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Nivea Hygienic Lipstick

The skin of the lips needs special protection. The fact is that in this area there are no endocrine glands, therefore additional nutrition and protection from the sun and frost are very necessary for her.

Hygienic lipstick Nivea - An excellent tool that provides lip skin comfort for a long time. Why this particular product is so beloved by millions of customers and what is the secret of the popularity of lipstick of this brand, we learn from this article.

A little bit about the brand

Company Nivea For more than a hundred years, it has been producing high-quality and natural cosmetic products for the face, body and hair. Products of this brand meet all quality standards, designed with the latest environmental technologies. Researchers Nivea constantly study the features of different skin types and create products that are ideal for you.

Moreover, the products are adapted to the climatic characteristics of different regions, which is also important for makeup products. That's why the products of this brand have won the trust of people around the world.


The main components contained in a truly high-quality hygienic lipstick:

  • Wax helps maintain the skin's natural water balance. The content of natural wax in a hygienic product is slightly higher than in a decorative analogue;
  • Lanolin forms a thin film on the surface, which protects it, makes the skin soft and smooth;
  • Vitamins No hygienic lipstick can do without vitamin E, which helps protect the lips from the negative effects of the environment. Vitamins A, E, B nourish, moisturize, heal tender skin;
  • Jojoba, apricot and almond oils actively soften, nourish, and care. Often, the composition of the hygiene product includes plant extracts such as calendula, chamomile, aloe, lingonberry - they have antibacterial and regenerative effects.

The hygiene product from Nivea incorporates all of the above ingredients. In addition to the basic components, a certain lipstick of this brand contains additional extracts, vitamins that make it unique.

Main problems

There are several main causes of rough and chapped lips:

  • Temperature difference. In the cold season, most often the lips are covered with microcracks, become rough and outwardly unattractive. Exacerbates the problem of biting the lips in the wind and licking them;
  • Sun rays. Ultraviolet adversely affects our lips due to the fact that there is no natural pigment in them. It is in the summer that delicate skin in this area needs special care;
  • Improper or inadequate care;
  • Stress and hormonal disorders. In this case, only simultaneous treatment and elimination of the internal cause and external manifestations in the form of chapped lips can completely eliminate the problem.

Using hygienic lipsticks will help to prevent chapping, cracks, dryness and damage.

There are enough of them in the product line of this brand, so you can find a product that is most suitable for you according to its properties.

"Basic care"

This tool will provide your lips with sufficient moisture for a long time. Lipstick nourishes and moisturizes well at any time of the year. Panthenol and shea butter, which are part of the composition, will help keep the skin soft and soft for a long time. Lipstick has a neutral color and a slightly tangible fragrance, which is very important for people who do not like the strong aroma of care products. The product is completely natural, approved by dermatologists.

For sensitive lips

For very dry and sensitive skin of the lips company Nivea specially developed lipstick "Intensive Defense". Vitamin E helps to quickly restore lips smoothness, protect them from chapping and microcracks. The product has a protection factor of SPF 15, which is especially important in summer, when ultraviolet rays negatively affect the skin. Menthol, which is part of the lipstick, gives the lips a feeling of slight coolness, but in this regard, it is not recommended to use the product in young children under 3 years old.

"Milk and Honey" - a hygiene product with milk and honey proteins. It will provide long-lasting protection to delicate skin. Active nutritional components can restore even very cracked skin. Regular use of this product will provide you with well-groomed and beautiful lips.

"Pearl Shine"

This lip balm gives your lips a gentle, natural, slightly pinkish glow. Lipstick contains extracts of pearls and natural silk, which help to make the skin soft, delicate, irresistible.

Lipstick with plant extracts "Chamomile and Calendula" (in the updated version of the manufacturer "Chamomile") does not contain preservatives and perfumed fragrances. The product is enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, which nourish and soften the skin well, making it incredibly attractive to the most delicate kisses.

Lipstick perfectly protects even the most sensitive lips from wind, sun, cold, provides long-lasting hydration for a long time.

With a touch

Series Fruit Shine hygiene products Nivea represented by two flavors - "Strawberry" and "Cherry". The combination of delicious berries and shimmering caring particles will give the lips a seductive color and softness. Lipstick will be an indispensable tool for lovers of natural makeup in nude style. The combination of gentle care, a beautiful pinkish tint and a delicate aroma of fruits will not leave anyone indifferent.

Continues a series of tinted hygienic lipsticks product "Pink Velvet" with rose extract from Nivea. The tool will give lips a delicate shine and keep them moisturized for a long time. Unlike the fruit series, the classic flavor of "Pink Velvet" will appeal to lovers of neutral odors.

Nivea Aqua Care Balm is formulated specifically for the summer season. Lipstick is instantly absorbed without leaving a greasy sheen, has a sun protection factor of SPF 15. Aloe Vera care formula helps keep lips moisturized for a long time.

Release form and terms of use

All company lipsticks Nivea have convenient, transparent cardboard packaging on one side. Inside you will find a bright case with a lipstick-stick. The product weighs 4.8 grams, so it’s enough for several months of regular use.

A hygiene product should be used constantly as you feel dry and tightened skin of the lips - this is about 6-8 times a day. This frequency will provide you with an attractive and well-groomed appearance of the lips.

Products under the Nivea trademark can be found both in specialized cosmetic stores and in large supermarkets. The cost of hygiene products is designed for the average consumer. Lipstick stick will cost the buyer a little more than a hundred rubles.


Brand lipsticks Nivea have a good rating on consumer reviews. The tool is especially popular. "Basic care" for its good nutritional effect. Lipstick is oily in texture, even resembles petroleum jelly. The product smells pleasantly of cream and gives a feeling of hydration and nutrition for a long time.

Hue hygiene products Nivea also enjoy significant popularity among lovers of natural makeup. These funds are especially good in the summer. Users write that lipstick "Pearl Shine" It can completely replace the gloss, giving the lips a delicate color and at the same time gently caring for the skin. Lipstick series Fruit Shine provide hydration and give an extremely resistant pigment of red-pink color.

Many representatives of the fair sex note the effectiveness of the remedy Intensive Carecalling it the best for sensitive lips. You can use it at any time of the year. Thanks to its delicate texture without excessive grease and virtually no smell, many people liked the balm.

Hygiene product "Chamomile" from Nivea many women buy for children to protect their delicate lip skin from chapping and cracking. Lipstick is hypoallergenic, has a light herbal aroma and a completely natural composition.

Only regular use of hygiene products can completely solve the problem of weathered lips, make them soft and soft.

Hygiene Lipstick Details Nivea see below.

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