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Gradient on nails with gel polish

Each representative of the fair sex wants to look stylish and fashionable, to keep up with the times. The well-groomed hands of the lady become the key to her success in all areas of activity, including the opposite sex. Neat and creative manicure will be the subject of enthusiastic looks of your near and dear ones. In this case, it is not necessary to contact the salon, you can do the procedure at home. It is important that the materials and tools are quality and reliable.

Recently, an interesting technique for applying gel polish is gaining popularity - the gradient. Consider its features and advantages in our article.

What it is

Gradient manicure (aka stretching, aka Ombre) represents a smooth transition from one shade to another. In the world of nail design, he appeared relatively recently, but has already won the hearts of many fashionistas. Now this type of coating is also in great demand and popularity.

Many ladies prefer this particular technology, because it allows you to use several colors at once. Such nails will always look fashionable, creative and successfully complement the stylish image of any fashionista. It should be noted that the border between the flowers is smooth, but not pronounced. Shades penetrate each other, complementing the previous color.

From French, "Ombre" is translated as "shadow." The word "gradient" is of Latin origin. However, no matter how you call this nail technique, the result will not change - the nails will be attractive and well-groomed.

There are several types of gradient. You can choose the option that suits you that will look fashionable and attractive:

  • Vertical manicure. This option is a color transition from top to bottom. Such a design will look great on your nails, transforming them.
  • Horizontal option. Accordingly, the hue will change from left to right. Particularly attractive with this technique will look nails of medium length.
  • Original manicure. This option is a transition of shades from one finger to another. This nail design will look great even on short nails.
  • French gradient. With this technique, a white color is applied to the edge of the nail, which will turn transparent to the lower part of the nail. This option will look great on long and thin nails.

The main advantages of this technology include the following:

  • Simplicity and lightness. Of course, in order to masterfully create such a creative design, you should be patient, especially for beginners. With the help of practice, as well as high-quality reliable materials and tools, you can achieve professionalism over time, it is pleasant to surprise your family and friends.
  • Availability. You can buy gel polish to create this technique in any professional store. You will only need to choose the right color palette, choose your favorite brand and use the product with pleasure.
  • Democratic cost. You can purchase cosmetic products at a bargain price. It will pleasantly surprise all the ladies with the optimal combination of the price-quality parameter. You can save your family savings.
  • You can save time. Now you will not need to visit expensive beauty salons, wait for an appointment with the right specialist. You can create your own creative design yourself, at home. Again, this will require regular training and quality products. With the acquisition of experience, you can make the gradient smooth, beautiful and elegant.
  • Great mood. Design "ombre"- stylish and fashionable. It is ideal for any of your styles. Well-groomed and attractive hands will be the key to success in business and the attention of others. All this will cheer you up and set you up in a positive way.

How to make such a manicure

If you only comprehend the basics of manicure and have no idea how to make a gradient on your nails, the following information will be useful to you. There is nothing complicated in technology. You can create a beautiful nail design yourself. To begin with, you will need to stock up on all the necessary devices.

There are several ways to apply varnish. You can use any of them:


With the help of a sponge, you can translate into reality a creative design using the Ombre technique. You need to take several colors that suit you best or like you. Now it’s worth lacquering part of the surface of the sponge with the desired shades. Apply slowly stripes of color that will be in contact with each other.

remember, that the sponge should be well washed and dried. The one with which you wash the dishes will do. It will be necessary to pre-cut it into small pieces. Remember the protection of the cuticle. To do this, it should be covered with tape or coated with PVA glue. Upon completion of the procedure, you can easily remove this layer and the varnish will not remain on the skin of the fingers.

Consider the various technologies for high-quality coating with a sponge:

  1. On the nail plate, you should first lay the basethat dries under the UV lamp.
  2. Take the foil and make a few drops of gel polish on it not far from each other. Now it’s worth mixing the substance together, creating a medium shade with a toothpick.
  3. Take a sponge and apply it to the varnish. Let her absorb it. If you want to avoid unwanted bubbles on the surface of the nail, you should make the first couple of prints on the foil.
  4. Using gentle springy movements, transfer gel polish to the fingernail. Make as many layers as needed to achieve the desired color saturation.
  5. It is worth noting that each such coating must be well dried under the lamp. After the color suits you, apply the top and dry thoroughly in the lamp.

