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Gel Polish Nail Passion

Modern manicure is a real work of art. Today it is not just well-groomed and painted nails, it is a way to effectively stand out from the crowd, show your personality and demonstrate the beauty of your hands. One of the most popular nail products among experienced craftsmen is Nail Passion Gel Polish.

Features and Benefits

Nail Passion Gel Polish is a state-of-the-art three-phase gel-based varnish. This is a plastic composition that is applied as a regular varnish, but needs to be dried under a special lamp. This is the main feature of the coating.

The manufacturer offers a line of coatings that dry in LED and UV lamp. These devices optimally quickly dry each applied layer.

LED lamp reduces the total duration of manicure. This is a powerful but compact device, the polymerization time of each layer in it is seconds. It is used by professional masters who work in beauty salons. However, to dry the top of the brand you need a UV lamp.

An ultraviolet lamp is a more acceptable option for home use. She is not capricious and dries absolutely any type of gel polish. When buying this device, you need to choose a model with a power of 36 watts: this is the optimal value so as not to spoil the manicure and not dry out the skin of the hands.

The gel varnish of the brand has a dense uniform texture, good pigmentation and a brush that is convenient for applying. The consistency of the product is quite thick, the varnish does not flow during application and during polymerization in the lamp. For an even and uniform tone, one or two thin layers are enough. It does not run over the cuticle and the side rollers of the nail. The volume of a bottle of 10 ml is enough that you can enjoy the product before you get used to it.

The company’s gel polishes are convenient to use, which allows them to be used not only in the salon. With their help, you can make a perfect manicure yourself at home. In this case, it is not necessary to file away natural nails.

The procedure for applying gel varnishes is quite simple, and the result, subject to all the nuances of the technology, is obtained in the salon.

This allows you to significantly save the budget, giving your nails a beautiful look and unique design.

The products of a dynamically developing trademark are distinguished by an affordable price and are a budget alternative to expensive branded nail cosmetics. It is made from high quality German raw materials in Russia.

Most of the shades of the color palette are pigmented. In it you can pick up any tones according to your preferences. Shades do not fade, do not change the color saturation for the entire time while they are on the nails. In addition, they delight the owner of a pleasant glossy shine.

These are durable coatings with high durability. The official manufacturer offers products that stay on the nails for two to three weeks without the need for adjustment. Moreover, each coating is resistant to chips, scratches and mechanical damage. However, after two weeks, it is better to remove the varnish, allowing the nail plates to restore their natural protective layer.

How to make a professional manicure yourself

To make a perfect manicure in the salon, you need to purchase the following components:

  1. grinder;
  2. buff;
  3. dehydrator;
  4. a primer;
  5. base coverage;
  6. pigmented gel polish;
  7. fixer (top);
  8. residual stickiness remover;
  9. lint-free wipes;
  10. orange stick
  11. ultraviolet lamp.

The durability of coatings depends on compliance with the rules for its application. The technology itself is not complicated, you can cope with it even the first time, knowing the rules and stages of execution:

  • Preparation of the nail plate. This step involves performing a light manicure without soaking, removing the cuticle and trimming the end of the nail. To make the manicure perfect, initially the shape of all nails should be the same.
  • Grinding. After the manicure, you need to remove the cream or oil that was used in the work, and then gently polish the surface of the nail with light movements. It is only necessary to remove the gloss. With increased pressure on the file, you can severely damage the structure of the nail, which will lead to its thinning.
  • After grinding, it is necessary to degrease the surface of the nail plate using a dehydrator. In this case, residual sawdust and cream (oil) are removed, if it was used first. The use of a dehydrator will enhance the adhesion of the surface of the nail to the coating. If the nails are soft and thin, you can treat them with a primer.
  • Base coverage. The base is necessary for better adhesion of the nail to the pigment. You need to apply it with a thin layer: the thick one will not last long, which will lead to peeling of the colored gel polish. After applying the base, it must be dried in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes (each hand) or in LED for at least 30 seconds.
  • Pigmented gel polish. Color gel polish is applied in one or two layers until uniform coloring without stripes is obtained. It is important to avoid getting varnish on the skin. If this could not be avoided, remove the varnish from the skin before drying in a UV lamp. Removing gel gel polish after polymerization may impair the integrity of the coating, which will lead to its rapid peeling. We must try to ensure that at every stage the work is neat and impeccable.
  • Finish layer. Fixer is an important component. It is he who creates a protective barrier, thanks to which the pigment lasts a long time, does not lose the brightness of the color. The top gives the nails a nice glossy shine, and also reliably fixes the elements of nail design. Apply it in a denser layer, which dries in the lamp a little longer (3-4 minutes for each hand in UV and 1 minute in LED).

In addition to observing all the rules of the technology, you must use gel polish, the expiration date of which has not yet gone.

During this period of time, the components included in the composition do not change their properties, so the consistency of the product will be uniform, and working with gel polish will be easy.


The company offers a wide range of tools to perform flawless manicure. These are gel paints for casting, French with a dispersion layer, which are available in a volume of 5 ml. The base and top series includes branded base and topcoats with a volume of 10 ml.

The base of the brand is optimally thick, rubber. Camouflage series of extra bases for gel polishes has pleasant natural tones, medium viscosity. These are plastic coatings that smooth the surface of the nail plate well, strengthening natural nails. They are perfect for french manicure.

The consistency of a top of medium density, it is presented in two versions: with and without a sticky layer. The first option is designed to consolidate the design of nails, the second is used for plain manicure without drawings. The top can be glossy or matte, velvety.

The palette of pigmented gel polishes is very diverse.

For ease of selection, the company has developed special series that are constantly updated. In addition to combining the rulers, each gel polish has a sonorous name ("Sunbeam", "Golden Fleece", "Night Nymph", etc.).

These are different coatings - enamel, neon, shimmer, with micro-sparkles, with the effect of "Cat's Eye". The palette contains all kinds of shades from light and romantic to dark and luxurious, designed for special occasions.

  • To collection "Magic Transformation" includes 6 magnetic shimmer tones with the effect of "Cat's eye". The series "Deep Secrets" presents shades from blue to green with intermediate tones. These are enamel coatings without a shimmer. "Holographic show" is distinguished by a bright brilliance of tones with an overflow. These are 13 different colors with mother of pearl. Holidays in Miami - a collection of neon colors.
  • "Women's Charm" contains 11 gentle natural and natural tones. They are ideal for French. The Pleasure of Taste line features 16 powder tones from cream to bronze tan. "Mystery of the East" and "Waiting for a celebration" delight customers with bright colors. The shades of these collections are mostly dark, very saturated and have a large shimmer.
  • In series Classic Suite came in ripe and dense tones from coral to burgundy. "Royal Palaces" delight fans of the brand with dense pigment with a shimmer. The line is performed mainly in cold (blue, purple) shimmer paints, with the exception of three tones of red.


The trademark receives many reviews from experienced craftsmen and ordinary customers. Positive comments indicate a good density and pigmentation of the coatings, their even tone and high durability.

Negative reviews indicate inconvenience during application and difficult removal of gel polish.

Some shoppers say that coating is difficult to remove even after doubling the wrap time. In this case, you can try a special liquid for removing other companies. The brand develops coatings that can be used with nail products of other brands.

Learn more about Nail Passion gel polish from the next video.

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