment facial tones, a decrease in the severity of age spots due to the useful components that make up the product;
  • tangible effect after the first procedure, intensifying with each subsequent cosmetic session.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of such a mask, you can conduct a comprehensive course facial skin care, choosing a scrub and cream to it.

After eliminating the existing problem, you need to be able to stop in time: oversaturation of the epidermis with useful substances and moisture can lead to the body becoming addictive: the skin will no longer respond to the active components of the mask.

Application rules

Regardless of the type of cosmetic product (purchased or prepared at home), for very dry and dehydrated skin you need a tool with a delicate effect. This type of skin is characterized by increased sensitivity and vulnerability. Due to these indicators, the dry dermis needs a special approach.

When choosing a branded remedy for dry dermis, it is worth listening to a few tips:

  • It is necessary to study the information on the packaging of the product: shelf life, composition and purpose (to solve a specific epidermal problem).
  • Do not buy a "magic" remedy for all skin problems: this can reinforce the existing problem. The ingredients for sensitive skin, anti-wrinkle, rejuvenation and anti-age mask are different.
  • You need to buy cosmetics for face skin in a trusted store: this will exclude the risk of buying a fake and you can be sure that the purchased product will not harm the skin.

Both brand and home mask are selected individually. To exclude an allergic reaction, before using the product, you need to conduct a test. To do this, a small amount of the drug is applied to the wrist and after 10 to 15 minutes the derma reaction is evaluated: if there are no redness or irritation on the surface of the epidermis, a mask can be applied to the face.

If during the procedure a feeling of tightness of the skin appears, using this product is contraindicated: it will add problems to the skin of the face. Sometimes, due to the individual characteristics of the dermis, the products do not always work at full strength.

In skin care, you need to consider age: after 30 years, the work of the sebaceous glands slows down. Masks with anti-aging effects are not recommended for girls. Each age has its own characteristics, so when choosing a ready-made mask or preparing a product at home, you need to keep this in mind.

Benefits of Home Remedies

Masks, prepared independently at home, are a budget alternative to expensive purchased products and have several advantages:

  • they are not inferior in effectiveness expensive cosmetics, providing a targeted effect on the skin;
  • In most cases they are made up of natural ingredients;
  • all the necessary ingredients are always at hand or can be purchased for a nominal fee;
  • they are always fresh and do not contain parabens;
  • such cosmetics does not contain allergens, it is harmless to the dermis;
  • consistency a home mask is easily corrected by adding the liquid included in the composition;
  • recipes change easily depending on the existing problem, adding new components to the tool.

Home masks for dry skin have their own characteristics:

  • their consistency should not be liquid;
  • cannot add stale products;
  • for the most beneficial effect you need to use natural components of the mask;
  • aggressive and irritating ingredients (alcohol, mustard, red pepper) is better to exclude;
  • if possible it is better to add to home cosmetics for dry skin, castor, olive or burdock oil;
  • if dairy products are used as additives, the product with higher fat content will be the best component;
  • homemade masks not subject to storage and reuse.

Application Rules

Masks for dry skin have their own characteristics:

  • They are performed more often (2 times a week) than procedures for skin of another type.
  • Their duration is 15-30 minutes, which is longer than usual.
  • The skin of the face before the procedure should be clean and steamed: this will significantly enhance the effectiveness of the mask.
  • The application of the product should be delicate without rubbing and massaging movements. The area around the eyes should be avoided.
  • Rinse off the mask with warm water: hot will intensify dry skin.
  • During the course of procedures, it is advisable to use less powder and tonal means.
  • The course of procedures should not exceed 13 - 15 sessions. The interval between courses is 1 month.


Each mask has a targeted effect on the epidermis. Depending on this, recipes are designed to address a specific problem:

  • against peeling;
  • for sensitive skin;
  • from redness;
  • for mature dermis;
  • for problematic (irritated, flaky) skin;
  • age.

In addition, the composition of the mask to protect against heat and frost is also different. Applying the mask in the spring, we use products containing vitamins that are so necessary for the skin at this time of year. In winter, nutrients are needed to soften the skin. In the summer you can not do without hydration, as the sun dries the skin greatly.

Despite the fact that some products are recommended for every day, you can not carry out the procedure so often. They are not intended "at night": after a certain time, they must be washed off with warm water.

