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Antibacterial pencil Oriflame

Company cosmetics Oriflame from the Tea Tree line is able to effectively care for facial skin, prone to high fat content and requiring additional cleaning and matting agents. And such products must necessarily include in their composition the plant component of tea tree leaves, the benefits of which for facial skin have been known for a long time.

The latest innovations related to the field of production of natural cosmetics include a special series of cosmetics of organic origin, which was released by the world-famous cosmetic company Oriflame. This became possible due to the fact that the composition of the released products contains exclusively natural extracts.


Such cosmetics are unique to those natural components of which it consists. After all, they were mined in those corners of our planet where pure ecology was still preserved, and this is precisely their uniqueness.

In this regard, it becomes clear that the characteristics of such organic agents cannot be analogues. All the power of nature is contained in Oriflame products such as Aloe, Milk with Honey, Tea Tree and Grapes.

If you have problems or imperfections on the skin of the face, in order to get rid of them, an excellent solution may be to purchase the corrective antibacterial pencil Oriflame, which belongs to the Tea Tree series. Masking concealer lotion from the same series is also suitable.

These products consist exclusively of natural products., in particular natural and environmentally friendly tea tree oil.

The beneficial qualities of this plant have long been known to the natives of Australia. They quite successfully treated wounds and abrasions with crushed leaves of a medicinal plant, making sure that the oil that is released from the crushed leaf can relieve inflammatory processes.

Nowadays, Oriflame specialists have begun to use the beneficial properties of tea tree. Such products are suitable for people with oily and / or problem skin. After all, her care should be especially thorough, and it is this effect that will give the natural extract contained in the antibacterial pencil from Oriflame.

This cosmetic product has the form of a stick and consists of two shades - green and beige. They can mask acne, relieve the inflammatory process, reduce redness, kill germs. A beige shade will give the skin an even tone. You should use a pencil when such a need arises: applying the composition to a problem place is not difficult - acne is first treated with green - the healing part of the pencil, and then masked with beige.

The extracts contained in the antibacterial pencil Oriflame is the main active ingredient in its composition, which has cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, which is an important component in order to create a product for the care of problem skin.

Such a tool will be indispensable in the makeup bag of any girl, and then she will always be able to effectively cleanse the skin and get rid of inflammation.

Your skin may look It’s ideal not only if you regularly spend your time and money on beauty salons or on funds at space prices. It also happens that only one remedy will be enough for you - a corrector for the face, and the antibacterial pencil Oriflame can become one.

This tool is capable of make any problem areas invisible, refresh its tone, give it the right shape, clearly outline the contours and perfectly align the surface of the skin on the face.

Mode of application

To cure or mask acne or other skin problems, you should be very responsible. Very often, in order to get rid of inflammation, effective agents should be used as a complex treatment.

First of all, the skin must be properly cleaned using tonic, then apply a properly selected cream that would help restore its fat balance. But the treatment of acne is a long process, so they often have to be masked to become beautiful right now, and not sometime later.

Oriflame antibacterial pencil is able to correct any imperfections on the skin. He will cope with acne, spider veins, dark circles under the eyes - this is easy to achieve, combining both shades.

Customer reviews indicate that the green tone is a wonderful bactericidal and antiseptic, a kind of corrector that can relieve the inflammatory process and heal the wound on the skin. It is thanks to this composition that the girls choose a line of products from this well-known company to solve problems on their skin.

All manipulations with a pencil are performed before applying the foundation, with which it is really possible to achieve the final leveling tone.

Top Tools Review

"Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver"

This popular Oriflame Pencil Lotion has the glory of an indispensable one hundred percent remedy for eliminating facial problems. The presence of natural tea tree oil and natural astringents in its composition determines the effect of drying acne and quickly getting rid of various inflammatory processes on the skin of the face.

It should be applied point directly to the problem area (inflammation or pimple). It can be used both as a standalone tool and as a base for makeup. The product is an effective means for emergency action and has received approval from professional dermatologists for use.

14 ml of the product costs 215 rubles.

"Tea Tree Purifying Corrective Stick"

The product is an antibacterial masking pencil from the Tea Tree line from Oriflame. It has a drying and masking effect on problem areas of the skin on the face. Has a double effect.

First, spot corrector applicationhaving a green tint, thereby reducing redness and masking the necessary areas. After that, a beige tone is applied to the focus of the problem to align the color.

Packaging allows you to correct any minor cosmetic flaws. Dermatologists have approved this product. It weighs only four grams and costs 170 rubles.

Salicylic antibacterial pencil "StopProblem"

A cosmetic product with the addition of salicylic alcohol is intended to adjust the appearance in the event of a particular problem on the skin of the face. The composition is based on only natural ingredients, namely Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (tea tree leaf extract).

The product will relieve inflammation, mask redness, it is convenient to always have it at hand and it easily fits in a cosmetic bag. Dermatologists have tested this product and recommend it as a means to care for problem skin.

How to apply antibacterial pencil, see the next video.

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