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Maybelline Matte Lipstick

Female lips, like eyes, can tell a lot about their owner. And you can draw attention to them with the help of lipstick. It would seem that there is nothing easier, but here there are some nuances that you need to know in order to look perfect. You can make the right emphasis on your lips only by choosing the right shade of lipstick. Thanks to her, you can emphasize your sexuality or independence.

If the shade is chosen incorrectly, then you will not only not achieve the desired effect, but also risk visually aging yourself.

When buying cosmetic products, first of all, we pay attention to the bottle and its design. But such an approach may be appropriate only when choosing a gift, but not in the selection of funds for your own use. In order for the selected cosmetic product to bring you the joy of use, you should note for yourself what parameters it should have: persistent color or saturated, the texture of the product is matte or glossy, and others. Knowing what you expect from lipstick, choosing the right one will not be difficult.

Features and Benefits

The demand for lipstick never decreases, and on the contrary, increases. This can be explained not only by a wide variety of color solutions, but also by the complex of caring substances that make up the product.

The undeniable advantage of funds from Maybelline new york is their unique formula. The substances included in it take care of the skin, moisturize it perfectly and give a beautiful matte color.

Few women know that it is better to apply a matte lipstick on the foundation, so that it lasts longer and retains its color. If you properly prepare the skin, the color on the lips will fully match the color in the tube.

To choose the right tool for your fashionable image, you should take into account a lot of criteria, the main of which is color, texture and ease of application. All the nuances of choice are considered in matte lipsticks from the company. Maybelline.

The company produces a wide range of products:

  • Satin;

  • Persistent;

  • Matte;

  • Moisturizing

  • Nutritious.

The most common of all varieties is matte lipstick., since it is to some extent universal: it will look great on the lips at any time of the day or night and anywhere, most importantly, choose the right shade. In addition, such a tool is perfect for almost any look and makeup. The dense texture of the lipstick does not allow it to spread or quickly rinse off the lips during meals, is applied evenly and easily, does not dry out the skin.

Hair does not stick to matte lipstick, unlike lip glosses.

Before using a hygiene product, you should peel the surface of the lips and moisturize them, otherwise small irregularities will be visible.

Ladies in age should not abuse such lipstick, as it can highlight small wrinkles in the corners of the mouth. After applying lipstick on the lips should not be dry or tight.

When purchasing a product for yourself, pay attention to ensure that there are no bumps and unpleasant odors on its surface. The presence of at least one of these factors may indicate that the product is of poor quality, stored incorrectly, or has expired. In any case, you should refrain from such a purchase.


When buying lipstick, you should carefully study the information on the composition posted on the label. It has a direct impact on the quality of the product. Knowing which components should be included in the product, and which should be kept away, you can choose a tool that will perfectly take care of your lips.

If you experience allergic reactions to any of the components, then choose a tool in which they are not used.

The most important element of matte lipstick from Maybelline new york is wax, thanks to it the product lies evenly, does not spread and provides gentle skin protection. Wax can be bee or palm, but regardless of this, the product looks perfect on the lips.

The composition also includes cosmetic sesame oil, which perfectly nourishes the skin. It also helps maintain water balance in the tissues, thereby softening the lips.

The vitamin complex, consisting of vitamins A and E, helps to remove peeling, heal small wounds and fissures and protect delicate skin from the aggressive effects of external factors.

Lipstick off Maybelline new york include natural plant components in their formula, they give a shade to the lips. And color saturation is responsible for color saturation.

Honey nectar has a softening effect, and the pleasant aroma of caramel will add its subtle touches to the application of cosmetics.

As additional elements in the composition may be extracts from plants and collagen, which give the lips a noticeable volume. Their presence or absence in the formula depends on the specific properties of the selected lipstick.

Shelf life

Lipstick shelf life alone is difficult to determine. Manufacturers indicate various storage periods on labels and most often they are 2-3 years. However, this period may vary depending on the intensity of use and storage conditions.

The time period during which lipstick will retain all its properties depends on how you use it.

If a hygiene product is applied to the skin of the lips directly from the bottle, then its shelf life should not exceed more than one year. If the product is applied using a cosmetic brush, then it can be used for three years. And if lipstick is constantly in your bag and you use it intensively, then its shelf life is reduced to several months.

You can extend the service life by observing some rules:

  • Keep lipstick in a cool, dry place;

  • Protect the product from direct exposure to sunlight to prevent "melting" of the product;

  • Do not leave the tube open after use. Direct access of air can destroy the structure of the product.

You can understand that a product has become unusable for several reasons: a strong unpleasant aroma, "crumbling" or smudges of lipstick, a change in the saturation of the tone. In these cases, you should immediately stop using the product and purchase a new one.


