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Nail Art Gel Polish

Volumetric drawings on nails with gel polish are a new trend in the spring-summer 2017 season. This is a very popular material, which is considered an excellent substitute for ordinary varnish. Manicure masters love to use it in salons due to its properties and ease of application. The varnish gives the nails a glossy shine, it looks beautiful and unusual. In addition, it lasts a long time, protects the nail plate, does not lose its gloss over time, provided that it is correctly applied.

New items

Today, the beauty industry offers a huge amount of tools and tools for creating nail art. The desire to have a beautiful and neat manicure is often contrary to common sense, because a regular visit to the master is a cost. The paradox is that any drawing can be done independently, using numerous manicure tools. The right tools and patience are a guarantee of success.

Today gel varnishes occupy a solid position in the world of nail design. Almost all masters today provide nail coating services with such material. Without a doubt, gel polishes are one of the best achievements of the nail industry in recent years. This hybrid gel and varnish is very popular among both masters and customers. The main advantages of the technology: convenience and simplicity of the process of applying to the nail; high speed of polymerization in a lamp; color fastness; intense gloss of the coating is maintained until the removal procedure; safety of use for the nail plate, hypoallergenic materials.

Gel polish is a tool that lasts on natural nails for two weeks.

Specially developed, easily soluble plastic gel is applied as a regular varnish, but dried under a UV lamp.. It is perfect for girls and women who love beautiful and bright nails, but do not want to repaint them several times a week. The gloss of gel polish is incomparable with the gloss of a conventional coating, because in the first case it is deeper.

It is difficult to remove or scratch the coating due to its special structure. Such a coating gives elasticity to brittle nails and strength to thin nails, which helps to avoid breakage of natural nails. The gel is removed using a special liquid and foil. The average wearing time is two weeks.

The novelties of manicure-2017 with its use are not limited to the imagination of the master: it can be flowers, butterflies, zigzags, spirals, geometric shapes. It is only important to correctly combine colors that will harmonize not only with each other, but also with the image. Classics of the genre - black and white drawings on the nails that will fit any look and any occasion.

Naturalness in the new season is the main trend. Gentle peach, creamy, pink, mint, heavenly and sandy shades of gel varnishes lead in the palette of new products. In this style, it is customary to use a monophonic coating. An interesting choice for manicure is the "Cat's Eye" coating. Its bright and iridescent structure resembles feathers.

It is enough to cover the nails with orange, emerald green, lemon, blue, orange or coral varnish to embody the fashion trends of the season. Dark and berry tones are also in trend. Bichromic technique can add colors with a white or nude coating. This will give contrast, create exquisite combinations. Interest in metallic coatings is growing. In the cold period they are recommended to be combined with dull matte shades, and diluted with pastel colors in summer and spring.

Metallic shine visually lengthens and narrows the nail plate.

Of the new products for a similar effect in manicure, there is a designer foil. It is sold in gold and silver. Original shapes and stripes are often used in decorating nails and look fantastic.

New products include color foil. The pieces resemble a broken stained glass window, walled up in gel polish. Among the fashion trends are dairy, holographic, steel and pastel "fragments". Glitter is able to give shine to manicure. The powder does an excellent job with the “sparkling” task. Decorative elements will easily add playfulness, festivity, charm to boring images.

Simple manicure

Many women know about the variety of texture varnishes, their huge color scheme and other features. Those who are interested in nail design know when new textures and beautiful shades appear. To date, two main types of varnishes are used to create nail art: a traditional coating for manicure and a novelty - gel polish. In two categories, it is customary to distinguish a separate line of tools - varnishes for drawing. Their difference from traditional forms is the presence of a thin brush that allows you to display neat lines without the use of improvised tools.

Most often, beautiful and contrasting patterns on nails with ordinary varnish are created using two or three shades of the selected product, as well as needles or toothpicks. There are two techniques for performing a manicure: liquid and dry. The essence of the first option is the execution of drawings on an as-yet-dried base coat. If you want to make such a simple manicure, follow the technique of its creation:

  • Apply a coat of varnish of the chosen shade.
  • Without waiting for the base to dry completely, drip a different color of varnish onto the surface of the nail.
  • Using a needle, make drawings by stretching drops of varnish in the desired direction.

In the case of gel polish, the patterns are already done on a dried base.

