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Shades of lipstick for fair-haired

Every girl and woman dreams of being irresistible. It's no secret that the final point in their image is precisely lipstick. It often happens that it exists, but lies without application. To avoid this, you only need to be able to choose the right one that will suit you perfectly.

The colors are quite varied.

There are 3 main groups of lipstick shades:

• cool (from lilac to pale red);

• warm (from carrot to peach);

• loyal (from brown to beige).

They differ in color: pale, intermediate and dark. The texture is shiny, rough or iridescent. The perception of your image will depend on all these components. In order to perfectly complete the image and involuntarily attract your eyes, you just need to be able to choose the lipstick that will suit you.

If it is chosen incorrectly, then it is possible to worsen the color of the face for the worse or add a few years to your age.

Which color is suitable

There are two shades of brown hair: light and dark. Light and delicate colors are suitable for any female. For owners of dark hair, brighter ones are ideal: cherry, terracotta, brown, red colors: cherry, hot pink, plum, scarlet. If you have plans for triumph, then red and brick will be appropriate.

To representatives fair skin pay attention to the cold tone base. Colors of pink shades, such as lilac pink, pale pink, salmon pink will be the perfect complement to makeup.

If you dark skin, then regardless of the saturation of the hair, you can safely choose one or several of the body: coral pink, golden beige, warm pink, bronze, ocher, carmine pink or caramel.

It should be remembered that light lipsticks visually enlarge lips, while dark ones reduce them.

If your goal is to visually increase the size, you should circle them with a contour pencil in color. Next, apply the lipstick with a brush, evenly blending it. For a greater effect, emphasis should be placed on the center of the lips, emphasizing their gloss, inflicting a larger amount on the lower part. Pearlescent lipsticks will also increase in size, but also highlight existing defects.

If you are the owner of puffy lips, then for evening occasions you should use glossy lipstick, and keep the matte lipstick for daily use.

It is important to consider the time of day and light. If you plan to stay in the afternoon in a place lit by natural light, then it will be preferable to use saturation, medium or completely neutral tones.

For dark and evening light, saturated and dark will be more suitable. If the light is cold, we recommend using a gentle and warm palette, forgetting about purple. But if the lighting is warm, do not give preference to beige and carrot tones, which can only make your image more vague.

You will see some visual advice from a professional makeup artist on how to make up your lips perfectly in this video.

How to choose eye color

In order for the image to look more harmonious, it is necessary to take into account not only the shade of brown hair, but also the color of your eyes.

Blue-eyed girls should not abuse extremely bright colors. In most cases, they will emphasize themselves and seem obscene. It is preferable to use calm shades: light brown, pastel pink, gold. If you are planning a celebration, then you can make the makeup more saturated thanks to the cherry or red tone.

If your eyes green, then use lipstick carrot, pink, red, wine or terracotta color. In everyday life, it is recommended to prefer light or apricot. But you should be careful not choosing too pale, otherwise the depth of eye color will be muffled and lost.

Gray-eyed but you need to try to use golden, pale brown, pinkish and wine lipsticks. Lighter and smoother shades will look perfect. All lipsticks that are slightly more saturated than the natural color will harmonize with your image. They will focus on your gaze. But it is permissible to dilute the festive makeup with more saturated colors, choosing any of the red ones.

To the owners blue gray It is advisable to use a more restrained palette in your everyday look: from light beige to pink-brown. For special occasions, you can emphasize your personality with a contour pencil.

Fair-haired owners brown body, soft pink, orange and juicy pink shades are great for eyes. If you are planning a festive event, then you can prefer ruby, coral or bright red lipsticks. Of great importance is the fact that rich and vibrant colors will look spectacular only on young women.

Dark-eyed and black-eyed girls with brown hair can safely apply beige, peach, orange and purple shades to their image. Bright colors will not spoil their image at all, but only emphasize the depth of the eyes.

Makeup examples

Properly selected foundation is the foundation of any makeup. Particular attention should be paid to his choice, as it will be fundamental to the overall image.

A win-win option for all fair-haired owners are matte lipsticks. Ideally matte eye shadow shades will suit them.

For the confident and courageous, they are extremely fit cheeky lipstick colors: blue, cobalt, ultramarine, green, olive or neon. If your experiments are in the initial stages, you can dilute these colors with gold glitter or mix them with red.

Do not forget about the eyebrows. They should not stand out from the general ensemble. Too dark and black are not ways to make your look more beautiful. You should prefer a natural color to match the hair or a little darker. But you can safely experiment with mascara. Allow yourself to try colors such as blue, gray, brown or green.

It is necessary to reasonably and critically approach the assessment of their appearance. Take note of a few simple rules that make your look perfect.

If you wish, you can use a lip liner, it must remain close to the tone of the lipstick or be a little deeper. It will be more correct to apply it before you take up the main tool. After application, it is not forbidden to use it to eliminate inaccuracies.

All bright shades from bright red to burgundy will look defiant if you plan to use them in everyday life. In such cases, preference should be given to calm and smoky colors.

In another case, the color palette of matte lipsticks for fair-haired girls exactly matches the glossy. It is only necessary to take into account the shade of the eyes and hair, then you can easily find the optimal solution for yourself. In addition, bright lipsticks matte texture can emphasize the existing asymmetry of the lips, in contrast to glossy.

Despite all the above requirements, you should be guided by your own style. Applying all this in a harmonious combination, it is possible to create your own original, beautiful and concise image that can emphasize all your advantages and hide flaws.

Choose a lipstick that will be perfect just for you. Do not forget that you are unique.

Watch the video: The Best Lipsticks for PALE SKIN. Jessica Clements (March 2020).


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