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Bright manicure with gel polish

Beautiful and bright manicure is one of the main elements of a fashionable image. He is able to accentuate and perfectly complete the bow. The key to a successful manicure is not only its design and color, but also its durability. That is why gel polish is a great solution for stylish and practical women. In order to be in trend, you need to take into account fashion tips for creating a beautiful manicure with gel polish.

Bright decisions

This year, bright manicure is very fashionable, which combines the most diverse bright and at first glance even incompatible tones. An unusual manicure with gel polish applied to beautiful and well-groomed nails is the key to the success of any fashionista.

Now the most trendy colors are blue, burgundy, red, emerald, mustard, yellow, turquoise and many other bright shades.

In addition, some requirements for manicure with gel polish are presented depending on the length of the nails. So, marigolds are not in fashion now. On short nails, stylists recommend applying a bright coating of any of the shades of lilac, burgundy, purple and red. Moreover, these colors can be combined and combined. But the monophonic bright coating still remains in trend.


This type of manicure is distinguished by its simplicity, but at the same time, such a drawing looks very beautiful and stylish. To create a lunar design, you only need to pick up two contrasting gel polishes, and then use a special stencil to draw a semicircle at the base of the nail plate, and the rest of the nail should be coated with a different color.

It is very popular to paint the crescent at the base with white or another neutral color, and paint the entire remaining space of the marigold with a brighter shade.


Even a French manicure applied with gel polish can become interesting and bright. French is a skillful combination of both light and bright colors. Although classic French manicure involves only coloring the ends of the nails, this does not exclude the possibility of applying to them a wide variety of colors and interesting patterns.

For a French manicure, colors such as white, caramel, pink and even red, burgundy or orange are perfect. It all depends on what event you plan to do this manicure.

On several nails, you can depict interesting stories, for example, flowers or hearts. A classic French manicure with white tips and the natural color of the nail plate looks very profitable, if at the same time such a manicure will be varied with bright accents, for example, beautiful patterns on several fingers that are covered with a transparent gel on top. The jacket looks very beautiful with the image of bright volumetric roses and other flowers.

In addition, such a manicure can be decorated with an interesting gold or silver ornament, as well as sequins or rhinestones, it all depends on your imagination.


This season, matte gel coating is more relevant than ever. It can be skillfully combined with a wide variety of patterns and drawings. In addition, the combination of both a matte and glossy layer looks very nice. Matte varnish with a mother-of-pearl base comes in handy for a beautiful evening look. With it, you can gently paint your nails in one tone, and at the same time, such a manicure will not look very simple, the main thing is to choose the right color.

Matte varnish looks very nice in combination with a velvety ornament or pattern, also with sparkles of the same color. With this design, most of the nails are covered in one rather bright matte tone, and one or two nails are decorated with a beautiful, but discreet pattern of a more inconspicuous color.


Gel polish with a trendy water pattern is also very important this year. Such a manicure is quite bright and attracts attention due to the fact that each nail looks unique in its own way and has a unique pattern that is created using beautiful bends and weaves. This manicure can be done both in the beauty salon and at home, correctly choosing the matching tones of gel polish. As a rule, for such a manicure shades of blue, blue, violet and sometimes even pink or lilac colors are used.

The nail plate can also be decorated with beautiful waves, circles, scales, lines and other unusual patterns made using the water design technique.


Ombre is a very popular type of manicure among women of all ages, which is a gradient, that is, a transition of shades on one nail. Masters stretch the color on the nail plate, while the result is very mesmerizing. To do this, you can use several different colors, one of which will smoothly change into another, for example, overflow of lilac and blue, pink and beige, yellow and blue, purple and white and other interesting combinations. You can also use one shade, which on the nails will gradually lighten to the tip or to the base of the nail plate.

Such a manicure with gel polish looks very bright and at the same time restrained, it is perfect for any special occasion. The main advantage of such a manicure is that it is very versatile and will fit almost any style of clothing.


Any summer nail design should include bright and extraordinary colors, and even the most daring and unusual combinations will do. Many girls when coating nails with gel polish for the summer season very often prefer a manicure with the image of bright and juicy fruits or berries. Watermelon slice, strawberry, coconut or pineapple will look very flirty and unusual. Such a “delicious” design can cheer you up in the summer season and is perfect for a summer vacation. Moreover, such pictures can be depicted both on light and unobtrusive coatings of beige or pink tones, and on bright and defiant colors of gel polish.

So, the combination of the golden background of the marigold, which depicts a juicy watermelon slice, looks very bright. This design of nails can also be supplemented with bright and unusual rhinestones. Or a watermelon manicure with a pink base.

For those who do not want to depict bright fruits on the nails, you can choose a more calm, but no less bright option - the image of leaves in yellow and green shades. Such a floral print looks very beautiful, you can add a few discreet flowers, in addition to the leaves, on one fingernail, and you can leave only leaves. Such an ornament can be an independent part of a manicure, or it can complement, for example, a calm French manicure or another variant of gel polish coating.

Green color is especially relevant in the summer season, it goes well with beachwear and any sundresses, so it will come in handy for all fashionistas in the summer.

Another version of the bright gel pattern on the nails is beautiful palm trees or drawings on the marine theme. So, the image of a palm will allow you to bring relaxation closer and will make your manicure more unusual and playful. In addition, you can diversify the classic gel-gel coating with strips in a marine style or with shells, anchors and other similar elements. You can even depict patterns resembling sea waves.

This gel polish coating with this pattern is perfect for those who are going on vacation at sea. This manicure will perfectly cheer you up.

The animal ornament on the nails looks very unusual, it is quite bright and thus emphasizes manicure and completes the image.

Leopard print is a choice of extravagant beauties that will be relevant in any season. In addition, you can depict beautiful butterflies with bright wings or gentle birds on the nails with gel. Such drawings diversify the design of nails with gel polish, make it more vivid and attractive.

With rhinestones

Rhinestones were not always a festive version of nail design. They look very nice and catch their eyes, shimmering in the sun. This nails decor item resembles precious stones.

Rhinestones can make any manicure more vivid and unusual. They can be the highlight of your nail design and help perfectly complete the image.

In this case, the main rule is not to use a lot of rhinestones, because in this case the design can become too catchy and tasteless. You can use both standard transparent straziks and colored pebbles, as well as combinations thereof. As a rule, when they make manicure with gel polish using rhinestones, they first choose a nail design, which can be like a classic jacket, plain coating or gradient, and then the nails are decorated with rhinestones. And it can be the most various combinations.

In addition, rhinestones go well with delicate small beads or with voluminous patterns in the form of flowers, butterflies and other unusual patterns. The final is a transparent gel coating that secures this element of decor.

How to make a bright manicure with gel polish, see the next video.

Watch the video: Bright Tribal Print Summer Nail Art Design using MadamGlam Gel Polish (December 2019).


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