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Maybelline Hydra Extreme Lipstick

In the market of decorative cosmetics, lipstick occupies a separate segment. Ideally, it should have a large palette of shades, be persistent and care for the skin of the lips. Does lipstick cope with these functions? "Maybelline Hydra Extreme"try to figure it out.

Features and Benefits

This type of cosmetic product has several advantages.

So, for example, lipstick "Hydra Extreme" It has a fairly soft texture, easy to apply and does not leak.

This product has all quality certificates in accordance with both European and Russian standards.

This type of makeup has a huge range of shades. Each girl and woman will be able to choose the right tone.

Lipstick perfectly cares for the dermis of the lips, allows you to preserve its youth and avoid premature aging.

The manufacturer of this product promises durability of more than 8 hours, while the lipstick will not slide on your lips.

A pleasant fragrance quickly disappears and will not mix with your perfume.


Specially formulated lipstick formula "Maybelline Hydra Extreme" contains collagen. It helps to hydrate the skin as much as possible even in the deepest layers. Collagen works as follows: the water that enters the skin of the lips binds with the help of this substance and remains in the cells of the epidermis for a long time. Collagen can absorb up to 30 times its own weight.

In addition, the product also includes allantoin, which helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and cracks in the skin of the lips. It also has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. This will not allow the infection to penetrate the micro-wounds on the skin, thereby protecting against various diseases, such as herpes. In addition, this substance in the composition of lipstick gently exfoliates dead cells, thereby enhancing the regenerative properties of the dermis.

Also included in this product is UF Filter SPF 15which protects your sponges from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.


But besides the moisturizing lipstick "Hydra Extreme", in the product line manufactured under the Maybelline brand, there are other types.

  • "Color Sensational" - one of the most successful series of this brand. She gently cares for the skin of the lips, while creating a volume and deep shade that attract attention. The soft texture helps to make application easy and the result perfectly smooth. Using this lipstick, you can control the color saturation. When applied in a single layer, you will get a delicate shade on the lips, and after repeating it, give them a deep tone.
  • "Watershine Renovation" - another famous series from Maybelline. Several shades are presented here, but the most popular of them is peach. Great for summer. The composition of the product includes wax, oils, antioxidants, which help to care for lip dermis.

In addition to lipsticks, in the collection of products from Maybelline shines and balms are also available. With the help of such funds, you can gloss your lips. They are quite popular in the summer.

Color palette

Lipstick "Maybelline Hydra Extreme" It features a huge palette of colors. Here you can find tones with nacre, without it.

In total, the palette has 24 shades. Both saturated colors and pastel shades are presented. You can choose a classic red color, a shade of coral, purple, plum and purple tones. In addition, the palette has a huge variety of pink shades, as well as brown tones. A series of skin tones is very popular. "Harmony of beige". They will help emphasize the natural shade of your lips, while providing deep hydration and care for the dermis.

Having made swatch on your hand with the help of probes, you can easily find exactly the shade you are looking for.

How to pick up

Such a huge variety of shades is not only a plus of lipstick "Hydra Extreme", but also puts shoppers in front of a difficult choice.

Of course, first of all, the tone of the lip care should be perfect for you. With the help of lipstick, you can both add sexuality to the image and spoil the entire makeup. The second occurs when the tone of makeup is not suitable for the color of your skin type, lip shape or image in general.

Choosing lipstick "Hydra Extreme", you should first of all take into account the shape of your lips. If they are thin and elongated, then do not get dark and bright colors. Here, natural skin tones are more suitable. Owners of a chubby mouth, on the contrary, should give their preference to bright and deep shades. Bright red color, coral, plum, dark brown, strawberry, dark raspberry, cherry tones will look perfect here.

The second selection criterion is the color of your skin. So, for fair-skinned ladies, more natural shades are suitable, girls with a tan should use muted tones, as well as dark shades.

You should also pay attention to what makeup you choose lipstick. For daytime make-up, more neutral, discreet tones are suitable, and for evening make-up you can choose brighter ones. It is also worthwhile to determine in advance on which part of the face you will focus. If you use bright shadows and highlight eyes, then for lips it is worth choosing pastel shades.

If on the contrary, you apply only mascara and a little shade, then accentuate your lips with saturated shades of lipstick "Hydra Extreme".

How to apply

There are several rules for applying lipstick so that it lasts longer on the lips and remains in perfect condition all this time. They apply to "Hydra Extreme" from Maybelline.

First, clean the contour of the lips with a tonic.

It is best to apply a layer of lipstick on top of the foundation, which is ideal as a foundation. This application will increase the resistance of makeup.

Then you need to create a contour with a pencil. Of course, you can not do this, but it will help to adjust the shape of the lips if necessary and prevent makeup from spreading around the edges. Remember that a pencil darker than the color of lipstick will visually reduce your lips, and a light outline, on the contrary, will make your mouth more puffy.

First, the contour is applied to the upper lip. You need to start with a bend, then from the outer corners of the mouth with short strokes connects to the top. On the lower lip, it is also necessary to highlight the middle and stroke the entire lip with strokes from the extreme corners.

Next, lipstick is applied. This can be done using the tube itself, with a brush, or even with your fingers. Using a brush, you can mix several tones of lipstick, thus obtaining your own unique color. But when applying the product with a tube, it will give you a more saturated shade.

In no case should you rub your upper lip against your lower. Such an action can ruin the circuit. You just need to wait until the lipstick is absorbed into the skin, then gently pat it dry with a dry cloth.

Before going to bed, it is necessary to remove the rest of the lipstick from the lips to give the skin a rest. This should be done using micellar water or special means for washing. Soap is better not to use. It can dry the dermis of the lips, thereby causing them to crack and peel.


Buyers have long loved products Maybelline. When new items appear "Hydra Extreme" she also caused increased demand. Among the pluses, a pleasant texture, ease of application, pleasant sensations on the lips, a huge selection of shades were noted. The price of this product was also a huge plus. It is only 200 rubles.

But not everyone liked this product. Some say their skin feels dry. This mainly applies to samples with a pearly sheen. Lipstick does not stick on the lips declared by the manufacturer for 8 hours. In addition, the outline is blurry. The last drawback can be easily fixed by circling the lips with a pencil.

Lipstick Maybelline "Hydra Extreme" when applied correctly, it will help you create the perfect make-up for a long time and provide reliable lip skin care. A variety of shades will help you create a unique image.

Lipstick Review Maybelline "Hydra Extreme" watch in the video.

Watch the video: MAYBELLINE Hydra Extreme Lipsticks. РЕВЬЮ + Свотчи на Губах (April 2020).


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