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Velvet sand on gel polish

There are many techniques to help make an unusual manicure both in the salon and at home. Among them, each girl can find something for herself. One of the interesting new products, which is popular among girls and women of different ages - "velvet" nails. An interesting coating makes nails of even the usual color special. If you are interested in how velvet sand is fixed on gel polish and how to decorate the resulting manicure, check out this article.

You will learn more about velvet sand for gel polish from the next video.

What it is

First you need to figure out what velvet manicure is. To create it, a special sand cover is used. This is an acrylic composition, crushed to the state of small grains of sand. This coarse powder fits well on the nail plate.

This basic powder can also be supplemented with viscose.

This component gives the sand grains a flickering effect. So the received manicure looks bright and is suitable for a solemn event. But shiny particles do not completely recreate a beautiful velvet surface.

Another important advantage of velvet manicure is that it is quite voluminous and textured. In addition, this coating lasts more than one week. So, you will forget about the need to constantly repaint your nails and adjust your manicure.

Subtleties of application

In general, applying granulated sugar to the surface of the nails is not so difficult. If you know how to do manicure, then you will no longer have problems with this. You do not even need any additional tools. However, an ultraviolet lamp will help you facilitate the process of creating this exquisite manicure. With it, your nails will dry faster.

Also, if you do a manicure at home and purchased components are not enough for you, then you can try replacing them with plain acrylic powder.

But make sure that it is coarse and very high quality. However, before doing a manicure using such a substitute, test it. Apply it to a small area of ​​the nail plate and secure with the top.

Sand can also be used to create an interesting design by decorating nails with subtle patterns. It will lie very well on the gel polish and not spread on the surface of the painted nails. If you make some mistake and ruin something, then a small problem can be quickly corrected with a special cleaning fluid.

To make a texture sand manicure, you can either apply it on top of already painted nails, or prepare a special mixture. To create it, you need to mix gel polish with sand. Ideally, you need to choose a gel of pastel or other light shade. So the finished manicure will be as close as possible to what you see in the pictures.

To fix such a mixture on the surface of the nails, you will need to dry them well under the rays of an ultraviolet lamp.

Hold the nails in the lamp for as long as necessary to fix the coating. After that, do not touch your nails for another half hour. So you will be sure that the surface will not be damaged.

Let's look at another way to create a beautiful manicure using velvet sand. The technology is simple, the main thing is to do everything in stages.

First of all, nails need to be prepared. Here the process is practically no different from preparing nails for a simple gel manicure. They need to be carefully filed, having adjusted the form, and then degreased. Next, a base layer should be applied to the surface of the nail plate. After it follows the main shade. Ideally, it should match the color of velvet sand or differ from it by just a few shades.

When you applied the main layer of gel polish, it does not need to be dried.

Immediately spread a thin layer on the surface of the colored sand. After you cover the entire nail or create the desired pattern, wait until they dry. At room temperature, it all dries for twenty minutes. During this time, you do not need to do anything, just relax and wait. You can fix the result by covering your nails with a special finish.

If in the process you did something wrong, then you can correct visible flaws with a special brush. Clean with it the surface of the fingers beyond the edge of the nail plate. If you have a bit of free time, then you can very well accelerate the process of drying your nails using a UV lamp. In this case, you will need less than five minutes.

Patterning Technique

Separately, it is worth considering the process of applying patterns with a velvet effect. This is also being done in stages, but the technology is slightly different.

The first stage is the preparation of your nails. They need to be given a suitable shape, covered with a base and a basic layer of varnish. Next, you need to put the finish and dry your nails. And only after that you can proceed to the creation of patterns.

The contour of the pattern must be drawn with a simple gel polish. It is recommended to lay out the paint of the desired color with a convex edging. So you get a beautiful volumetric effect of your picture. After you have drawn the outline of the future pattern, you need to cover it with sand. Make it easy. Just sprinkle a thin layer of sand on the entire nail plate - it will fix itself only where necessary. Make sure that the sand layer is the same thickness everywhere.

After the entire future pattern is covered with sand, the nails need to be dried in a lamp.

After that, the remains of sand that are on the nails must be carefully removed with a brush. You need to move in the direction from the cuticle to the edge of the nail. So you do not damage the manicure, but only bring it to perfection.

If you plan to fix the pattern on the nails, then you will need a simple top, which is used to create a manicure with gel polish. You can fix the top layer on the nails with a semi-dry brush. Apply it with light touches to the nail plate, as if driving into the surface. He will hold together the grains of sand.

Regardless of whether you covered the nails with "sand" completely or just created velvet patterns on their surface, after completing the procedures and completely drying the nails, wash your hands with warm water and moisturize them with cream.

Original design

Using high-quality colored "sand" for manicure, you can create several options for an interesting design. Let's look at the most popular of them.


The easiest option is simple plain nails covered with velvet sand. For this purpose, you can use "liquid sand" in different shades. If you want to cheer yourself up and create a bright bow, then you can combine several different tones with each other. For example, turquoise glossy tones complement the inserts of a catchy and rich color called "orange muffin".


You probably saw the original version of manicure, in which the coating resembles the "braids" of a warm knitted sweater. Such patterns are relevant not only in winter. They look unusual, but at the same time very attractive.

A similar approach is needed when combining the technique of "liquid stones" with the process of using sand.

As a result of this combination, the nail looks like a tiny pillow for decoration.


A time-tested option is nails with floral patterns. They are suitable for almost all girls and women. The "velvet" flowers on the nails look charming and gentle. You can depict irises, roses, peonies and any other flowers that attract you on the surface of the nail plate.


You can not ignore the trendy "moon" manicure. When you perform it, you can use sand to highlight either the base of the nail or the hole. And in fact, and in another case, the nails look very beautiful and unusual. You can also go a different way and select the free edge of the nail with a different texture. So you get an unusual version of the French manicure.


Decorating nails with velvet sand is a popular version of manicure that many girls and women love. It is chosen for its original appearance and ease of creation. You can make such beautiful nails even at home. It is not necessary to have extensive experience in this matter. It is enough just to carefully read this instruction and follow it, performing everything very carefully.

To create such beauty you do not need a lot of time and additional materials.

It is possible to do without even an ultraviolet lamp. So that you will definitely cope with the creation process. It is removed in the same way as regular gel polish, using cotton pads, a special liquid and foil. It is important not to forget after removing moisturize the skin with cream so that the epidermis around the nails does not dry out.

Another important feature is that such a manicure lasts long enough. Although at first glance it seems to be very short-lived, in practice the nails will “hold” as much as a simple gel manicure. At the same time, they can be completely wetted, so housework will not especially spoil the beauty on your nails. If necessary, it can be quite easily adjusted.

Well, the last advantage that pleases everyone is that such nails are suitable for everyone, regardless of age.

They look fashionable and stylish. You yourself can "stylize" a manicure by tailoring it to the event or image you need. So, for example, many brides, making a wedding manicure, give the ring finger a different texture. For everyday looks, you can choose a neutral manicure that will suit all that you wear during the week, both for work and meetings with friends.

Velvet sand is one of many ways to make a manicure unusual, but at the same time trendy. Choose your favorite colors and decor options, experiment with combinations of shades and textures, and you will not be dissatisfied with the result, and your manicure - unnoticed.

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