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Each woman wants to have a bright and expressive look. An eyeliner will help you with this. The main thing is that the product is of high quality. Only then can you achieve the set result without harm to your health. Consider the features and types of this cosmetic product.


It is no secret that this tool for the eyes is able to emphasize the shape of the eyelid, to adjust it. With the help of a well-chosen pencil, every beauty can become even more attractive. It is only important to know exactly how to properly bring the eyes. Consider the main features of eyeliners:

  • Good pencil - First of all, quality. You can create a stylish and fashionable makeup with this small device, visually enlarge your eyes, making them more expressive.
  • Hypoallergenic product can be used even for those ladies who have sensitive eyes, as well as those who wear contact lenses. You can not worry about the safety of your health.
  • Wide range of goods. Eyeliner can be liquid, contour, liner, etc. All of them are designed to create a certain effect, to emphasize your personal image, as well as attract the attention of the opposite sex. Choose the option that will appeal to you and use it with pleasure.
  • Affordable cost of goods. The advantages of this cosmetic product include its affordable cost. You can buy beauty products at an affordable price without spending your entire family budget.
  • Different colors. You can choose the palette that appeals to you. There are products of various colors, and not just classic black and brown shades.
  • Good mood. You can create not only a good everyday or evening look, but also find a great mood. You will feel confident, stylish and fashionable, which means that you will be tuned only for good luck and will be able to achieve your goals.

How to choose?

Before you go to the store you should decide which pencil you need. There are many types of such cosmetics. They differ in texture, consistency, method of application, the effect obtained.

Consider the main types of pencils:

  • Kayals. Such pencils have a soft and delicate texture. They are not used to draw eyes, draw arrows or embody other neat and thin lines. In any case, such a cosmetic product must meet all safety requirements. The product should only include proven ingredients. Accordingly, buying a product is only in professional stores.

The disadvantages of such funds include their instability. Therefore, experts do not recommend using them on moving eyelids, especially in the area of ​​folds or wrinkles - the kayal can roll.

However, such a pencil will be simply indispensable when creating the effect of smoky eyes or "smoky eyes". The product does not injure the eyes, due to its soft consistency it is easy to shade.

To create such a make-up, it’s worth painting with a pencil the entire upper movable eyelid, going a little behind the crease. Do not forget to color the area between the cilia, as well as bring the lower eyelid. Then you should shade the tool around the edges. However, this is not all. So that the makeup lasts for a long time, and the pencil does not roll, you need to select and apply shadows of a suitable shade. So you can pleasantly impress others with your spectacular look.

  • Gel. These funds are ideal for daily use. They will help to easily and clearly draw a contour between the cilia, as well as draw arrows. These pencils differ from the first option in that they have a more dense stylus, which means you can sharpen them quite sharply. In this case, the lines will be thin, clear, neat.

The advantages of this cosmetic product include its durability. A gel pencil needs to be washed off with hydrophilic oil or a special two-phase product to remove makeup. Such a product is suitable if you want to create a natural and invisible make-up. Eyes will turn out quite expressive. These tools are also used when painting the body with different drawings. For example, you can draw any tattoo, which, of course, will not last long, but it will deliver a lot of positive emotions.

  • Powdery or shadow. Such pencils are not bright. Their main purpose is to create a light smoky shade. They are easy to shade, while resistant and do not roll. Often use such a cosmetic product as shadows. Also, a pencil can serve as a good base for them. Especially successfully you can use this product for natural eyebrow makeup.
  • Contouring. These options are designed to draw clear contours. They can draw even the thinnest lines. Such a pencil will be hard, so you need to adapt to use it, take special care and dexterity.
  • Isliner. The advantage of this tool is the successful combination of eyeliner and pencil. Thanks to a special brush, which is placed in the sleeve, you can clearly draw eyelids. However, it is worth remembering that the paint can dry quickly.
  • Idefiner or felt-tip pen. This pencil has a flexible core that has liquid paint. The product tip is automatically filled with paint. At the same time, this substance also has the ability to dry quickly, so the color of the lines can be uneven. However, using such a device is easier.


As for color, there are no specific standards. It is worth considering only your own preferences, as well as the shade of your eyes, to create an expressive look. First you need to focus on one shade. At the same time, it will not be superfluous to have other pencils in stock for various occasions.

Be sure to purchase black pencilwhich is universal. It is simply a must for any fashionista's makeup bag. This color will help correct the cut of the eyes, smooth out some flaws. Black is perfect for any blush, eye shadow, lipstick. This is also important when creating a stylish look. However, this color should be used wisely and in moderation.

