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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Lumene Eyebrow Pencil

Every woman strives for excellence, taking maximum efforts for this. And to look perfect, she is ready not only to follow fashion globally, but to pay attention to the little things and details that form the image as a whole. For example, eyebrows. If you have a Lumene eyebrow pencil, they will always be perfect, beautiful and natural. Perhaps this is the best pencil in the cosmetic line of products designed for eyebrows.

Features of choice

A few years ago there was a fashion for thin eyebrows. Women turned to professionals or at home turned their eyebrows into "strings." Today, the demands of fashion have changed: wide, pronounced bends on the face are considered beautiful. And if nature has not rewarded you with such, professional cosmetics come to the rescue. Using them, you can adjust the shape, color. But you always need to pay attention to many details: so that the eyebrows look natural, the coloring pigment does not "flow", does not crumble and does not stand out on the face.

For brunette girls, a means of pronounced dark shades is suitable: brown, black. It can also be a couple of tones lighter than the color of the hair.

Cosmetologists believe that the best choice for women is Lumene eyebrow pencil. The product line of this brand allows you to purchase a pencil for hair color, taking into account eye color. For example, for women with blond hair, a pencil is suitable if it is 2-3 tones darker than the color of the hair.

Reviews on the use of Lumene eyebrow pencil indicate: this decorative product should be selected in accordance with skin tone and eye color. If the skin is light, and the eyes are blue or gray, then the edging for the eyebrows should in no case be black, but light brown or light gray. If the hair is not dyed and has a natural natural color, then it is better to choose a tone in tone with a pencil.

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"Blueberry Eyebrow Pencil"

First of all, this makeup product is unique in that it contains natural blueberry extract. It is useful not only for eyebrows, but also for skin. Using it, a woman can be 100% sure of its effectiveness. "Blueberry Eyebrow Pencil" - a professional decorative cosmetic product. Its distinctive features are lead hardness, resistance after application.

Using such a pencil you can be sure of a high-quality make-up. It is applied very gently and comfortably, naturally looks on the face. Women who use this tool say that they are satisfied with absolutely everything: ease of use, and a convenient brush for blending, and color shades and, of course, price. Thanks to the presence of a brush on the cap of the pencil, it is easy to achieve the presence of haze on the eyebrows: thus there are no pronounced lines.

It is convenient for them to paint hairs both thin and saturated thick. The stability of the make-up while maintaining up to five hours.

"Arctic Definition"

This cosmetic product, like its other analogues, has a wooden case with a plastic cap equipped with a soft brush for blending and combing eyebrows. The peculiarity of the product is that the pencil incorporates natural minerals. The special formula of the composition allows you to take care of the skin and thin hairs, the application is absolutely harmless. The soft composition gently lays down and does not spread, lasts a long time - at least five hours.

"Nordic Chic" is also considered no less high-quality - with this pencil you can make the finishing touch in an ideal way. Soft and very persistent, it draws color well and creates a shape. You can buy these cosmetics in professional stores, where consultants are always happy to help you choose a shade for each customer, taking into account her individual characteristics.

For women with blond hair, a pencil is suitable if it is 2-3 tones darker than the color of the hair.

Watch the video: БИТВА БРЕНДОВ: БРОВИ, вып. 2. Lumene Nordic Chic Extreme Precision Eyebrow Pencil (January 2020).


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