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La Roche Posay Mascara

Every girl in the modern world daily uses in her makeup such an indispensable thing as mascara. Thanks to this tool, we can easily make our cilia thicker and longer, and the look - bewitching and expressive.

Among the huge selection of cosmetic products of various brands, I would like to separately highlight the mascara of the brand La Roche Posay.

About Brand

La Roche Posay is a French brand that produces high-quality cosmetics for sensitive skin.

The company compares favorably with its competitors in that all cosmetics produced undergo rigorous dermatological testing and are completely hypoallergenic. So, you can be completely sure that after applying paint to the cilia, your eyes will not begin to watery, itch and blush. La Roche Posay cosmetics are not contraindicated when wearing contact lenses.

This is just a godsend for girls whose skin is prone to allergic reactions.

Features and Benefits

Besides the fact that La Roche Posay mascara is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic, it also belongs to the category of “smart” cosmetics made from natural ingredients. It contains a special serum that stimulates the growth of cilia, strengthens them, makes them more elastic.

Also, the product contains reconstituted tear fluid, identical to a person’s natural tear film. Thanks to this, the product is very convenient and comfortable to wear with contact lenses.

Mascara ideally stains the eyelashes along the entire length, lays down in an even, neat layer, smoothing the scales of the eyelashes and saturating them with color. A small neat brush allows you to easily and conveniently paint the cilia from the inner corner of the eye and on the lower eyelid.

The main advantages of La Roche Posay carcass:

  • Thick creamy paint texture;
  • Lack of sharp and unpleasant odors;
  • Modern convenient brush for applying, thanks to which the mascara lays down perfectly and stains well, even the shortest cilia, without the effect of bonding;
  • The bristles of the brush are very soft - the paint is applied to the eyelashes gently and accurately, without damaging or scratching the eye;
  • It is applied without lumps;
  • Hypoallergenic - all cosmetics are dermatologically tested and tested;
  • Saturated beautiful color;
  • The presence of vitamins, waxes, oils and other nutrients that prevent the loss of eyelashes, stimulate their growth;
  • Perfectly lengthens the cilia and gives them volume;
  • Does not make cilia heavier;
  • Does not crumble during the day;
  • Moisture resistance.

Thanks to all the undeniable advantages of La Roche Posay mascara, your makeup will look perfect every day. You can easily give the cilia extra volume without weighing them down, which means that the makeup will look as natural and relaxed as possible.


Most of the girls were very pleased with the purchased product from La Roche Posay. Buyers argue that when using the product there really is not the slightest unpleasant sensation even for girls with sensitive eyes.

Also, the owners of this product from La Roche Posay confirm that thanks to the useful ingredients in their composition, the loss of cilia has really been reduced, they have become longer and thicker.

According to the girls, the mascara is not felt at all in the eyes, does not make the eyelashes heavier and does not irritate the eyes.

Another plus is that customers consider a very soft and pleasant smell of the product.

The cost of La Roche Posay mascara is quite affordable, the prices correspond to the middle segment of the cosmetics market.

Among some of the shortcomings of the remedy, the girls note that La Roche Posay mascara has a very weak twisting effect. And another feature of this mascara, as users write on the forums, the paint dries a little longer than usual, but it’s very easy to adapt to this particular application.

However, these minor disadvantages and features of use clearly overlap with the numerous advantages of La Roche Posay carcass.

You can learn more about La Roche Posay cosmetics from the next video.



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