The process of creating a mask at home is very simple. It does not require large financial costs for the purchase of containers and ingredients. For cooking, the components and the following accessories are necessary:

  • container for stirring;
  • spatula or spoon;
  • mini mixer.

If necessary, the components are heated in a water bath, and then mixed with a mixer or spoon.

Folk recipes

Time-tested homemade mask recipes will help in the care of dry skin.

Cottage cheese

A good tool that can restore hydrolipidic balance, whiten the skin and eliminate freckles is a curd mask, which consists of fresh homemade cottage cheese, warm milk, freshly squeezed carrot juice and olive oil (one tablespoon each).

Apply the resulting mass with a thick uniform layer for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash off and wipe the face with an ice cube.

From peeling

A recipe including fatty cottage cheese, milk or cream (per tablespoon), vegetable oil and a pinch of salt can save the skin from peeling. The components are well rubbed and applied to the skin.

Against pigmentation

Make pigment spots less pronounced, even out the tone of the face with the help of a product whose recipe consists of homemade sour cream and parsley juice. Freshly prepared mass is applied to the face for 30 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

In addition to nutrition, such a mask has a whitening effect.


Very effective masks that saturate the skin with life-giving moisture are considered products based on herbal infusion. For it, you will need crushed dry raw materials consisting of chamomile flowers, hops, yarrow, St. John's wort leaves and wild strawberries (one teaspoon each).

The collection is insisted on a glass of boiling water for half an hour, then it needs to be filtered. The recipe consists of two tablespoons of infusion, egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of freshly squeezed apple juice. The duration of the procedure is 15 to 20 minutes.


Saturate the cells with nutrients and give the skin elasticity using a mask consisting of yolk, a tablespoon of homemade sour cream, olive oil and chopped tangerine peel (one teaspoon each).

Sour cream is mixed with yolk and tangerine zest, insisted for half an hour, and then olive oil is added to the mass. As soon as the mask begins to dry on the face, it is washed off with water at room temperature.


A mass consisting of a banana mashed with a fork (blender), a teaspoon of olive oil and a yolk from a chicken egg will help to give dehydrated dermis useful substances. This procedure is best done at night. Puree is applied to the skin for 20 minutes, rinse and moisturize the face with night cream.

Against wilting

The mask, which consists of whipped cream, freshly squeezed cucumber juice (a tablespoon) and propolis (15 - 20 drops), will help to cope with the first messengers of aging of the skin, moisturize them. The components are combined and mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed, applied to the face for half an hour.

The mask must be removed using a cloth dampened with water. For better effect, after removing the mixture, you can use cucumber tonic.

For dry skin

With redness, irritation, you can make a remedy consisting of half a medium-sized cucumber and a small jar of sugar-free yogurt. Grate the cucumber and mix the resulting slurry with yogurt.

The duration of the session is 20 minutes, after which the mask is washed off with water and the effect is fixed with a moisturizer. It is advisable not to move during the session.


To enrich the dermis with vitamins, you can make a product in the recipe which contains honey and milk (one tablespoon each), a slice of black bread, egg yolk and one ampoule of vitamin A. Hot milk is poured into the container with bread, rubbed, slightly cooled, then added the rest of the ingredients, forming a uniform consistency. The finished mass is applied to the skin of the face and neck for 20 to 25 minutes.

From semolina

A mask consisting of unrefined semolina (15 grams), cocoa powder and coconut oil (5 grams each) will help restore the contour of the oval and smooth out wrinkles. The ingredients are mixed and applied to the steamed face, spreading over the entire surface. The duration of the procedure is 30-35 minutes, after which the mass is washed off.

For a recipe for a nourishing mask for dry skin, see the video below.


A mask for dry skin is an excellent tool in the complex care. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of women in various forums devoted to the problem of caring for dry skin.

In the comments of the fair sex, they notice a visible effect with the regular use of such cosmetics. Such masks have a softening effect on the skin, do not irritate and do not cause allergic reactions. To eliminate the existing problem, the tool should be selected correctly, adapting to certain tasks. And the effect will not keep itself waiting long, giving the face youth and beauty.

See even more secrets to dry skin care in the next video.

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