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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Gel Polish Solomeya

At present, it is difficult to imagine a girl with a chic make-up, a beautiful hairstyle, a spectacular dress and at the same time groomed nails. Well-groomed manicure is the basis of a brilliant image. The latest generation trend is the use of gel polishes. Consider one of the most popular brands producing such a coating - Solomeya.

About Brand

The English manufacturer Solomeya has been making a splash in the domestic market for about 20 years. He became popular due to the release of high-quality professional products for manicure at affordable prices. In addition to varnishes, there are many other cosmetic products for manicure and pedicure, such as files, tools for removing corns, various materials for the design of nails and much more.

But the main product of this brand is a series of gel varnishes "Color Gel" and "Sola Gel". The texture of the material is very carefully applied to the entire nail plate, without crumpling and not draining along the edges, which indicates high-quality materials used to create a series of varnishes.

Series "Sola Gel" usually used as a base for colored gel polish or as an additional strengthening for a natural nail. Its microminerals and vitamins have a positive effect on the nail plate, creating additional protection against external damage, while strengthening it from the inside.

Series "Color Gel" includes a huge palette of shades, taking into account modern manicure trends.

Application Recommendations

To achieve an excellent result using Solomeya gel polishes, it is worth using some tips.

  • Nail preparation:
  1. You need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap, paying special attention to the tips of your fingers, thoroughly washing each plate.
  2. Remove residual old varnish and any other irregularities on the plate.
  3. Give all nails the necessary shape and process the cuticle.
  • Top coat application:
  1. Sand the surface of the nail using a soft file and remove any remaining moisture.
  2. Using gauze soaked with Klenzer, wipe the nail plate and allow it to dry for several seconds.
  3. Apply “Sola Gel” on 4 fingers, except the big one, and allow to dry in a UV lamp for 20 seconds. For thumbs, repeat the procedure separately.
  • Application of a color coating "Color Gel":
  1. Apply color gel polish to 4 fingers, taking care not to touch the cuticle or skin. Then cure for 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  2. Immediately apply a second layer of gel and cure for 2 minutes in a UV lamp.
  3. Without removing the sticky surface, apply a “Sola Gel” base coat and cure for 20 seconds in a UV lamp.

Reviews of the masters

Manicurists primarily note a wide palette of gel polishes - about 46 shades. It is pleasant to note that among such a variety you can find material for every taste of the client: shimmers, tops, metallic and plain colors without intersperses and shiny impurities. The color of the tube is very stylish - in matte black and white. The volume is also very happy - 8.5 ml.

Users note that when using the base and top of one manufacturer, the result lasts up to 28 days, which indicates the high strength of this gel polish. The brushes are very comfortable, short, expanding to the bottom for a more accurate and accurate application of varnish on the nail plate. Masters note that the smell doesn’t “hit” the nose with chemistry, it’s very pleasant to work with such a tool, since it does not bring any discomfort.

Also a very important point is that even when applying three layers of Solomeya "Color Gel" gel, it does not spread under the influence of a lamp and does not cause trouble during drying.

An interesting fact is that in daylight the varnish looks quite calm, and in artificial bright lighting all the beauty of a particular shade is manifested.

From the negative characteristics, it was highlighted that some shades show up a little on the free end of the nail, even when applying three layers.

User reviews

The opinion of the girls who tested Solomeya gel polish on themselves is generally positive. They noted several characteristics:

  • The price for this product cannot but rejoice;
  • Durability is really very decent, as stated by the manufacturer. Almost a month you can walk with the perfect manicure. You can not be afraid and calmly do household chores or physical labor, without fear of damaging the manicure in your hands.
  • The strength of the nails themselves has significantly increased in most users due to the application of the base.
  • The color of the palette can be selected the most diverse and to any clothing.

A particular emphasis was placed by clients on the ease of gel polish removal. It is enough to loosen the top layer a little with a file, apply a nail polish remover, wrap it with foil and wait 20 minutes. The result will be almost complete detachment of the varnish from the nail itself.

Professionals Choice

When it comes to nails, women make a lot of efforts to achieve a brilliant result. Huge money and a lot of time is spent searching for a good gel polish. Very often the nail is injured from poor-quality materials that are used to create a budgetary tool.

Solomeya brand gives its customers the opportunity to use professional cosmetics for nails, without spending a fabulous amount of money.

This varnish is perfect for girls who are just starting to learn the art of manicure. A uniform consistency will not spread across the entire plate, and a comfortable brush will paint over even the most distant corners. The speed of drying the varnish allows you to save time, thereby significantly shortening the session of the manicure itself.

Review of Solomeya gel polishes.

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