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Gel Polish Remover Wipes

Gel polish on the nails is beautiful, stylish and long-lasting. But the moment comes when this coating must be removed from the nails.

This type of decorative cosmetics has one significant advantage, but at the same time it is a drawback - gel polish has a strong adhesion to the nail plate and it may take up to half an hour and a large portion of effort to remove it. And with improper actions during this procedure or the use of low-quality cosmetics for removal, you can seriously damage your nails and ruin the appearance of your hands.

The modern market offers many different methods and tools for removing varnish coatings from nails, including various liquids and devices. But the real discovery was the invention of special napkins for removing gel polish, which will be discussed in this article.

What it is?

Napkins are individual bags consisting of several layers:

  • Inner layer - hypoallergenic elastic baseimpregnated with a specialized composition designed to remove varnish, as well as various ingredients that care for cuticles;
  • Middle are foilwhich creates a greenhouse effect for a more productive action of the ingredients;
  • The outer layer contains all the necessary information for the consumer, including manufacturer information and instructions for proper use.

Main advantages

Gel polish remover wipes have a number of advantages compared to other cosmetics sold for this purpose:

  • They equally well remove both gel polishes and ordinary varnishes.;
  • Comfortable enough in use even for a beginner in this matter;
  • Look stylishthat matters in the sphere of beauty;
  • Suitable for manicure and pedicure.;
  • Convenient on travel: there is no likelihood of spills in the suitcase, do not take up much space in the bag, you can use it almost anywhere;
  • Typically made from hypoallergenic materials and components.having skin-friendly properties;
  • One sachet can remove the coating alternately on several fingersThat is an economical option for home use.

How to remove gel polish at home, see the video.

How to use?

Gel polish remover wipes are quite simple to apply in action:

  • To make the coating more pliable, you need to remove the top gloss with a coarse-grained nail file.
  • Open the sachet by removing part of the packaging. on the planned separation line.
  • Put on a napkin this wayso that the impregnated portion rests on the varnished nail plate.
  • Loose edges tightly wrap around the fingerso that there are no gaps;
  • After 10-15 minutes (the exact time is usually indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions) remove the bag, and remove the softened gel polish with an orange stick.
  • If necessary, remove the impregnated base. from sachets and wipe the nail.
  • Rinse hands with water and apply moisturizer, a nourishing cream, paying particular attention to the periungual areas and the nail plates themselves.

Overview of popular brands

According to the results of monitoring reviews from masters of the manicure profession and ordinary users, the most popular and popular wipes for removing gel polish can be distinguished.


Milv’s large packaging lasts a long time: it contains 200 individual wipes, saturated with the optimal amount of safe, high-quality and effective composition. This fact makes these wipes the best option when choosing for a professional activity in the nail business. Also in the consumer market there are small packs containing 20 sachets each.

Milv wipes are easy to use and convenient to wrap, saving time and effort, eliminating the need for periodic checks on the tightness of the foil to the fingers.

Also, these products have a wide range of pleasant "tasty" aromas (chocolate, watermelon, apple, coconut), which makes the removal of the coating more comfortable and convenient.

Jess nails

The box contains 200 sachets with wet disposable wipes, impregnated with a high-quality, but sparing skin and nail plate composition. Facilitate the process of removing gel polish, taking care of the health and appearance of the hands.


In'Garden wipes have a pleasant aroma, efficiency in use, comfort and ease of use. In addition, if you need to remove ordinary varnish, you just need to remove the napkin from the sachet and wipe the nail. The liquid inside this product does not dry out the nail plate, which allows you to use it more often than ordinary fluids with acetone.

Also pretty much in demand are similar Coconut cosmetics from Bluesky, Planet Nails and Runail.

Alternative option

In addition to disposable wipes, in individual sachets shop windows offer another option of gel polish removers - lint-free wipes for manicurethat do not leave various small villi after the procedure, unlike cotton pads.

Lint-free napkins are made of non-toxic and elastic material of different sizes and shapes: squares, hearts, flowers, etc. and sold in small boxes or rolls. They remarkably hold nail polish removers, allow air to pass through and are quite pleasant to the touch, which reduces time and simplifies the process of removing coatings from nails.

Watch the video: Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Honest Review & DemoKara Lemon Nail Polish Remover WipesPrerna Jha (November 2019).

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