The composition and form of the release of hygiene products for the lips are constantly changing. Lipstick is the way we used to see it - a pencil in a plastic box appeared in the early twentieth century. And today in stores You can find products in the most interesting forms:

  • Retractable tube closing with a cap;

  • Lipstick pencil;

  • Cosmetic in jars;

  • Lipstick marker or felt-tip pen;

  • Liquid lipstick in bottles with a brush.

If you carefully consider the varieties of matte products from the company Maybelline new york, you can see that the most common form of release is a retractable lipstick in a bottle that closes with a cap. Another form, which has received a little less distribution, is a liquid agent in the vesicles, closed with caps with brushes or applicators.

Matte lipsticks can be divided by their properties. So, Maybelline produces the following lipsticks:

  • Nutritious - contains a large number of nutrients, but does not create lip gloss. It is perfectly applied and creates rich shades.

  • Moisturizing - contains a huge amount of moisturizing ingredients that make lips very soft.

  • Liquid - visually makes the lips more swollen, creates a saturated color.

  • Lip gloss - a translucent matte finish that slightly changes the color of the skin of the lips.

  • Persistent - May cause a feeling of tightness on the lips. It lasts a very long time, and is washed off only with a special cosmetic product. It is advisable to apply a moisturizing shine to such a lipstick in order to avoid a feeling of discomfort.

  • Hygienic - necessary for lip skin care, which is extremely important in the cold and hot season. Unlike regular lipsticks, Maybelline products are not transparent, but colored, due to which they give a shade to the lips.

Many women prefer to use lipstick and pencil. A lip contour is drawn with a pencil, and then the product itself is applied in any convenient way: directly from the tube, with a finger, brush or applicator. However, this option is best suited for the fair sex with an oval type of face, in other cases, you should limit yourself to lipstick only.


Company funds Maybelline can be characterized as follows: delicate pleasant aroma, comfortable tube, delicate texture. But this does not mean that the company is limited to only a few products.

In the shops you can find various lines of lipsticks, among which each woman will be able to choose the option for herself.

Series "Water Shine" characterized by amazing radiance. The products of this line have a delicate texture, perfectly lay down, hold for a long time, moisturize and visually add volume to the lips. The color is saturated, fresh. The bottle also shimmers in the light.

Lipstick pencil line "Color Drama" not so long ago appeared on store shelves. It is characterized by rich velvet tones, ease of application and creamy texture. The product rests on the lips almost all day, does not dry them and is removed with a make-up remover. The palette of shades is represented mainly by pink tones.

Line Tools "Hydra Extreme" contain a large amount of natural collagen. Lipstick perfectly cares for the skin of the lips, heals small cracks, moisturizes, is not lubricated. The series includes 24 saturated tones.

Series "Vivid Matte" known as the "Matte Temptation". Liquid lipsticks include rich velvet shades, and thanks to the unique creamy texture, they are easy to apply and do not spread. The product perfectly nourishes and makes the skin of the lips much softer. The palette features 8 bright colors.

In the series "Color Elixir" harmoniously combine the three most important parameters of any matte lipstick: bright color, ease of application, surface smoothness. In addition, the product does not create an unpleasant sensation of dryness, and active microparticles give the lips a luxurious volume. Lipstick is applied with a brush, which makes the whole process pretty quick and easy.

Of the new products I want to highlight the line "Ombre". This is a unique lipstick that combines three shades at once, so creating a gradient effect on your lips will not be difficult, just put on a lipstick. The composition of the product is enriched with active substances that nourish and moisturize the skin of the lips. The palette presents natural tones and shades.

Color palette

Maybelline new york produces a huge number of various color schemes, which are presented in several series. Saturated shades allow you to choose a tone for every taste. For ease of selection, all series of lipsticks are issued with numbers. And swatches greatly facilitate the buying process, because you can see how the product will look on the skin.

After all, it is often frustrating that a product that looks beautiful on a shelf in a store loses its attractiveness on the lips when going out. Swatch will help to avoid this.

In each series there are popular products that are most in demand among customers. Red lipstick "Kiss of the Vampire" indispensable for hot summer days and nights, when the main emphasis is required on the lips. It attracts the eyes of not only men, but also women.

Lovers of a dark shade of Marsala prefer lipstick "Wine Taste" for its bright intense color, delicate texture and affordable price. She looks great on her lips.

Romantic girls choose nude shades, pink-beige lipstick is in great demand "Miss Tenderness" and "Pearl seduction", caramel creamy tone "Luminous Beige", "Brazen" and "Pink Brown"harmonious pink beige "Smoky Rose" and "Tender Peach", the shade looks good "Pink Marshmallows".

