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Nail polish Maybelline New York "Colorama"

The counters of cosmetic stores spark with varnishes for nails of various colors. They allow women to create manicures in accordance with their tastes, preferences, desires and material capabilities. But far from all the representatives of these products, in addition to the beautiful color, can boast of lasting results.. But the nail polish Maybelline New York "Colorama" is still as it can.


The Maybelline cosmetics company has existed for more than a hundred years and throughout all this time, it does not get tired to delight its fans with a wide, constantly replenished assortment of decorative cosmetics. So, in addition to makeup products, this brand also began to produce nail polishes.

Maybelline New York "Colorama" nail polish goes on sale in two variations: standard series "Colorama Maybelline" and "Colorama 60 seconds Nail Enamel". The difference between these two species is the drying rate of this product on the nail plate. If varnishes from the standard Colorama series can dry on nails within several minutes, then the nail polish “60 seconds” dries completely in the specified time.

Both varieties of these products are sold in a similar wide color palette consisting of several series. Thanks to this, each representative of the perfect floor will be able to choose the most suitable shades for herself and create with them an unforgettable manicure.

But in addition to a wide color palette, this decorative nail coating has other advantages over similar products.

Advantages and disadvantages

But before starting to describe the advantages of varnishes of the "Colorama" series, it is necessary to say a few words about their shortcomings, which they have, like any other cosmetic products. All Maybelline brand varnishes from this line have such disadvantages as:

  • Translucent nail coating, this is especially true for light shades. Sometimes even three layers of coating may not be enough to completely paint over the entire nail plate without flaws. This is due to the rather liquid consistency of the product itself.
  • Despite the fact that company representatives say that formaldehyde and toluene are completely absent in their products, this is not entirely true. In some Colorama nail polishes, these harmful additives are still present, and they very negatively affect the structure of the nails and their appearance.

But they have much more advantages over varnishes of other manufacturers:

  1. "Colorama" includes only the brightest and most saturated shades. They have a unique luster and a very deep saturated color.
  2. With the correct application of varnish and observing accuracy, it can remain on the nails for up to 10 days, and therefore, in some cases, it can even replace gel polish.
  3. Fast drying coatings also an indisputable advantage of this series over similar products.
  4. Convenient bottle and practical brush provide maximum safety of the coating and ease of application.

The varnishes of this series have much more advantages than disadvantages. And in order to make sure that the main advantage is still a wide range of these products, it is necessary to study how the gamut of colors is represented by nail polishes Maybelline New York "Colorama".

Hue palette

Currently, the entire palette of shades of this series is represented by 11 main lines. In total, they include 92 shades of varnishes of various colors.

  • "Matte Shine". This series consists of only two varnishes that do not have color, but contain sparkles. The manufacturer himself recommends the use of such a coating as a top one.
  • Lovers of everything metallic and shiny will like it series "Metallic", which includes a wide range of shades from light gray to dark grayish brown. This line total includes 10 different shades of coverage.
  • Marine blue-green shades with a matte overflow from the first second they attract attention with a unique and deep color. This series includes 15 tones, ranging from a bright, opaque light blue hue to a dark blue-green tone.
  • Green lovers will definitely appreciate the collection juicy greens. It includes 6 varnishes with shades from a calm light green color to a noble dark green, almost black tone.
  • Brown with matt or pearlescent It is represented by 6 tones of coating, ranging from a grayish-beige shade and ending with a matte black deep color.
  • The color of the beautiful lilac represented by five shades: dark purple, plum, mauve, hyacinth and dark lilac.
  • Frosty White Collection It is represented by 8 lacquers of light tones with a beautiful cold pearly sheen.
  • Lucky from the Natural Beige series represented by shades such as baked milk, dark cappuccino, translucent pearl, beige.
  • Pink Series Nail Polish It is presented in the widest assortment - 13 shades. The gamut of colors includes varnishes of shades from pale pink to dark, almost purple. At the same time, many products are presented both in a matte version and with particles of nacre.
  • Lovers of all the bright will definitely enjoy the collection fiery red flowers. It consists of 9 varnishes from reddish-orange to classic red with a deep overflow.
  • Coral shades represented by 7 colors. Shades can be matte or interspersed with mother of pearl, which gives them a beautiful glossy shine. This collection includes tones such as the color of sunflower, matte orange, metallic with a warm glow, warm coral, sand shimmering and reddish-orange.
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In addition, the Colorama series includes five more shades that are not included in any of the above series. These are shades such as matte bright red, transparent with sparkles in black, silver and violet, dark cherry, cold mint with sparkles of various colors and a transparent tone with shiny red, orange, silver and violet particles.

Now that you’ve got acquainted with the palette of shades of the Colorama series, you can safely and not without reason say that this gamut of colors is the widest of all that exists today.


But no matter how Maybelline New York representatives praised their products, the feedback from those who have already experienced these varnishes on themselves will best tell about it.

Many women are in fact very positive about Maybelline New York "Colorama" nail polishes. According to them, all shades of this coating are easy to apply and really dry many times faster compared to similar products from other brands. The durability of this product is also, according to women, its indisputable advantage.

A wide range of shades for every taste, the ability to choose a varnish of a matte color or with a pearly sheen allow women to change their manicure in accordance with their personal needs. Most of the positive reviews apply to the cost of such nail polish. Despite the world famous name of the brand releasing it, the average price for one tube of varnish is 200 rubles. This allows you to purchase high-quality nail coating for everyone.

It is worth noting that many manicure masters also not only respond positively to these products, but also actively use it in their work. Therefore, we can safely say that the Maybelline New York "Colorama" nail polishes are today one of the best.

Review and swatch about the Maybelline "Colorama" nail polish.

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