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Moisturizing face gel

Moisturizing is considered one of the most important steps in facial care. Special moisturizers not only improve the appearance of the epidermis, but also allow you to maintain the moisture level necessary for the skin. But unfortunately, not all face moisturizers are suitable, as they may have too oily consistency, clog pores or not satisfy the needs of customers.

Recently, moisturizing face gels have become very popular, which immediately became bestsellers. A huge number of brands began to release this tool in order to please their regular customers.

Features and Features

First of all, it should be noted that all gels are divided into several types:

  • Moisturizing. The product has a full-fledged moisturizing effect, deeply nourishes the epidermis after the cleaning stage and significantly improves the condition of the skin.
  • Refreshing. The tool not only refreshes the face, but also contributes to its tightening, providing a slight lifting effect.
  • Cream gel. The basis of these products is, of course, cream. The texture itself is thicker than gel, but less heavy than cream. Such products are ideal for oily skin at any time of the year and for dry summers.

One of the main advantages of moisturizing face gels is the composition of natural ingredients. Gels have a very light texture, due to which they are quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film, and at the same time they combine all the qualities of both cream products and gel products. Such products can be perfectly used as stand-alone products for moisturizing the skin, and as a base for makeup.

Gel products have a fairly wide range of applications. They can be used not only for the face, but also for the neck or body, as maxi after scrubbing or cleansing the skin as a lip balm, and some manufacturers recommend using them as hair masks.

The ability to use gels in a variety of ways is a very big advantage of these products.

Beneficial features

The gel has a number of useful properties:

  • Light gel promotes deep hydration and gives the face an attractive appearance and softness. After applying this product, the skin immediately feels more rested and fresh. As a rule, the product is used during the day because of its lightness; at night it is advisable to apply something more oily and thick.
  • Another great property of moisturizing gels is the formation of a thin protective film on the upper layer of the epidermis, repulsing most of the external negative influences. Some of the products have therapeutic effects, they heal wounds after acne, scars, cuts.
  • They are suitable for any age and skin type. Due to the fact that moisturizing gels effectively fight and eliminate acne, blackheads and blackheads, they will be an excellent tool for adolescents due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Firstly, such products do not interfere with the natural production of moisture by the skin itself, secondly they do not clog pores, and thirdly, they moisturize young problematic skin sufficiently, preventing the appearance of new inflammations.
  • For ladies aged gels will become an indispensable assistant in creating makeup, they not only deeply impregnate and moisturize the skin, but also narrow the pores, increase elasticity and elasticity, giving a slight lifting effect, and also protect it from excess pore contamination.

We consider the composition

Cosmetic gels are 80% water, they do not contain parabens or fats, and that is why they have a lighter texture and consistency. Each tool has its own properties and focus, so their composition may differ, but the basis for all is similar. Usually, the basic components are various vitamins, vegetable oils, collagen, hyaluron, lactic and fruit acid, water, as well as gelatinous ingredients, which contribute to the creation of a gel structure.

There are also additional components that are added depending on the type of funds. The most popular and common ingredient is aloe vera. Everyone knows the beneficial and moisturizing properties of this plant, which is why products with it have special value and effectiveness. Recently, a large number of products with snail mucin have been produced, which also contributes to deep hydration and nutrition of the skin.

Often in the composition you can also find various oils: jojoba, peach, grape seed, cocoa and many others, providing a lifting effect and rejuvenation.

Application Tips

Despite the complete hypoallergenicity of moisturizing gels, which is also a great advantage, it is still recommended to conduct a small test on a small area of ​​the skin before use. You need to apply a little gel on the face and wait about 15 minutes. If there is no allergic reaction, burning or itching, then the product is suitable for you and you can safely use it.

Before use, clean your face with gel or cleansing milk, then wipe it with a tonic and then use the gel itself. It should be applied with small dots and then distributed throughout the face, while doing acupressure.

It is advisable to massage the face for five minutes, so that the moisturizing and lifting properties of the gel reveal themselves better.

The best cosmetics

A huge number of cosmetic companies produce a variety of gel products for moisturizing the face. Consider some of the best among them.

  • Clinique "Moisture Surge"

Clinique Long-Lasting Intensive Moisturizing Gel is a unique product that deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, saturating it with vitamins. The moisturized effect lasts all day, which is very important. This tool is able to even out skin tone, as well as raise the moisture contained inside to the desired level, even in dehydrated skin. It should be noted that this gel cream does not give a lifting effect, it only moisturizes the skin at the proper level, giving it the necessary minerals.

You can use it as a mask, a tool for cuticles and hair.

  • "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream"

Another tool from the company Clinique. The unique composition of the product provides not only deep hydration, which will work throughout the day, but also saturation with vitamins and strengthening the protective layer of the epidermis. The skin will get a fresh look and even tone.

  • Shiseido "Pureness"

Shiseido Moisturizing Gel not only deeply nourishes the epidermis, but also restores the water balance in its upper layers. He perfectly fights against various kinds of inflammations, prevents their appearance and smoothes small wrinkles on the face. The gel is quickly absorbed and helps to restore an even complexion.

  • Delex Acne

In this case, the gel comes with a special lotion. Both products fight a variety of inflammations in the form of acne, blackheads or blackheads. They restore the water-lyrical balance of the skin and normalize the release of sebaceous glands, narrow the pores and quickly penetrate the epidermis, killing the rash on the root. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, even and matte.

  • Diademine

Moisturizing gel of deep action of this brand helps to saturate the skin with moisture for 48 hours. This is a very promising product that girls have already loved. Light texture, hyaluronic acid in the composition provide a lifting effect and smooth wrinkles.

  • Kora

Kora brand deeply moisturizing cream gel gel provides your skin with the desired moisture level, pore contraction and protection against many external influences. The cream restores a smooth complexion, and also has protection against ultraviolet light SPF-15, which is very important.

  • Faberlic

Faberlic brand has released the ultra-moisturizing gel "Aqua smart". Light consistency, pleasant smell. It can be used both day and night, it acts very positively on the skin, giving it the necessary moisture and saturating with minerals. The skin becomes smooth, soft and attractive.

  • Tony Moly "Pure Eco Snail"

In addition to mucin, snail cream gel also contains mandarin extract. It perfectly refreshes, tones and nourishes the skin with vitamins. The face freshens before your eyes, becomes more toned and takes on a more even tone. This tool, like all other Korean gels, is ideal for any type of skin.

  • Mary Kay "Botanical Effects"

The product is intended for young girls under 25 years old. It perfectly refreshes and tones the skin, gives it the desired level of hydration, and also gives it an attractive look, evening out the shade. This is all that young skin needs, which does not require anti-aging agents.

  • Himalaya Herbals Shine Control

Plant extracts in the product help to make the skin dull, eliminating the oily sheen, it also gives the face a pleasant natural glow and normalizes the sebaceous glands. The skin is saturated with vitamins and becomes more attractive.

  • Biotherm "Purefect Skin

This moisturizer is for problematic skin. It fights its imperfections, disinfects and prevents the appearance of inflammation and the first signs of aging. The product moisturizes and nourishes the face well.


Reviews about moisturizing gels are entirely positive. Girls like the effect these products have on the skin. She is guaranteed optimal hydration, nutrition and smoothing of fine wrinkles.

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