Liquid Lipstick Series "Elixir" create juicy seductive shades on the lips. Girls prefer to carry them with them, so that they always have the opportunity to correct their makeup.

Lip Glosses Series "Crystal" bright, shiny, not sticky. They look natural on the lips and are presented in a huge assortment.

New from Maybelline new york became a palette of lipsticks in bright red shades. Of the eight segments, six are lipsticks, and the remaining two are base and highlighter.

How to choose your own shade?

To date, matte lipsticks have almost replaced glossy, since they are more versatile and resistant to external factors. At first glance it seems that choosing lipstick for yourself is simple - come, see, get it. But actually choosing a cosmetic product is a difficult task, in solving which a number of factors must be taken into account:

1. Hair color and skin tone.

For blondes, calm pink and peach shades are more suitable. If the skin is tanned, it is better to choose nude tones.

Owners of red curls can choose for themselves rich natural colors, and with tanned skin you can even use burgundy lipstick.

Burning brunettes will certainly appreciate the pink and scarlet shades. And ladies with a tan can safely use any bright color. Pale shades are best avoided.

Ladies with black hair can choose for themselves deep colors, for example, red and plum.

2. The shape and size of the lips.

Here you should keep in mind the fact that dark shades visually reduce the volume of the lips, and light shades, on the contrary, increase it. Therefore, owners of thin lips should choose bright shiny shades for themselves. Extra volume can add lip gloss on top of the lipstick.

3. Eye color.

Also an important factor to consider. Owners of blue and gray eyes will be satisfied with beige and cherry shades. Green-eyed girls should pay attention to orange and terracotta colors. Brown-eyed beauties will appreciate the whole gamut of red and brown shades.

4. Age.

Properly selected tone can refresh the complexion and visually rejuvenate a woman. Young girls will be pleased with light colors. Older ladies should buy bright satin lipsticks. Mature women are advised to opt for dark shades: cherry or plum. But bright lipsticks can emphasize unwanted changes.

Given all these points, you can easily choose the right lipstick for yourself and get the most out of it.

How to apply

To enjoy the beauty of your lips, just getting a matte lipstick is not enough. Usually its application has several features. Almost every woman knows that a matte product can dry the skin of the lips. To avoid this, you should carefully prepare it for application with a scrub and balm or nourishing cream. This is necessary to remove bumps from the surface of the skin.

But funds from the company Maybelline new york can be applied to ordinary unprepared lip skin. From this, the tool does not lose its properties and holds on equally stubbornly. This fact was very pleasing to women, since not everyone has extra time in the morning to carry out the necessary procedures.

All that may be needed is once or twice a day to fix your makeup.This is easier to do if you use a liquid product in a bottle with an applicator.

Another recommendation of cosmetologists is the use of a cosmetic pencil, which should outline the contour of the lips, and if desired, and paint over them completely. And then lipstick should be applied. This will allow her to stay on her lips longer.


Many girls actively use lipsticks. Those who tried matte shades from Maybelline new york were pleased with the results. The fair sex noted a gentle creamy texture, thanks to which the lipstick was quickly and pleasantly applied to the skin of the lips. The application was easy and the colors were saturated.

Some ladies were afraid that matte lipstick would dry the skin very much and were pleasantly surprised that the liquid products perfectly moisturized and held on the lips all day.

Women like the large color palette of cosmetic products. Some colors are almost unique. In stores, you can choose the right shade for yourself by trying to apply a test copy on your skin or a special probe. It is important that the lighting is good, so that the color inside the room remains the same after going outside.

An important factor when choosing was the design of the bottle. A beautiful tube attracts, due to which more girls pay attention to the product itself. And it’s just nice to have a beautifully packaged stick in your arsenal.

All the representatives of the beautiful half noted a pleasant sweetish aroma of lipstick, which makes the application process even more pleasant and uplifting throughout the day.

Someone decided to buy a cosmetic product on their own, choosing the right tone in the store. Someone received lipstick as a gift from a girlfriend. But all the ladies were very pleased with the matte purchase.

Another parameter that appealed to all customers was the very affordable cost of the product compared to similar products from other manufacturers.

Lipstick plays an important role in the daily toilet of any woman. It doesn’t matter if it is a bright saturated tone, a slight invisible shade or a simple caring hygienic lipstick, the main thing is that it creates the very light emphasis on the beauty of your lips.

A well-chosen cosmetic product will complement your makeup and fashionable image, giving you a sense of comfort and self-confidence.

So, the attention of the opposite sex will be provided to you. Discover all the beauty of shades from Maybelline new york and you will be satisfied!

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