A good gel polish does not peel and does not peel off after the first washing up, as is the case with ordinary varnishes and is harmless to nails unlike a regular gel. The gel polish coating is easily removed using a special solvent, which cannot be said about the traditional gel extension, in which the artificial material can only be sawed off. At home, women can independently create watercolor paintings, geometric shapes, draw a butterfly, heart, stripes, abstraction, as well as use decor, which should be purchased in advance.


At home, you can create simple patterns on the nails using gel polish. It can be flowers (roses, tulips, poppies, orchids), butterflies, geometric patterns. It’s best to start with simple patterns and only then move on to creating complex ones. A neatly executed drawing always delights others. Experiments are welcome this season. If you master the general technique of performing drawings, then creating a complex design will not be difficult.

Read more about one of the most popular manicures of 2017 in the next video.

This technique (drawings on the nails) is called nail art.

Beginners for painting are recommended to use the following tools: special brushes to create patterns on the plates of nails; dots (a tool for creating drawings), needles of different thicknesses; toothpicks, lint-free wipes. When creating nail art, proceed in stages:

  • First coat the nail plates with a colorless protective varnish. This will prevent their damage, protect from scratches when creating drawings with sharp objects.
  • Apply base - varnish, which was chosen as the basis for the pattern, wait until it dries.
  • Start creating your designs.
  • Let the drawings dry.
  • Fix the result with a fixative.

To create an interesting pattern on the nails with a brush, you will need experience in drawing. Remember that the applied lines should be smooth, without tears, the desired thickness, otherwise the manicure will turn into sloppy blots on the nails. When creating a manicure, try to do it in stages.

  • Prepare your nails, align the ends, get rid of the cuticle, polish the surface.
  • Apply a coating.
  • When the transparent layer dries, paint the nails with a base varnish.
  • Take a brush, start drawing patterns from the tip of the nail.
  • When the pattern dries, apply a fixative varnish.

You can create a simple gel polish pattern, guided by the following plan:

  • Apply base gel to the nail plate, dry in a lamp.
  • Cover gel polish with a shade that will become the basis of manicure.
  • Dry the layer for two minutes in a UV lamp.
  • Using dots, apply dots using the other two colors of gel polish. Apply them in random order. It is best to put dots close to each other, then the manicure will turn out interesting and beautiful.
  • When the pattern is ready, send your nails to the UV lamp. At the end, apply a topcoat, which will give the manicure a glossy shine and extra strength.

Follow these steps when creating a simple figure-eight pattern:

  • Apply the base on the nail plate and dry in a UV lamp.
  • Apply the first coat of gel polish, dry in a lamp for two minutes.
  • Next comes the second layer of the same color. Do not dry it. Apply small dots at once with dots and gel polish of a different shade. Take the needle and in the form of "8" perform quick movements. This can be done both horizontally and vertically.
  • Dry in a lamp, and then apply a special coating.

Complex patterns include flowers, monograms, animal faces and other art.

  • Flowers If you want to get such a design, you need to prepare a gel polish in two colors: white and black. First apply the base gel and dry, then cover with black and send to dry. Color gel polish should be dried for three minutes.
  • Monograms. This design can be created using white gel polish and a thin brush. After applying the base, you need to draw a little white gel polish on the brush and draw a round monogram. Their direction and quantity depends only on imagination. At first glance, such a design may seem simple, but its implementation will require experience and patience. To obtain an original and unique design, it is necessary to make monograms in different colors on each nail. For a festive design, add sparkles, rhinestones.
  • Snake skin. The drawing is suitable for those who want to get an original and unusual manicure. After the nail plate is prepared, apply a green gel polish on it. Dry in a lamp for two minutes, cover with pearl varnish of marsh color. Do not send into the lamp, but take a brush and in a chaotic manner apply drops with a colorless varnish. Wait for a while until the pattern appears. Cover everything with a finish and dry it.
  • Rosettes. To create roses, you need to prepare dots, four gel polishes (blue, pink, white and green) and a thin brush. First, apply a base coat on the nails and dry in a lamp. Next, cover the nails with white gel polish and send to dry again. When the base color layer dries, you can draw roses.

Subtleties for beginners

Subject to the correct application technology, gel polish stays on the nails for up to 20 days. During this time, the coating does not lose its gloss, does not crack and does not crack, and also does not require additional correction. The nails look natural and are protected. Unfortunately, some gel polishes instead of two to three weeks of socks begin to crack or peel off a few days after the manicure. The reason for this may be improper application, poor quality of the product and further care. For beginners, before using gel polish, it is better to carefully study its properties and familiarize yourself with the recommendations.

