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Vivienne Sabo Lip Pencil

Proper lip make-up is not complete without creating a contour - this “tool” serves to increase the “life” of lipstick on the lips and allows you to emphasize the natural beauty in a natural make-up. The range of contour pencils is simply huge today, and sometimes it is difficult to choose a product. Often the purchase of the coveted pencil is repelled by too high a price or negative reviews on the Web. Lip pencil Vivienne sabo - The "golden mean" in which the price-quality ratio is harmoniously presented and a wide range of shades is presented.

Brand history

The brand owes its name to the Frenchwoman Vivienne Szabo, who lived in the 30s of the last century and was fond of chemistry. A young girl studied at the Faculty of Chemistry in the heart of the most romantic city in the world and created her own cosmetic novelties - for herself. In those days, decorative cosmetics, if it existed, its quality left much to be desired, and even a simple student was not always able to get new items.

Vivienne Szabo, together with his lover Louis, was engaged in the production of new formulas for decorative cosmetics, among which were mascara that does not stick eyelashes, high-resistance contour eyeliner and lip liners.

The French woman had a passion for violets and became the first woman in the world to create decorative cosmetics in the format of eyeshadow of this violet shade.

She could have become famous, like Elena Rubinstein or Nadezhda Payo, if the war hadn’t blocked the way of Vivienne ... The beloved of the Frenchwoman went to the front and didn’t return, wilted violets informed her about this (the last thing that Louis left her before going to war) and later - letter.

Throughout her life, Vivienne kept a diary, thanks to which her story became known. Recipes of cosmetic products have also been preserved on paper. However, her life, as well as the existence of the diary, was interrupted after the news of the death of Louis, and after receiving a telegram about the fate of the woman became unknown.

However the history of the cosmetic brand Vivienne sabo It began only in 2006 with the statement of one of the managers of the Gradient Corporation that it is necessary to create your own name and a line of quality cosmetics for women. Today, famous brand products Vivienne sabo is in great demand among the fair sex and tirelessly pleases the latter with new collections.

Product Features

Makeup brand Vivienne sabo, despite her young age, she managed to earn the respect of women of all ages, including bloggers and beauty experts. The contour pencil allows you to make a clear contour due to the thin rod and highly pigmented composition. The only drawback of the product is its slate shape, which requires sharpening each time before application.

It is a sharpened rod that will allow you to make the lip contour exactly outlined and not go beyond the reasonable.

The Vivienne Sabo brand is distinguished by the high quality of its products and affordable prices, which allows it to be the favorite brand of most women. Note the advantages of contour pencils of this brand:

  • This is one of the must-have." products chosen by girls and women of any age in order to emphasize natural beauty or smooth out age-related changes;
  • The gamma consists of 11 shades, among which there are many natural nude options;
  • It has a classic creamy texture, with which it becomes easier to emphasize the natural form;
  • High pigment allows you to paint over the natural shade of the lips and create their more voluminous shape;
  • The pencil is highly resistant;
  • Since it has a rather thin stylus, it can be used to emphasize the shape of the lips and give extra volume. The added benefit of a pencil Vivienne sabo - use of the product as a lipstick with a matte finish;
  • However, this product can be used to add a touch of light., for example, pink or brown and use it as a base for shine or lipstick with a translucent finish;
  • The composition lies evenly, does not roll and does not dry lips, does not scratch delicate skin;
  • Brand cosmetics Vivienne sabo available in many online and retail stores: from perfume stores like Magnit Cosmetics and Beautylevel to large sales offices Lamoda, Okay, Latual;

The Jolies Levres Palette

In the make-up brand Vivienne sabo one ruler is presented with a persistent lip liner "Jolies Levres". It has a traditional format - stylus, a wide range of shades - 11 colors and an excellent formula. All colors can conditionally be divided into warm and cold, as well as by saturation: nude, pink, red and brown. In a wide range of shades, all the necessary colors are presented to create the perfect lip make-up.

Contour pencil Vivienne sabo prevents the spread of lipstick and allows you to change the natural lip pattern, in addition, this "tool" allows you to visually adjust the shape and add additional volume.


  • 102 beige;
  • 101 Light beige pink;
  • 103 Pink-beige;
  • 205 Light beige with light mother of pearl;
  • 104 Light brown;
  • 106 cold pink;
  • 107 Warm pink;
  • 108 Light pink cold;
  • 202 Dark pink cold;
  • 204 Light coral;
  • 206 Red cold.

You can use the Vivienne Sabo contour as a lipstick - apply it directly on the surface of the lips and use a soft brush to distribute the product again, as if blending the pigment.

All shades have a velvety finish with a matte finish, except for the shade of light beige with a light mother of pearl - it lays down like a light shine.

Lip pencil Vivienne sabo It has an excellent texture, which has a moderately soft formula and does not crumble on the lips when applied. It does not scratch delicate skin, lays down in an even layer and does not dry the surface during wearing. The color palette is universal, but it has the "favorites" of most consumers - cold pink, light coral and classic beige.

Application Tips

The art of creating the right lip make-up lies in several secrets that professional makeup artists share with pleasure:

  • When choosing a contour pencil for a translucent texture of the finish (gloss, lipstick), you should give preference to the shade of the product, close to the natural color of the lips. The same shade can appear to correct the contour of the lips using hygienic lipstick or a transparent balm for moisturizing;
  • If you choose a pencil for lipstick, then select the shade of the pencil to the lipstick (and not to the natural color);
  • To make the pencil fit perfectly, you must first apply a little concealer and powder your lips on top. After that, professional makeup artists are advised to draw a contour with the help of a well-sharpened slate pencil with dashed lines. This technique allows you to make the lip contour not too noticeable in order to catch the eye;
  • When drawing the contour, you need to press the pencil lightly, do not press, otherwise there is a risk of going beyond the natural limits and spoiling the whole makeup;
  • To make lips more voluminous, you can slightly go beyond their natural contour, while drawing corners is not necessary;
  • To preserve the pigment of the pencil and make the lipstick coating more resistant, makeup artists recommend painting the entire surface of the lips with a pencil, apply lipstick and a little gloss on top;
  • For visual reduction, use the following technique: after applying the concealer and powder on the sponges, draw their outline, without reaching the natural border. In short, make the natural outline smaller with a pencil.

It is worth noting that when applying contour Vivienne sabo for the entire area of ​​the lips, it is necessary to fix the result from above with a hygienic lipstick or gloss with a translucent finish (in the case of a light make-up). Such a move will not only fix the pigment on the lips, but also moisturize the delicate skin.

The decorative product is so versatile and multifaceted that it allows you to change the shape and volume of the lips, give them a seductive natural pigment or a rich shade. Often this product is used instead of classic lipstick and is applied to the entire surface of the lips.


Lip pencil Vivienne sabo has a high rating on the web, and it is no accident. A low-cost, long-lasting, high-quality product deserves attention due to the fact that it allows you to create excellent lip makeup without loss to the budget. Consumers note a wide range of shades, including their favorite nude natural colors, cool red, brown - in a word, universal colors. Among the magnificent range of shades of the Vivienne Sabo contour pencil, shades close to the natural color of the lips are presented - pink, beige.

Women note the perfect texture of the pencil, moderately soft and not too hard, it is applied evenly and does not crumble on the lips. Consumers say that it lasts a long time - about 3-4 hours without adjustment. Women see the huge advantage of the product in its price - a little over 100 rubles apiece.

An example of using Vivienne Sabo lip liner is in the next video.

Watch the video: Карандаши для губ vivienne sabo серии jolies levres номера 107 202 101 (November 2019).

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