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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Essence Lip Pencil

Permanent lip makeup is not complete without a liner - a pigmented pencil to create a clear contour. The Essence lip product is famous among girls for its high durability, a wide palette of shades and an attractive price. What are the advantages of the Essence contour pencil? We’ll find out right now.


To create an expressive lip contour, one cannot do without a persistent high-quality pencil, almost every girl knows about it. Essence pigmented makeup product has tons of features, eg:

  • The color scheme of the decorative product is so wide that it allows you to find "your" perfect shade to match the color of lipstick or the natural shade of the lips;
  • It is easily applied to the lips and shaded with a special brush;
  • A similar pencil can be used with lipstick to store the product on the lips or separately;
  • Using the lip contour Essence it becomes easy to emphasize the natural shape or give the lips extra volume - just go a little beyond the contour;
  • You can use a highly pigmented product as a lipstick: its soft texture is easily and evenly distributed on the surface of the lips, does not roll and fills the entire space;
  • There are two types of pencils: slate and mechanical;
  • In each of the three Essence brand collections, the most relevant shades are presented - from nude to red and wine;
  • The product has a ridiculous price - a little over 100 rubles apiece;
  • Its durability is determined by 6 hours, and confirmation of this is the reviews of satisfied girls.

The budget and one of the most persistent lip liners Essence fell in love with every girl who managed to try it in the creation of makeup. This product has an amazing palette of 23 contemporary and stylish shades, including nude (pink and beige), bright pink, red and wine shades. Essence purple eyeliner shades are especially in demand, as close as possible to the natural tone and allowing you to make makeup unique.


Essence contour pencil is presented in 3 collections - classic slate, resistant and super-resistant (waterproof). Each line has its own palette of 6-9 shades, where there are natural colors and more saturated analogues.

Classic outline

The classic Essence stylus-shaped contour pencil comes in 8 shades:

  • "Cute Pink";
  • "Soft Berry";
  • "Femme Fatale".
  • “Wish Me A Rose";
  • Satin Mauve
  • "Honey Berry";
  • "In The Nude";
  • "Red Blush";

This lip liner will make the outline clearer, add extra volume and prevent lipstick from spreading.

"Ultra last lipliner"

This super resistant lip pencil has an even softer texture and high pigment in the composition, which guarantees its uniform application. The contour product "Ultra last lipliner" is resistant to water and moisture and lasts on the lips for up to 6 hours. The product is presented in 6 colors:

  • "Rosewood high" - nude pink;
  • "Brick dust" - dark nude;
  • "Fuchsia romance" - fuchsia;
  • "Lavender blender" - dark lilac;
  • "Wine lips" - wine;
  • "Lilac season" - lilac, rich pink.

The collection presents amazing new products with an improved formula and soft texture of the product, which is distributed exactly along the contour of the lips and forms a feminine image. It is possible to create a bright make-up with this Essence lip pencil, because the presented shades have a rich pigment in the composition, but they are suitable for a daily look, because the color intensity is easy to adjust with shading.

"Longlasting Lipliner"

The delicate texture distinguishes this product from the previous one, moreover, this lip liner is available in mechanical form and does not require sharpening. The Essence pencil collection is highly durable. It is available in the following shades:

  • "sweetheart" - bright pink;
  • "yummy berry" - berry pink;
  • "lovely frappuccino" - nude warm;
  • "a girl's dream" - dark pink;
  • "plum cake" - light plum;
  • "girl next door" - beige, flesh;
  • "ready for red" - classic red;
  • "berry on my mind" - lilac;
  • "be a game-changer" is dark purple.

Resistant mechanical pencil Essence acts as a contour or an independent product for creating pigment on the lips thanks to the moderately soft texture. He does not scratch his lips and lays down on them with a velvety layer, fills in minor imperfections and emphasizes the natural contour.

"Blossom Dreams"

The new collection was released in the spring of 2017 along with amazing fresh shades of pencil with a matte finish. The novelty is presented in 2 shades:

  • "Kiss From A Rose" - pink;
  • "Call Me Coral" - coral.

The product is dressed in a wooden form and has a light soft texture with a velvet finish. Looking ahead, we note that it is slate.

"Glossy Stick"

Glossy lipstick pencil is available in 5 shades:

  • "Clear Nude" - nude;
  • "Radiant Rose" - delicate pink;
  • "Luminous Rosewood" - dusty pink;
  • "Poshi Pink" - bright pink;
  • "Brilliant Burgundy" - dark plum.

The collection is represented by lipstick, pencil in a compact package and 5 colors:

  • "Nude Hero" - pink nude;
  • "Peony Star" - nude dark;
  • "Mega Melon" - bright pink;
  • "Cherry Crash" - cherry;
  • "Plum Perfect" - plum.

"Velvet Stick"

The collection is represented by lipstick, pencil in a compact package and 5 colors:

  • "Nude Hero" - pink nude;
  • "Peony Star" - nude dark;
  • "Mega Melon" - bright pink;
  • "Cherry Crash" - cherry;
  • "Plum Perfect" - plum.

The perfect matte finish is the feature of this product for creating decorative makeup. The universal creamy pencil formula perfectly fits on the surface of the lips, does not dry, does not roll and does not spread.


Essence lip liner ratings are pretty high. This type of cosmetic product has an attractive price and an excellent range of shades, in addition, the consumer has the opportunity to choose a slate or mechanical type. Women note that they did not expect such a firmness for the “one hundred rubles” product; they also note the actual shades to create a natural outline - light pink, beige, peach.

For a more detailed acquaintance with the shades of pencils, we recommend watching this video:

Among the actual shades, we note "satin mauve" - ​​lilac cold with a small splash of gray. He is adored by women of any age, since he is able to hide skin imperfections and literally draw attention to himself.

Watch the video: ESSENCE LIPLINERS. Lip Swatches & Review (December 2019).


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