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Kapous Gel Polish

A manicure made with ordinary varnish has to be updated every 3-4 days. Gel polish Kapous allows you to preserve the beauty of painted nails at times longer without harming them.

Features and Benefits

Kapous - A well-known and popular brand that produces professional hair cosmetics. Today, the company presents a line of nail products.

One of the most sought after products is gel polish. "Lagel". It combines the advantages of a decorative color coating and the durability of a gel that strengthens the nail plate. The product is intended for natural nails.

Varnish is available in bottles of a convenient volume of 15 ml. The advantages of brand gel polish are confirmed by numerous customer reviews.

  • High quality. Kapous cosmetics are produced in Western Europe. Modern equipment, the latest technology and double quality control ensure a decent level of production in accordance with European standards.
  • Affordable cost. The combination of the highest quality and affordable prices has already been appreciated by fans of the brand throughout Russia.
  • Rich color palette. The range of gel varnishes of the company includes more than 140 colors. The palette contains dense and translucent textures. There are gentle pastel colors and bright juicy shades. Discreet neutral, spectacular dark, glamorous with sparkles, matte and mother of pearl - in the assortment you can find an option for the most demanding taste.
  • Usability. The product is equipped with a convenient flat brush. The consistency of the product is dense enough that it does not spread beyond the limits of the nail, and is sufficiently viscous for easy and even distribution.
  • Durability. The gel polish of the brand guarantees the durability of the coating for a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Security. A gentle balanced composition is thought out to the smallest detail to protect the natural beauty and health of the nail plate. The varnish formula includes vitamins, healing and restorative ingredients, does not contain acids, toluene and formaldehyde.

Application process

The nuances of using the product are described in detail in the instructions. The process includes three phases - base, coating and protection. However, the technology of applying and fixing gel polish is so simple that the tool is popular with both masters and beginners who are still mastering the intricacies of such a manicure.

The agent dries only during polymerization. For this, you can use a lamp of any kind (UV, LED, CCFL).

Stage 1 - nail preparation. First of all, you need to process the cuticle. Then remove the surface layer of the nail plate (gloss). Then wipe each nail with an alcohol wipe. It eliminates dust residues and degreases the surface. All this directly affects the stability of manicure.

Stage 2 - primer. It improves the adhesion of gel polish to the nail surface. Distributing the product on the nails with a thin layer, you can slightly dry it in the lamp (within 30 seconds).

Stage 3 - base. Some girls do without a primer, proceeding immediately to this stage. It also prepares nails for applying varnish and protects them from absorbing the pigment contained in the product. Apply the base should be the same thin layer. Then it is necessary to polymerize the nails in the lamp (in a conventional UV lamp this time is 1-2 minutes, the LED lamp will reduce it to 10 seconds).

Stage 4 - varnish. Finally, you can apply the color gel polish itself. According to the instructions, it is recommended to make 2 layers, drying each in a lamp. In practice, 3 coats of gel polish may be required to create a saturated color.

Each layer should be as thin as possible to ensure even coverage and help prevent deformation. (In the UV lamp, the polymerization should take about 2 minutes, the LED lamp speeds up the action up to 30 seconds).

Sometimes, during the application of varnish, it slightly rolls up. Because of this, very little means remains at the end of the nail. In this case, after covering the entire nail, it is worthwhile to draw a horizontal strip along its edge. This will ensure full saturation of the surface with color and protection against possible chips.

Stage 5 - topcoat. After fixing the varnish, polymerization follows again (2 minutes).

If after the final stage you feel that the nails are a bit sticky, do not worry. You just need to lightly wipe the surface with a cotton pad, using alcohol or nail polish remover.

The seemingly long process actually takes a little longer than a regular manicure. This becomes clear when you consider the drying time of a simple varnish in the open air.

Primer Benefits

The brand's acid-free primer not only enhances the adhesion of the coating to the nails. Due to the balanced composition, it maintains a natural balance without injuring the nail plate.

Base Features

The base of the brand has high elasticity, creating the perfect adhesion of the nail to the material and protecting it. The product perfectly aligns the nail plate and eliminates the appearance of chips. Due to this, the varnish maintains boundaries, does not spread near the cuticle and does not roll off the free edge.

Perhaps its use to restore the shape or length of nails.

The company offers 2 coating options - rubber and firming with vitamins. The first option is characterized by high viscosity and strength. Second - less viscous, which allows you to create the most thin and natural layer, but no less reliable. Vitamins B5 and E are also its plus. They strengthen natural nails, prevent their fragility, and promote regeneration.

Protective covering

"Lagel Top Coat" - means with an elastic structure, forming a strong surface layer. It protects the manicure from damage and gives the nails a luxurious gloss.

Cat's eye

Coverage "Cat eye effect"unusually popular. An interesting effect looks more advantageous on a varnish of dark shades. The main one you can choose black, blue, purple, burgundy or any other saturated shade. Glitter options are also suitable.


The new collection of gel polishes of the brand is amazing. It includes 9 shades that change color under the influence of temperature fluctuations.

Luxurious tones and an amazing game of color transitions will turn manicure into a real masterpiece. This collection is for those who prefer original solutions and an expression of a bright personality.


For those who do not want to buy a special lamp and do a three-phase manicure, the brand offers an alternative. The product's name "HiLac" consonant with the word shellac, and this is no accident.

The product forms a perfect glossy finish on the nails with a chic sheen, smoothing the surface of the nail plate. The manufacturer advises applying the varnish to the base, but even without pretreatment, it adheres perfectly to the nails without being absorbed into their surface.

The product is equipped with a wide soft brush with rounded edges, capturing immediately half of the nail and facilitating the application process. To achieve a dense saturated color, 2 layers are enough. The varnish is easy to apply and, despite its thick consistency, dries quickly.

The palette of shades is also diverse. Manicure with Kapous "HiLac" maintained in perfect condition for several days. The color coating can be easily removed with any nail polish remover without staining the nail and cuticle.


Most buyers of gel polishes Kapous happy with the purchases. The product is convenient in salon use when working with clients, and in individual home use.

Girls praise the brush of perfect shape and size, allowing easy and quick application. Customers also like the consistency of the product. The composition lies in an even layer, not spreading and forming a smooth coating.

Odor means users rate it moderate, not sharp. It does not annoy and does not interfere with work.

But the biggest delight is the gorgeous brand gel polish palette. An assortment of shades allows you to create a manicure for any occasion. Modest and elegant, for every day, luxurious and sensual evening, daring and creative - you can make any image harmonious.

Gel polish is stable, lasts long on nails, without forming chips and cracks. Even after four weeks, coverage remains perfect.

To achieve a saturated color, most girls apply the product in three layers. However, this is not enough for some customers. In their opinion, the product has a too liquid consistency and at least five layers have to be made to obtain the desired effect. And this is not the only minus that was noted when using the tool.

Judging by individual reviews, some have difficulty removing the product from the nails. I have to cut off the coating. However, the girls do not consider this nuance a weighty reason for refusing to use the product and continue to use it.

In general, shoppers recommend gel polish Kapous to friends and acquaintances as a means with an excellent price-quality ratio.

This video provides feedback on the quality of applying gel polishes Kapous.

Watch the video: Kapous 1739 Elastic Base Coat Pink (January 2020).


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