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Soap "Neva cosmetics"

Each of us is used to using soap several times a day. Yes, it is possible that body and hair care has increasingly been trusted in shampoos and shower gels, but hand hygiene belongs to and will belong to soap for a long time to come. Trying to find the perfect option that can not only cleanse, but also care for the epidermis, you can turn your attention to soap "Neva cosmetics".

About the manufacturer

The starting point of a brand’s life "Neva cosmetics" consider 1992. You must admit that an experience of 25 years is credible. However, the history of the company began to be written back in 1839 in the "Society for the production of stearin candles, olein and soap." The "great-grandfather" of the company already won many medals for high-quality products, but bad times played a trick on him, preserving the plant until 1925.

Then, in that distant 1925, the state fat trust made it part of it. And then the company unjustly forgotten began to quickly gain momentum, produce powder and soap. Having become familiar to us in 1992 "Neva cosmetics" The brand has launched many lines of soap, toothpaste and makeup products.

Large brand factories in Angarsk, St. Petersburg and Ukraine began to search for unique soap recipes using their own research laboratory. The results were astounding. So soap was born Sulfurgently soothing inflammation and not causing peeling, Bornecontaining boric acid and mink fat for effective and long-term removal of acne and pustules from problem skin of the face and body. "Cosmetic" Soap with white clay also formed the basis for the treatment of oily and rash-prone epidermis. Such products are still popular and are medicinal in nature.

On this, the company did not end its search for perfect recipes by releasing such means as:

  • "Bath" - a toilet look created for washing the whole body. This series of products also includes Coniferous, Velvety, Strawberry and Lemon, created for more fragrant and pleasant procedures;
  • “Honey”, “Milk”, “Oat”, “Olive” products included in an unusually pleasant series of “Natural Flavors”;
  • "Lanolin" and "Glycerin" soap, belonging to the category of toilet. The development of specialists was the introduction of lanolin into the product, which is a vegetable fat that provides softness and velvety skin, as well as glycerin, which acts as a protective barrier against moisture loss;
  • "Natural" - a means for gentle cleansing and nourishment of the skin with silk proteins, related to advanced developments;
  • "Lime blossom", "Apple orchard", "Flowers of love" with the aroma of a passionate rose and other toilet products enriched with flowering aromas.

Later, children's lines appeared. A children's product today is produced not only in the version without perfumes and dyes, but also with various useful additives. So, on the shelves you can see cream soap for children, enriched with olive oil and chamomile.


Soap washing today causes users a lot of reasons for and against its use not only as a cleanser, but also as a skin care product. To avoid any controversy, we look at the product exclusively from a scientific point of view. So, many studies have shown that washing your hands several times a day with solid soap reduces by 21% the possibility of infection with various infections.

The use of soap not only for the body, but also for the face should, according to experts, be as accurate and carefully selected as possible with regard to the composition. The best solution here may be baby soap, as all its ingredients have passed stringent quality control.

Avoiding groundlessness, we will analyze the composition of children's soap "Neva Cosmetics". Among the first are lauryl and sodium laureth sulfate. These sulfates affect the skin negatively, draining it and causing peeling. Avoiding such effects can be done by softening these components with other ingredients. The softener is Cocamide Dea - a derivative of coconut oil. The following is table salt and a couple of chemical elements to adjust the viscosity.

Summarizing the above, it can be noted that the composition of industrial soap can hardly be called natural, however, nutritious and useful additives make its use not only safe, but also effective in combating various skin problems. For example, the use of boric acid in soap in a small amount perfectly dries and heals the skin from acne. The use of the usual solid form, on the contrary, leads to a worsening of the situation, because the alkaline balance of the problem epidermis is overestimated. A tool with silk proteins, aimed at softness and nutrition is also a good tool that softens the effect of aggressive sulfates.

Returning to the opinion of scientists, it is important to note that the useful time of soap spent on the body is only 10-15 seconds. During this time, the lipid layer of the skin is not broken and does not lose moisture, however, after use it is important to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. Therefore, you should not get carried away with bath procedures with industrial soap.

Active components

Nevertheless, despite the categorical opinions of experts, the brand’s soap is constantly used by ordinary people. And there are no questions here, because in the composition you can see many useful components that can not be seen in every company.

White clay

One of the natural minerals that positively affects problem skin is white clay or kaolin. It has the ability to absorb sebum, thereby drying and intensively cleansing problem skin. After deep cleaning of the epidermis, a noticeable improvement in complexion and cell renewal can be observed.

In remedy from Nevsky Cosmetics white clay harmoniously combines with mink fat, allowing not only to cleanse, but also saturate the skin, softening it and making it elastic.

Glycerin in the composition of cream soap with white clay also does not allow you to feel a lack of moisture, keeping it in the layers of the epidermis.

Boric acid

Scientists in the field of cosmetology have proved that ordinary soap is contraindicated for oily skin, because alkalis exacerbate the already deplorable situation with the alkaline balance of the epidermis. The fact is that in people with acne and acne it is high. In order not to increase the already overstated indicators, experts advise neutralizing alkalis with acids. Boric acid effectively performs this function.

In addition, boric acid has an antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic effect. Soap with its use is used not only for washing, but also for fungal manifestations, such as thrush, as well as for the prevention of viral diseases.

Using a boron product, despite all the useful properties, is constantly not recommended. Its use should be point and temporary, because boric acid accumulates in the body. For an adult and a healthy person, its share is small and safe, but a weakened or childish body can respond to an overabundance of unpleasant consequences.


Once upon a time, fungus, eczema and psoriasis were treated with sulfur. Modern soap is unlikely to be able to cope with such serious problems alone, but it can very well become an effective assistant in a comprehensive struggle. It is important to choose the right proportion of sulfur in the soap. 10% of sulfur is a therapeutic dose, and 3% is a prophylactic dose to prevent various skin diseases.

Useful properties of sulfuric soap:

  • deep cleansing;
  • killing bacteria;
  • blood circulation improvement.

Since sulfur is actively struggling with various kinds of fungi, it is recommended to use soap with its participation for the scalp, being in the fight against dandruff. Such washing according to the procedure does not differ from ordinary shampooing.

To achieve the above results, it is important to choose a soap enriched with many useful components. So, zinc compound with sulfur is a favorite and time-tested union in the fight against acne, and olive oil and aloe vera are mild prophylaxis with a nourishing and moisturizing effect.


The assortment of the company includes toilet, household, and baby soap. Each of them performs its own functions, which are not recommended to be mixed. So, laundry soap has an increased pH balance, which when exposed to the skin softens the stratum corneum, making it unprotected and vulnerable for a long time. Its use is possible and completely safe only in the case of removing contaminants from clothing and various surfaces.

A completely different pH has toilet and baby products. They are neutral, which means that you can use them for intimate hygiene, face and body. Which soap from a huge assortment to choose, is decided by numerous users of this brand.

So, preference is given to the "Lanolin" means for introducing useful components into the composition. Many note the extraordinary softness of the hands after using it, as well as lush and light foam.

They make their choice in favor of the budget soap "Bannoe". Despite the absence of any natural additives, according to its owners, the product does not dry the epidermis at all and is even suitable for sensitive skin and regular water procedures.

Controversial reviews filled the children's line of funds. So, some users, trying money on a child, do not notice any consequences, while others read the composition and do not find a single natural component.

However, the soap Eared Nannies remains one of the most popular and popular for body hygiene not only babies, but also adults with hypersensitive skin.

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