There is another option for applying gel polish with a sponge:

  1. The base should be applied initially. and dry it well under the lamp.
  2. Now take your two favorite shades and apply them directly to the nail plate end-to-end in a thick layer.
  3. Next we take a sponge and with a quick movement we get wet a fingernail. This should be done easily, but with a little pressure. As the tone evens out, decrease the pressure. So you can get rid of the bubbles.
  4. Do not immediately rush to dry the nail. Wait a little while the tool takes the form of a nail surface. Take care of the remaining fingers. If random bubbles appear, they should be eliminated with a toothpick.
  5. Then in a similar way you need to apply a second coat. Their number will depend on the desired effect, as well as on the materials used.
  6. After that, it is worth covering the surface with a top and fasten under the lamp.

If the first time you did not manage to create a smooth transition, do not be discouraged. Just lightly powder the color mixing area with transparent sparkles. Such a design will turn out even more interesting and creative.


You can create a gradient with a brush. There are also several ways that can help make creative manicures. To do this, take a flat synthetic brush with a straight or semicircular end. Or it’s better to use the one with which you apply the base. The main technology is as follows:

  1. It is worth choosing several shades of gel polish and cover each of them with a half of a marigold. Layers should be made thin so that it is easy to blend them.
  2. Now take a flat brush, moisten it in the clinser, let it become wet. Now, using light movements, slide her from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. You need to hold the brush almost parallel to the nail surface. This is done so that it does not spoil the gradient, but smooths it evenly. When you see that the transition area has become soft, you can send your hands to dry under the lamp.
  3. Now, using the same technology, it is worth applying a second layer and a third. Then the color itself will turn out saturated. Fasten everything with a top and dry the surface.

You can create a style "Ombre"and with a fan brush. Of course, the transition will turn out not so smooth, but it will be the highlight of this design. You can quickly create the right manicure for you at home. Make it easy:

  1. First you need to apply a base on the nail surface. Take the lightest shade you will use in the gradient. Apply varnish in one or several layers. Now let it dry under the lamp.
  2. The next step is to take the foil. Mix the appropriate shades on it to get a medium color. You will apply it on the middle of the nail. This will be the transition area.
  3. A little lower apply the darkest shade almost at the very tip. Now take a slightly damp brush and drive it from side to side, slightly touching the surface of the nail. Do this until you get the desired effect.
  4. Now all this will need to be dried in a lamp.
  5. Then add a second layer and repeat the above procedure.. Remember that the main shade is best applied to the upper area of ​​the marigold so that it does not overlap the gradient. Dry everything under the lamp.

For adherents of the classics, you can create an unusual jacket using the gradient. It is created similar to the technologies described above. At the same time, classic shades should be taken as a basis. An experienced craftsman will easily make your pens beautiful and attractive. And at home, you can independently make yourself a similar coating.


It is worth noting that using the gradient you can create the most diverse design. We have already sorted out the horizontal and vertical options that can be made with a wide brush or comb, as well as a sponge.

  • This technique with sparkles will also look elegant. You can focus on your nails. Such a manicure will perfectly fit into any special occasion, friendly party or family shower gatherings.

It’s worth noting that no matter what method you choose, you need to carefully prepare the nails for this procedure. For this, first of all, it is worth giving the nails the desired shape and length. This is done with a soft file. The next step will be the correction of the cuticle. This is done without steaming in water.

To do this, you first need to soften the cuticle with a special tool, moving it a little. Now take a buff and remove the gloss from the nail surface. In conclusion, it is worth degreasing all the nails, including the cut and cuticle. And only after the pens are prepared, you can begin the procedure itself: apply the base, gel polish, top, dry in a lamp.

  • Another common way to create a gradient is geometric. It looks pretty stylish and original, will bring a fresh touch to your look. The design itself is done with a thin brush. To create it you will need two shades. For example, you can take color and white gel polish. It will be necessary to consistently dilute colored shellac, creating lighter options. With the help of them you will draw geometric shapes.

Go from the lightest to the darkest. In this case, only a thin layer should be applied so that the gel polish does not spread. It is not necessary to dry each layer. Only after completing the whole process, the nails can be sent to dry under the lamp. One of the sought-after geometric gradients of this season is a rhombus. It looks fashionable, stylish and attractive.

In order for this design option to be clear and accurate, it is worth using special stencils. However, it should be remembered that the structure of the gel polish is such that it can flow under the stencil. Be extremely careful and careful. Having adapted, you will do it quickly and accurately.

  • Another fashionable option - air gradient. It is done with an airbrush. The advantages of this method include efficiency, accuracy, accuracy and speed. Thanks to this device, you can create a fashionable design in a short period of time. One nail will take about two minutes.

