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Oriflame Lipstick

Lipstick Oriflame has long been a guest of ladies' cosmetics. And all thanks to the quality and durability of products promoted brand. Every year, the range of shades is replenished with tones from the most ordinary to incredibly catchy, which allows choose lipstick for all occasions.


The main advantage of brand lipsticks Oriflame is an firmness and excellent adaptation to any type of skin on the lips. So, for example, flickering rulers have masking and moisturizing properties at the same time. Almost all types of decorative lipsticks add extra volume to the lips, and some do not require the use of a pencil for lip contour.

The brand also produces a youth series of lip cosmetics. This kind of product takes care of young skin and has a more saturated palette of colors.


The main ingredient is polybutene. This is a synthesized liquid of a sticky consistency, which creates a protective film on the lips.

The substance protects from the adverse effects of the environment and from drying out, prevents the spread of decorative cosmetics.

Polybutene passed dermatological tests and is absolutely safe for humans. In addition, personal hygiene products are also made from it.

In second place in the composition indicated octyldodectanol. This is a fully synthetic product, but has a low degree of danger. The substance is a class of fatty alcohols. It is used in cosmetology as a stabilizer and has conditioning properties. In the manufacture of lipsticks and lip glosses, a chemical product prevents the formation of air bubbles in their structure. In addition, it has good binding properties.

Paraffin synthetic origin is also completely harmless and approved for use during pregnancy and lactation, not allergenic. In decorative cosmetics plays the role of a thickener.

All Natural Ingredient - mika. The product is a type of natural mica. It is then painted in various shades to give the lipstick one color or another. The structure of cosmetics depends on the degree of grinding of the substance. Fine grinding contributes to satin shine, while coarser grinding creates an overflow effect (for example, mother of pearl effect). Mika fits tightly and gives makeup resistance.

Castor oil. Contains natural fatty acids.

It fights dryness and inflammation, smoothes rough skin and regenerates microdamages. Protects lips from premature aging.

Fluorophlogopite. Synthetic product. Belongs to the class of safe substances. It is used as a filler and viscosity regulator of decorative cosmetics.

Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate has a synthetic origin, has a low hazard class for humans. It is used as a filler to add shine.

Synthetic wax also harmless. It is used in decorative cosmetics as an antistatic agent, a thickener and a binder. In addition, wax creates a protective barrier against damage and has emollient properties.

Perfumery composition It is added to give a light aroma to cosmetics, and also hides possible synthetic odors of other lipstick ingredients. Some brands produce products without perfume at all, which favorably affects the use of allergy sufferers.

Shelf life

Each manufacturer, when releasing cosmetics, indicates its production time and the period by which it is suitable for use. For lipsticks, this period is about two years but no longer than three. True, no matter how long this period is, you need to properly store the product and monitor its condition.

So, for example, if you store lipstick in the sun, the chemical components begin to respond to high temperature. In this case, at least the structure of cosmetics and appearance will be violated. Paraffin can leak, and plant components simply go bad. Such a product can no longer be used due to the risk of toxic poisoning or allergies.

Let it be considered that any cosmetics "still alive" after the expiration date for six months, it is better to protect yourself and not risk it.

The main signs of unsuitability of lipstick:

  • Change in appearance and structure;
  • Loss or discoloration;
  • Unpleasant or rancid odor;
  • The appearance of drops and other discharge on the rod.


