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Knitted manicure with gel polish

Nowadays, professional manicure has ceased to be a luxury, and has become a mandatory attribute of a modern well-groomed woman. No matter what nails nature has gifted you with, you can trust the modern technology of modeling a nail plate and make yourself such a manicure as you want.

Due to the rich palette and durability of the coating, gel polish has gained immense popularity. With it, you can perform almost any design. Today we’ll talk about how to make one of the most popular three-dimensional patterns in the cold season - knitted manicure.

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What it is

Knitted is a three-dimensional pattern made on the nails in the form of a knit woolen sweater: rhombuses, braids, cones, etc.

It is most relevant in winter and late autumn. This pattern looks great on nails of any length and shape. For its implementation, it is recommended to use gel polish and auxiliary materials, for example, acrylic powder or "velvet sand", however, if you have the usual thick nail polish (for example, TF gloss and volume varnish, which has a dense texture and glossy finish) and patience , you can try to perform this design without professional equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you are a lover of a variety of designer things and you like to decorate your nails with unusual patterns, take a look at a knitted manicure. He looks very stylish and modern, especially coupled with appropriate clothing. "Knitting" can be done not on all fingers, but only on two, as a rule, choose the middle and nameless.

Although this pattern is voluminous, it does not cling to clothes, rarely splits off and does not make the nail plate heavier, which is evidence in its favor.

But with all its positive characteristics, this type of design also has drawbacks. Firstly, it is quite difficult to do it on your own, since it is a rather delicate and painstaking work. Secondly, such a pattern will not look with an evening dress or a strict business suit, only with casual clothes, so if you have any event with a dress code, it is better to choose a different design. And thirdly, this is a seasonal type of print; in summer and spring it is irrelevant.

Fashion trends

Fashion dictates its own rules and in order to be “on style”, it is advisable to follow its trends. This also applies to the nail industry. There are certain recommendations for the implementation of a particular design, although, of course, no one can stop you from experimenting. Here's the best way to do knit manicure:

  • Use gentle pastel shades, against a dark background, the pattern is lost;
  • If you are not attracted to monophonic nails, perform “knitting” in a different color - get a "sweater" in the Scandinavian style;
  • It is not necessary to apply the same pattern to all nails. - you can decorate them with different knitted ornaments;
  • It is also not forbidden to paint nails with gel polishes of different shades, the main requirement is their harmonious combination with each other;
  • Knitted manicure looks very beautiful on a dull surface.

Necessary materials and tools

To complete this wonderful design with gel polish you will need:

  1. Base coverage;
  2. The primer is acid free;
  3. Finish gel;
  4. Remover fluid dispersion layer;
  5. Lint-free napkins;
  6. Nail files, bagaf, manicure machine;
  7. UV lamp;
  8. Thin brushes to perform Drawings
  9. Colored gel polishes;
  10. Gel paint;
  11. Optional acrylic powder or "velvet sand".

Step-by-step instruction

So, you stocked up with all the above materials, now you can proceed to decorate the nails:

  1. To start, we perform manicure: remove the cuticle, give a beautiful shape to the free edge of the nail, align the length;
  2. We clean and degrease the surface nail plate;
  3. Dripping on each nail a couple of drops of primer;
  4. We cover the nails with a base, dry in a lamp;
  5. Next, select the appropriate gel polish and apply it in 2-3 layers, each of which is necessarily dried in the ultraviolet;
  6. Remove sticky layer;
  7. We select a pattern. It can be a simple “pigtail”, quilted “sweater” or “Christmas tree”. In general, take a look at the prints on winter clothes and choose what you like;
  8. Scoop a drop of varnish with a thin brush and apply the picture on the nail. Gel paint lays more densely, but gel polish is also not bad. Just do not forget to dry each element of the "knitting" in the lamp. So you can avoid the spreading of material;
  9. The pattern is applied in several layers, usually three will be enough;
  10. Cover your nails with a finish remove the dispersion layer.

If you want a matte effect, use acrylic powder or velvet sand. How to work with it: after applying the last layer of gel polish on the drawing, sprinkle it with powder and send it to the lamp for 2 minutes for drying. Shake off excess powder with a soft brush. You don’t have to do anything else.

How to make knitted manicure with gel polish, see the next video.

Professional Tips

In order for the “sweater” to be neat and beautiful, listen to the following recommendations:

  • If you are a beginner master or a self-taught amateur, do not touch complex patterns right away. The classic "knitted manicure" is a pigtail. It is easy to execute, so start with it;
  • Practice doing this design on tip, and then go on to real marigolds;
  • Take the basis of curly knit woolen sweaters. Pay attention to the nuances of the pattern, its severity and volume. Try to repeat this with a brush and gel polish;
  • To prevent the spreading of the picture, thoroughly dry the nails, remove the dispersion layer;
  • The thinner your paintbrush is, the pattern is clearer and more expressive;
  • "Knitting" is applied to the nails in at least 3 layers. Only then can you get the required volume. Also, the number of layers depends on the consistency of the material with which the drawing is performed;
  • This type of design will decorate the nails of any length, but it is important that they are natural. Thick extended nail plates will look very bulky with this voluminous print;
  • If you want to make your nails matte, use a matte finish gel;
  • A surface coated with acrylic powder or velvet sand does not need to be finished. Small particles and without it will harden on the dry surface of the picture after polymerization in a UV lamp;
  • A variety of decorative additions will help to create an original design. in the form of a rhinestone, broth, sequin.


Knitted manicure is often used as a New Year decoration of nails. He is loved by women for his "cozy" appearance, the ability to diversify the everyday look with the help of an interesting and unobtrusive design. You can learn to do it yourself, even without professional equipment and materials. Moreover, such a pattern has not lost its relevance for several years, therefore, having completed it, you will always be in trend.

It should be noted that gel polish firmly won women's hearts. This is due to the durability of its coating and a rich color palette, as well as the ability to experiment with various types of nail designs. Every season something new appears, and something, on the contrary, loses relevance. However, there are unshakable classic types of manicure that go from season to season and the demand for them does not fall. One of these designer finds, of course, is French manicure.

The “knitted” winter version of nail decoration also has every chance to stay in the trend for a long time and become a classic.

Watch the video: Knitted sweater nail design tutorial. Easy gel polish nailart (December 2019).


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