Almost any beauty will do brown tint. It is quite soft and discreet, unlike black. You can achieve a soft transition and lines. To make your eyes wide open, you should use a white pencil. They should draw the inner edge of the century.

For those ladies who choose color pencil, You can choose the most diverse options: gold, blue, beige, pearl shades, pink, intense red and others. It should be guided by your type of appearance. If you have light brown curls, then you need to give preference to such shades as green, light blue. For blond girls, you can choose gray, turquoise. If you have reddish curls and fair skin, then it is better to choose a brown, olive, sand pencil. For brunettes with bright eyes, lilac, purple, burgundy, black are suitable.

Soft or hard?

When choosing a cosmetic product, you must take into account the hardness of the pencil. Exactly the clarity and fineness of the lines will depend on this. The solid version will go well with liquid eyeliner. However, it is worth remembering that in order to learn how to draw precise, refined lines, you will need to work out well. The arrows will turn out perfect after gaining certain skills.

The best option is a pencil with medium hardness. It is easier to use, the lines will be smoother and more even. It will just be sharpening such a product. The soft version will be ideal for beginners. However, such a cosmetic assistant tends to break. It’s inconvenient to sharpen it. The lines will be thick and bright.

Before you go shopping, you should understand which option is best for you. Everything will depend on what goals you pursue.

Plastic or wood?

One of the most common pencil case options is tree. It is a natural antiseptic that prevents microbes from multiplying. In this case, such a tool will need constant sharpening, otherwise you will not see clear lines. If you come across a low-quality tree, then it can simply quickly break.

You can purchase an option from plastic. It is the most practical and convenient. In this case, you do not need to use a sharpener. Twisting automatic stylus will always be self-sharpened. It turns out a kind of retractable felt-tip pen. However, from an environmental point of view, this option is not the best.

How to fail?

Undoubtedly, eye makeup is a rather difficult task. At first glance it seems that it is easy and simple to do. However, sometimes drawing an even, sharp line (especially for the first time for beginners) can be quite problematic. To do this, be patient, as well as acquire some skills.

It is worth remembering that for an excellent make up you need to consider the conditions under which it is created. If it’s summer outside, it’s better not to use soft pencils, otherwise there is a chance that cosmetics will leak. You should also be especially careful when using such products on the beach or near the water.

In order to perfect the eyes, everything should be done in stages. Follow these guidelines:

  • Moderation is important in everything. It is better to draw lines of medium thickness. They should not look thin or thick. Remember that basically they will need to be shaded, unless, of course, these are arrows.
  • Pay attention to the location. The eyes will become more expressive when the lines are drawn only at the outer corners of the eyes. Let the longest one begin from the middle of the upper eyelid, and the shortest does not stand out for the region of a third of the lower. Do not darken the inner corner of the eye. This will not add charm to your look. In this case, the eyes will visually become smaller. Better on the contrary, highlight the look by adding white. Then the look will be visually open and attractive, and you can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes.
  • Do not use all colors at once, which you like. You can apply a combination of different tones of the same hue. Then the image will look stylish, fashionable and elegant.

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to apply a pencil so that your eyes become attractive to others:

  • Initially, you should carefully prepare your face for applying cosmetics. You need to wash, cleanse the dermis of the face and eyelids.
  • The second important point will be the preparation of good lighting. It is better to choose a room with a large window or use artificial light for these purposes. So you can evenly color the eyes.
  • Now it’s worth preparing all the necessary tools you need. Take brushes that will give softness to your make-up, cotton buds that will help eradicate mistakes in the application process, makeup remover, sharpener and others.
  • Now you should take a comfortable position, take a solid body position. Place the elbow on a hard surface, so you can fix the brush and conveniently apply the contour.
  • Now apply matte eye shadow. They will help the dermis to take a uniform tone, and will also become a wonderful base for applying other cosmetic products. You can apply foundation or eye shadow.
  • Slightly maintain the angle of the eye by applying gently with a pencil. In this case, do not stretch the skin, otherwise the line will also deform, become blurred. And this is not only ugly, but also harmful.
  • Trace the upper eyelid especially carefully, even if the pencil is thick. Bring the cosmetic product close to the cilia growth line. Slowly draw a subtle line from the outer corner to the inside of the eye. It is worth noting that the thinner the line, the more natural the look will be. A fairly saturated line will be appropriate if you want to create the effect of a cat's eye or to realize an arrow. In this case, you will also need to create a slightly expanded outline at the outer corner of the eye, lifting it up diagonally. To make the lines clear, experts recommend first applying points along the cilia growth line, which then only need to be connected. So you will not experience difficulties, and your make up will become stylish and clear.
  • When painting the lower eyelid, you also need to bring the pencil close to the cilia growth line. Try to do everything carefully so as not to injure the eye. Carefully, slowly, draw a line from the outer corner to the inside of them. So that the look does not seem strict, it is worth softening the makeup of the lower eyelids. The contour length for this should be three times shorter, and the line should be thinner.
  • Now you need to close the lines only from the outside of the corner of the eye. Do not completely close the circuit. It will not look attractive. At the same time, under the influence of moisture in the eyes, it will quickly smear.
  • Now for a more expressive look, you should shade the lines on the upper and lower eyelids. This should be done with a cotton swab. Select the eye with a white pencil, which should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes. You can use white shadows for these purposes.
  • At the end of makeup, it is worth correcting possible shortcomings with a cotton swab and makeup remover. A brush will allow you to level a variety of minor flaws.
  • Now you should fix your make up. Apply eye shadow. If you did everything correctly, then the product will delight you all day and will not spread. To look has gained great expressiveness, it is worth applying a little friable shadows.
  • After that, you can already use mascara, which will help to make your eyes visually larger.

How to do classic eye makeup using a pencil, see the next video.

Expert Advicethat will help create your own unique image:

  • Any pencil should be applied exclusively to clean skin. This is not accidental. It is makeup that can contribute to the spread of microbes, especially after a long period of wearing it. So you only increase the risk of infection.
  • Do not accumulate old pencils. Use this cosmetic product for no more than a year. If you use the product for a long time, the harmful bacteria that accumulate on a pencil will contribute to the onset of infection, including conjunctivitis.
  • First you need to practice drawing simple lines, and then improve arrows or cat eyes.
  • Remember, to visually enlarge the gaze, it is worth drawing a line to the middle of the eye along the upper / lower cilia.
  • In this case, be careful. Make sure that the pencil and makeup remover do not get into your eyes. If you have signs of irritation - a rash, redness, then stop using the product immediately. You can also see a doctor.

Create a stylish image is not difficult. It is only important to gain the necessary experience, dexterity, stock up on patience and the necessary means and materials.

How to sharpen?

To sharpen a pencil, you should stock up with a special sharpener. You can buy it at any professional store.Do not forget to perform this procedure, especially with hard pencils, as they are used to contour and get clear and thin lines. So your eyes will always be expressive and attractive.

How to soften?

If your gel pencil is dry, and you need to make a suitable make up, do not be upset. You can resort to a little trick. You can soften the product with heat. At the same time, water and fire are not suitable for such purposes. It is worth using a hot hair dryer. Hold a stream of hot air over the product for about forty seconds. So you can reanimate your favorite pencil and use it for eyeliner.


To create the perfect make up you need, first of all, to determine your preferences, as well as for what purposes and what image you will create. If you want to emphasize naturalness and create an everyday look, then you should not choose bright products with sparkles. In this case, restrained tones or the classic black version will be appropriate.

But the "cat's eye" is suitable for a festive party. It can be created based on the tips above. However, before this should be a good practice. You can add a little sparkle and bright colors to the solemn bow.


Every woman wants to purchase a quality product that meets her expectations. Introducing the best cosmetic products to help create professional, long-lasting makeup:

  • Lancome "le crayon khol". These kayals have an affordable price with high quality. You can draw and shade the lines. Suitable for creating smoky-eyes.
  • Maybelline "Master Drama." It gives a persistent black color, reviews say this. Soft texture will be easy to apply. An option for both daily use and for celebrations.
  • Art-Visage. Ease of application and removal is what sets the pencil apart from this brand. Perfect for highlighting the lower eyelid.
  • Nyx "Jumbo Eye Pencil". This product is similar in appearance to cream shadows. You can purchase color options, emphasize your originality. The cost of the substance is quite democratic.
  • Guerlain "Crayon yeux Khol me Eye Pencil". The product has a fairly saturated color. You can easily and easily draw straight lines. Economical consumption is the advantage of this tool.

We examined the main advantages and features of eyeliner. Now you can choose the cosmetic product that is right for you.

Watch the video: EYELINER TUTORIAL (March 2020).


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