  • At the peak of popularity, the last two years - matte lipstick. Contrary to the opinion that this kind of cosmetics dries out the skin strongly, the brand included nutritious oils in its composition to nourish it throughout the day. The product is easy to apply and mask imperfections.
  • Lacquered texture will always be in fashion. Glossy gloss is perfectly combined with the nutritional properties of lip products. Lipstick is applied in a dense layer, but without weighting and stickiness.
  • 3-in-1 Lipstick It became famous for its comfortable application and non-spreading base. Pearlescent gloss can be purchased even for flaky and dry lips. The product contains nutritious natural ingredients.
  • Moussehe liquid matte lipstick It is applied evenly and does not roll. Before use, it is recommended to prepare the skin of the lips - it must be carefully scrubbed and moisturized (with cream or balm).
  • Long-lasting ultra-light lipstick Provides perfect makeup for 10 hours. The product lays down tightly and does not roll.
  • Multifunctional lipstick differs in durability and color saturation. The product gives the lips a discreet glossy gloss, is nourishing and protects the lips from moisture loss. When applied, a feeling of light souffle on the lips is created.
  • Lipstick cream It has a fairly large palette of semi-matte shades. The product is easy to apply, has high resistance and does not roll. When applied to the lips, the texture of the product becomes translucent.
  • Neon Cosmetic Lipsticks have a caring formula and bright saturated color with excellent durability and density. A wide palette of shades allows you to choose the color for any occasion.
  • Hygienic lipstick The brand was created specifically for lip care and intensive nutrition. The composition of such products is rich in vegetable oils and vitamins. The brand also produces nutritious lip balms with translucent, natural shades.
  • Moisturizing Lipstick does not require additional manipulations before application. The persistent and lightweight formula of the product lays evenly, gently highlights the contour of the lips and does not spread. Also, the product has nutritional properties.
  • For convenience and mobility, the manufacturer offers a palette lipsticks in an amount of from 3 to 8 shades. Each palette offers several color options. The kit includes glossy, pearlescent liquid lipsticks, as well as an option with small sparkles. Each palette includes harmonizing colors, designed for the same type of appearance.
  • Lip Balm with the effect of freshness and nutrition. The product is presented in two neutral shades.


  • "The One" It is represented by several types of lipsticks with care properties, many hours of durability and color brightness.
  • "EnergyBloss" gives lips an intense diamond shine with the effect of a shimer. Lipstick lies evenly due to a light creamy texture and does not roll. Without the use of a contour pencil, the product does not spread and visually adds volume to the lips. Due to the content of vitamin E and rosehip extract, the skin is moisturized and protected from environmental influences. Advantages - it does not clog into cracks, mask irregularities, moisturizes.
  • "Colorbox"- lipsticks without perfumes. They have a fairly dense texture, due to which the consumption is very economical. Apply lipstick in an even layer and creates a translucent tone. The product copes with moisturizing lips and does not clog in microcracks, it is worn for a long time. The collection includes shades from the lightest and pale to juicy berry.
  • "Blooming" presents budget brand lipsticks. The collection contains only a few shades of a translucent tone with small sparkles. The product is convenient and economical to use. Lipstick moisturizes the skin of the lips, visually evens out the relief and does not roll for a long period of time. A gentle formula does not make the skin heavier and does not spread beyond the contour.
  • "Perfection of color" pleases with a dense glossy finish, which is completely not felt on the lips. Light creamy texture does not clog or crack. Lipstick has a rich palette of shades and an unusual conical shape, due to which it repeats the shape of the lips when applied.
  • "Magic of color" possesses high resistance and almost weightless texture, does not spread and does not roll. The collection has a wide range of shades and includes natural vegetable oils. Lipstick perfectly moisturizes, evens out the dry surface of the lips and is very economical.
  • "Color Soft" is a series of moisturizing lip balms. The collection has excellent durability even during snacking, does not “streak”, does not spread and gives a glossy shimmering gloss to the lips. Moisturizing ingredients take care of delicate skin and prevent dryness. Lipstick is available in a convenient case, the very core of the product is removed by twisting. The only minus of the series is a limited selection of shades.
  • "Color Stylist" is a line of multi-functional lipsticks. The manufacturer promises color fastness, protection of the skin of the lips and their nutrition. Cocoa butter and mango, in addition to deep hydration, prevent premature aging, smooth out the microrelief, and relieve feelings of dryness and tightness. In addition, the series represents about 30 fashionable shades.


Despite the abundance of a series of lipsticks, each of them has its own unique shades and characteristics.

"Style Icon" series "Giordani Gold"conquers with the durability of matte lipsticks and their barely noticeable dense tone. True, the lineup consists of only 15 types: mother-of-pearl beige, cream beige, pink beige, delicate pink, classic pink, peach pink, coral pink, natural raspberry, bright fuchsia, classic red , bright scarlet, cream plum, pearl lavender, golden copper, chocolate cherry. The palette includes shades from the lightest and neutral to the darkest with intermediate colors. Most importantly, the names of the shades are completely match the real color of lipstick.