  • Stage 1 The formation of the free edge of the nail. The free edge of the nail plate should be perfectly even and absolutely clean (non-fat). In case of separation of the nail plate, carefully trim it with a file for natural nails. If necessary, you can do a manicure. If you used oils or creams during the manicure, thoroughly clean the nails and dry them for 10 minutes. It is important at the first stage to remove the cuticle.
  • Stage 2. Removing the upper keratin layer of the nail plate. If this is not done, the gel polish will break off. It is not recommended to touch the treated nails. For the final removal of moisture and sawdust, use a special product with a fat-free formula. It provides strong adhesion of the gel polish to the nail plate.
  • Stage 3. Drawing base. If the nail plate after removing the extended nails is very soft and weak, the gel polish may begin to crack off in the first days after the application procedure. Therefore, before starting a manicure on a weakened plate, apply a primer. It will provide tight adhesion of the base gel with a natural nail.

Application of the base gel is one of the main components of the technology of working with gel varnishes. The base gel serves as the basis for the product. He is responsible for creating the connection between natural keratin of natural nails and artificial gel material. In this case, the base gel protects the nail from the penetration of coloring pigments of gel polish. In the technology of applying gel varnishes, it is important to ensure that the materials are applied to the nail plate with a very thin layer.

On the brush, draw a small amount of the base gel and rub the nail with rubbing movements, starting from the free edge.

After, go through the entire nail plate with smooth movements from top to bottom. Make sure that the gel does not get on the skin, cuticle and side parts. Next, place the nail in the UV lamp for one minute to polymerize the base gel. After the base dries with a dry brush, smooth the layer. This is necessary so that the colored gel polish evenly lays down, and does not collect and does not spread. Do not forget to cover the end of the nail, pay attention to the uniformity and smoothness of the coating.

  • Stage 4. Finishing gel coating. The finish gel is applied with a slightly thicker layer than the colored one. Finishing gel should be well dried for two minutes. Insufficient polymerization will lead to the fact that when removing the sticky layer will lose its luster.

If you use color gel polish, keep in mind that all layers must be applied very thinly. If you do not follow the application technology, then waves and notches can occur on the free edge and air bubbles may appear on the entire surface of the nail. Using bright, pastel colors, apply two coats of gel polish. Each layer must be passed through a UV lamp for two minutes. When working with dark colors, the first layer may be unevenly stained, but you do not need to apply a large amount of gel polish. This problem will be fixed by the second layer. When working with dark tones, it is better to make three thin, but even layers.

When creating a painting with acrylic or gel varnish, you can use the Chinese technique.

When working with it, it is important to visually visualize the process of creating a drawing - petal by petal. To obtain a beautiful result, the nail is covered in one layer, using a special tool, which is pre-applied with paint in several layers and different colors. To perform this technique you will need:

  • Acrylic paints. The basis of such paints should be water and silicone. Using acrylic it will be easy to draw beautiful drawings. Paints are viscous and thick, evenly and easily fit on the nail.
  • Brush. It is best to have several and different sizes. There are different types of brushes - brushes, liners, fan brushes, flat and beveled. They are used to apply a variety of lines and patterns.
  • Sticks or skewers for drawing small circles and dots.
  • Jar of water.

It is best to purchase artificial false nails and practice on them, and with a good hand, start painting on your nails. Prepare all the necessary materials, you can try to draw the first drawings from the pictures. You will need three colors of acrylic paints: white, black and red, as well as a wide brush. Dip the brush in red, and then in white paint, and with a small amount of water, blend them to get pink highlights.

Make a smear in the form of a rounded drop, do a second smear nearby, but higher. Make two more brush strokes of a similar shape, but slightly larger in size, do perpendicular to the previous two. To complete the shape of the flower, add a couple more petals in empty places, choosing the right size for them. Using a thin brush and black acrylic paint, circle the petals around the edge, adding small strokes.

If you want to learn how to properly apply gel polish, it is important in theory to study all the nuances and not be afraid to use them in practice.

The advantages of this coating are durability, protection of the nail plate, ease of application. The disadvantages of the procedure are the high cost of consumables, improper removal of the coating at home, traumatic natural nails, the need for skills, the duration of the gel polish removal procedure. It is quite realistic to learn how to do such a manicure step by step, having studied the easy lessons of applying simple drawings.

Watch the video: Five Simple Nail Art Designs for Beginners using Halo Gel Polish (April 2020).


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