To do this, pour paint into the device, turn on the compressor and spray the product onto the surface of the nail plate. Typically, the paint is water-based or alcohol-based. Then, after application, the skin can be cleaned with a special liquid. It is noteworthy that the paint itself is sprayed with a thin layer. Thus, its consumption will be minimal. You will receive a beautiful manicure even at home.

Of course, the gradient is best done with gel polish. This surface will last much longer, you can do your household chores without fear that the varnish will crack or lose its original appearance. The saturation of the color coating is also an advantage of each bottle with the product. Shiny nails will be the key to your success and good mood.


As for color, there is no consensus on which one is better to choose. It is worth focusing on your taste preferences, your favorite shades. Do not be afraid to experiment and combine colors. You will be able to get, to your surprise, an attractive original version.

  • Many conservatives prefer the classics: black and white shades. With their help, you can make an office manicure with a gradient that will look stylish on your fingers and will suit any of your business suits.
  • Bright people who seek to stand out from the crowd, focus on their personality, prefer red shades. They can be successfully combined with pink, white, burgundy, lilac, black and other colors. If you create a manicure for the exit, then you can use sparkles. So your image will be extravagant. Do not forget to observe moderation in clothing.
  • Original onyx color trendy this season. It can also be combined with your favorite shades. It is worth remembering that it is better to choose contrasting light and dark tones. They will look advantageous on your hands.

Master classes

Experienced masters in beauty salons will be able to quickly and seamlessly demonstrate the Ombre technique. However, many beginners in the field of nail service will have a hard time. At home, and even more so on short nails, it is sometimes so difficult to create such a design, although nothing is impossible.

We will consider step by step how easy, correct and effective it is to apply such a coating.

  • Step 1. The gradient technique is special in that you need to create a smooth transition from one color to another. In order for the coating to turn out to be of high quality and durable, you need to properly prepare the nail plate, degrease it. Remove the old coating, correct the nails and cuticles, set a specific length. In order for gel polish to have good adhesion to the surface of the nail, you need to apply a special primer, as well as cover the nails with a special base. Dry everything thoroughly under the lamp.
  • Step 2. After everything is thoroughly dried, you can begin to create a design. Using a brush, we apply two colors of nail polish on the butt.
  • Step 3. We take a brush and carefully blend the border of shades. Then you need to again apply a layer of varnish, repeating the same procedure. It will be necessary to achieve the desired color brightness, not forgetting to dry each layer in a UV lamp.
  • Step 4. Now you can cover the nails with the top. Be sure to dry the surface under the lamp well.As a result, you will get a beautiful and fashionable manicure that you can easily do at home.


Among the many positive reviews, women note the beauty of this option for applying gel polish. Ombre-style nails look stylish and attractive. They will help to focus on your personality, pleasantly surprise colleagues, attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Like girls and the fact that This design will never go out of style. You can make a variety of unusual color combinations, choosing them for clothing or your mood. Ladies note the simplicity and ease of application. From the first time it seems that it is quite difficult to apply and shade gel polish using various devices. However, this is not the case. Over time, you will gain experience and will receive only pleasure from the process.

Availability of funds - one more advantage. You can please yourself with a new tone of varnish at any time by buying it in a professional store. It’s worth buying there to avoid fakes. Of course, it is worth being vigilant in any case: carefully inspect the goods before buying.

The ability to create beauty at home is a significant savings on your budget. You will not need to go to expensive salons, sign up to the master, you can independently master the technology at home and perfectly carry out the procedure. At the same time, you will save family savings, the process will take place comfortably, in the familiar atmosphere. This is another positive point that beauties celebrate.

Of course, it is worth paying special attention to the choice of varnish. Do not forget to purchase additional tools and accessories that will help you with hand care. Before starting the procedure, make sure that all materials and tools are prepared. Only with the help of a thorough plan can you create a decent option that will flaunt on your fingers.

Many women believe that the gradient is a design that is ideal for any age. It can be used by both young people and mature respectable ladies. Here you can vary the color, creating different images.

In the article, we examined why the gradient on the nails, which is created using gel polish, is notable. Now you can start independent practice. Remember that the more often you use this technology, the more experience you get and the better your work becomes. Do not be afraid to improvise, mix tones, turn on sparkles and even rhinestones, but do not overdo it. Let your pens be beautiful, attractive and tell about your success and self-confidence.

The following is a video tutorial that focuses on one of the techniques for creating a gradient of gel polish (other names: stretching or ombre on the nails).

Watch the video: HOW TO MAKE A GRADIENT WITH GEL POLISH - Sponge Method. Indigo Nails (April 2020).


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