  • "Marvelous peony"has the color of a soft souffle with a deep warm pink tone.
  • "Coffee Rose " has the color of coffee with milk with a pale pink tint.
  • "Cherry taffeta"is a saturated matte color of ripe cherries.
  • "Natural pink"has a delicate natural shade, emphasizing the natural shade of the lips.
  • "Vintage rose"has a cold candy color Marsala.
  • "Lingonberry ice cream"will give lips a shade of juicy candy burgundy.
  • "Raspberry chic"has a juicy red-pink shade with a glossy sheen.
  • "Ice beige"has a translucent candy nude shade.
  • "Ripe mandarin"has a warm shade of ripe fruit with a reddish tint.
  • "Gentle freesia"represents a saturated light pink shade with a slight gloss.
  • "Blooming clover"has a languid warm purple hue.

All the shades of pearl and grape red lipsticks, as well as satin colors, blackberries and the shade of Marsala, have recently become the most popular. Such lipsticks are suitable for absolutely all color types and age categories. In addition, they are relevant for both weekdays and evening outings.

Very often, with the release of a brand new product, a woman can make a mistake in choosing the right lipstick color. And sometimes, depending on the print quality of the catalog, the correspondence of the swatch in the picture from the reality is violated. In this case, the manufacturer produces special probes. The only thing worth paying attention to is the lipstick codes in the catalog are different from the probe codes. Therefore, the search for the desired tester is carried out by the full name of the cosmetic line and shade.

It is a mistake to assume that sample kits are sold only for consultants, because the cost of several copies is equivalent to the cost of a full set. And this is done solely for the convenience and benefit of the consumer.

How to choose the right shades

To make the right choice of lipstick, you need to correctly determine your color type of appearance and take into account the shape of the lips (chubby or thin). After all, an unfortunate shade or effect will not only visually age the face, but can also make lips full and naturally dull and thin.

First you need to figure out what is type of appearance - cold or warm. The warm type includes women with eye colors such as hazel, hazel, green and blue-blue. Accordingly, the hair should match the wheat, red or honey tint. Skin color should have a warm shade.

To find out the type of skin for sure, just apply a tissue of juicy orange color to your face. If as a result of the experiment the face acquired a fresh and rosy appearance, then the color type is really warm.

For this type of appearance, you should choose warm shades of lipsticks. And the brighter the color of the hair, the softer and brighter lipstick is needed. And more saturated dark tones are relevant for dark-haired and saffron beauties. The main colors of lipsticks for a warm type of appearance are peach, coral, beige, cocoa, nude and rich brown shades (coffee, caramel, chocolate).

Cold color type smoky, ashen and some dark hair colors are characteristic. The eyes also have gray shades or cool undertones of the primary color.

To verify the correct type of appearance will help fabric blue or blue color. If the experiment made the face fresher in contrast to the fabric, then the color type is definitely cold.

For a cold type of appearance, pearl, pearlescent, candy and simply cold tones of lipsticks are relevant. For example, plum, wine shades, lilac, lavender, silver and cold pink. It is worth paying attention to the skin tone - the darker it is, the darker the colors of lipsticks you can choose.

From lip shape also a lot depends. For puffy lips Any matte lipsticks, glossy and pearlescent will do. This form has no restrictions on the use of any makeup products. The only exception may be the mismatch of lipstick color with the type of appearance. In such a situation, it can simply merge with the skin tone, or even completely “eat” the natural volume of the lips.

For thin lips, pearly lipsticks and glosses are good. They will visually increase their volume and draw attention to the elegant luster, and not to the form. Very dark or bright colors visually make thin lips even thinner. It is also better to avoid saturated matte shades.


Two brand lines made a real sensation - "Style icon" and collection "EnergyBloss". These are fairly budget high-quality lipsticks with a delicate aroma. The creamy structure and easy application without the use of a contour pencil allows you to create perfect lip makeup for almost 10 hours.

Convenient and economical packaging relevant for carrying in a purse, as a result of which the integrity of the product is completely not violated. Nourishing and caring formula these funds are achieved due to the presence in the composition natural vegetable oils and quality resins and wax. The skin of the lips visually smoothes, masking imperfections and unwanted pigmentation, as well as age-related changes.

Lipsticks create a protective layer from environmental influences in the form of a thin film. As a result of using the lips reserved from the sun, frost and weathering and gain a healthy moisturized appearance. Huge selection shades for every taste and color conquers with its versatility and the ability to adapt to a particular type of skin of the lips. In addition, the color scheme is suitable for any season and any occasion.

The main advantage that has won the hearts of absolutely all women is the safety of products and the possibility of use during pregnancy and people suffering from allergic reactions to cosmetics.

For more on Oriflame's Color Perfection lipstick, see the next video.



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