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Eveline Lipstick

Lipstick for a woman is not just color and gloss, it is a style, an indicator of success, status. Color, texture can tell a lot about its owner. Decorative cosmetics can not only decorate, but also care, protect, moisturize and nourish. Choosing your own shade of lipstick is very difficult. A wide palette in this case comes to the rescue.

Eveline cosmetics It is a company with more than thirty years of history. The Polish company has long established itself in the world market of decorative cosmetics. Product quality is not in doubt. And the color palette is so diverse that it will create the most unusual, spectacular and bold images.

Eveline lipstick is affordable and has a soft, delicate texture.


Cosmetics can express the mood of any woman. Lips have always been in the spotlight. No fashion show is complete without creative makeup with an emphasis on bright, juicy, sexy lips. Just one touch is able to turn daytime make-up into an evening, tender and romantic look into a crazy and rock-and-roll. Therefore, in every woman’s cosmetic bag there should be shades of lipstick for all occasions, because it is not known which image you want to try on.

  • "Color Edition" will appeal to those who are used to follow fashion trends. Products from this line have a light creamy texture. This will create the perfect make-up quickly and without any difficulties. A special composition, which includes aloe, as well as vitamin E, will give care and protection to the skin. A golden package emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of this collection, which includes 12 colors.
  • Shade 701 "Nude Rose" on the lips it looks very gentle, suitable for every day and for office makeup. It has a pleasant fruity aroma with sweet spots. If applied in one layer, it will give a barely noticeable shine and will take care of the skin. Several layers will already create an elegant image of a real business woman with a touch of romance.
  • "Aqua Platinum" allows you to wear persistent saturated colors on your lips without exposing your skin to overdrying and dehydration. A bright shade with a slight gloss effect can last up to 6 hours. So, shade 486 will not only help create a passionate, fatal and sexy look, but it will also nourish with vitamins, protect from sunlight and rid the skin of small cracks. This line of decorative cosmetics was created in order to maintain the water balance of the epidermis and preserve the beauty and health of the delicate skin of the lips.

Color and care

For those who need a long-lasting color, but the lipstick should moisturize well and reliably, it’s suitable "Lip Tint Balm" from Eveline cosmetics. The rich color of black orchid or ruby ​​red will be obtained after the first application. Shade 108 "Ruby Red" will not go unnoticed. This is a great option to go out.

The lipstick will remain on the lips for 5 hours and will not fade, while thanks to beeswax, the skin will be soft and moisturized.


Soft and delicate texture of the cosmetic product from Eveline attracts customers and does not leave them indifferent. The colors are very spectacular, so they occupy an honorable place in cosmetic bags of fashionistas. Another plus that girls noted in their reviews is the ability of lipstick Eveline moisturize your lips. It does not tighten or dry the skin, therefore, during the day, no discomfort is felt. A variety of shades allows you to choose a fashionable image for both daytime makeup and evening makeup.

An important point is the quality texture of the product. Due to this, the lipstick lies on the lips evenly, does not roll and is not smeared. You can easily apply several layers to make the color more saturated and catchy, and at the same time the makeup will look neat and elegant. Also, during use, consumers noted the quality of not only color and gloss, but also care.

Women using Polish cosmetics of this brand note that the lipstick has a pleasant oily texture, dense and with good color reproduction. Despite all this, the product lasts a long time on the lips and does not require updating. This durability is another advantage of Eveline Cosmetics.

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