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How to make lipstick at home?

The main problem of commercial cosmetics and lipsticks, in particular, is that various synthetic components are added to these products that can cause an unpredictable reaction of the body. Often the use of even enough high-quality lipstick leads to allergy or the formation of peeling on the skin of the lips.

That is why, in order to protect themselves, many girls prefer to create both home care and decorative cosmetics with their own hands. Despite the huge range of commercial cosmetics, home products are now in great demand. If you wish, even you can make your own lipstick. If you are interested in what ways this can be done and how long it will take, continue reading and you will be pleasantly surprised.

What can be done from old lip products?

The easiest way is to experiment with old cosmetics. Even from old unnecessary lipstick, you can make a completely usable mixture.

In this case, you will not need many additional components and even extra time. After all, preparing such a fondant is very simple - you need to remove the old lipstick from the case. You can even use several products from different manufacturers. Combine everything in a small bowl and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. But here it is important to consider one thing: although manufacturers may be different, all products selected for processing should in no case be expired.

Lipsticks in a plate need to be heated for only five seconds, but at high power. So you get a fairly soft substance that can be mixed with a wooden stick. If you took lipsticks of approximately one shade, then the result will be quite predictable. And if you combine several colors at once, then you will get an unexpected and most often pleasant result.

If you don’t have a microwave or are afraid to ruin everything, you can try to melt the product in a water bath. In this case, you can enrich the product with useful components. For example, add a little beeswax or petroleum jelly to the mixture. This will turn your lipstick into a moisturizer. This method is especially good for those who have lipstick that dries their lips.

After the mixture is prepared, it must be cooled and transferred to the container of your choice. It can be a special package bought in a cosmetic store or just a jar of cosmetics. For example, glitters are often produced in such convenient packaging that can then be used to form new cosmetics. Before using your new lip product, let it harden and acquire a more dense consistency.. Depending on the container in which you filled the lipstick, it can be applied either simply by touching the lips to the colored circle, or by dispensing makeup with a brush.

In addition to such a simple procedure for turning several pieces of lipstick into a new lip product, there are other ways to give a new life to a cosmetic product.

How to make matte from varnish?

Since matte lipsticks have been very popular among girls for several seasons in a row, many fashionistas want this too. But in order to make a beautiful make-up with matte lips, it is not necessary to splurge on another bright tube, especially if you already have a varnish lipstick of the desired shade. With the help of simple manipulations, you can make it dull.

You will need a simple lipstick without a shimmer and large sequins and a simple lip liner. Draw a beautiful contour, fill the base with a regular makeup product. Then proceed to the procedure of turning your makeup into a trend. To do this, attach a simple dry napkin to your lips so that it absorbs all unnecessary. As a result, the gloss will disappear and only a tint will remain, which holds on the lips for several hours. If desired, you can slightly powder your lips. So they will look more matte.

This lipstick holds well on the lips and looks very aesthetically pleasing throughout the day. So such a trick can save you in a situation when there is no suitable remedy at hand or you have not yet decided whether you need such an unusual cosmetic product.

How to make a different color?

If you need some special shade, then you can also recreate it at home. To make the product a few tones lighter or darker, you just need to add certain ingredients to it. Let's look at what components make a color lipstick the way you need it.


You will not be able to get a beautiful plum shade with the help of natural ingredients. But with the help of crayons of the desired shade, you can easily achieve the desired result. You can get a rich plum hue, and pale, almost pink.


With chocolate shades, everything is much simpler. To make your lipstick beautiful, just add a little cinnamon to the composition. This product, depending on its quantity, allows you to make fondant rich chocolate, as well as beautiful nudity with a light brown undertones. You can also add a little cocoa powder to the mixture. In this case, the finished product will also have a breathtaking smell.


To get the product a tone darker than the original result, you need to add eye shadow to the base when warming up the product. Choose the shadows of the color that you want to see later on your lips or even a little darker. So in the end you get exactly what you need.


With the help of shadows you can even create a spectacular black lipstick. But in order to make the shade not dirty gray, but beautiful, use transparent hygienic lipstick as the basis.


The same can be said about the blue tint. To make the color clean and beautiful, take a transparent base and complement it with shadows or wax crayons. You will learn about how to do this a bit later. Enter the shadows gradually to get the color you want. And you will have in your hands a product of turquoise, azure or sky blue - depending on your wishes.


If you have pink lipstick that doesn't suit you, you can lighten it by diluting it with petroleum jelly or wax. You can also give the product a more saturated color by adding dark shades or mixing with a piece of dark lipstick. Therefore, if you got a cosmetic product that does not quite suit you with its tone, then do not throw it away - give the lipstick a second chance and it will not disappoint you.


Clear lipstick is usually made from scratch. To do this, the wax base is mixed with the same amount of grape seed oil. In this mixture, you need to introduce a teaspoon of zinc oxide and four tablespoons of mica in time. The resulting mass will have a neutral tint. Making makeup more useful for your lips is also quite simple - add a few drops of vitamin E.

Homemade clear lipstick is a great product that you can safely use on a daily basis. It will not only not harm you, but will also benefit by moisturizing and protecting the lips from the influence of the external environment.


Red lipstick is one of the favorite products of many girls. With the right shade of red, you can complete your everyday look and evening look. The main thing when creating a lip color for red is that it suits your color type. You can make at home and red-brown, and bright scarlet lipstick, depending on your wishes.

For a copper tint, a little turmeric should be added to the composition. A scarlet shade is very simple to obtain by supplementing the product with beet root powder. If you use beetroot juice, you get a light purple hue. Therefore, you need to be as careful as possible. Especially if the shades of purple do not suit you.

In general, guessing with the final tint can be difficult. But if you try to make lipstick a couple of times, you will find out for yourself a perfect color formula that will suit you much better than all the ready-made store cosmetics. Of course, this will not work right away, but after a few procedures you will learn how to mix the components in perfect proportions.

Easy DIY Making Methods

Now it's time to move on to the most difficult thing - making lipstick at home without a ready-made foundation. Since a product prepared at home independently and with the selection of only useful components is safe, it can even be used on a children's face. Such natural lipsticks are harmless for both children and girls with allergies to cosmetics. So, learning to make lipstick yourself is never superfluous.

What do you need?

To prepare lipstick, you can use different basics. The most common are wax crayons or petroleum jelly. From the latter, good lipsticks are obtained that moisturize the lips. And from wax crayons you can prepare funds of unusual shades. Well, you already know how to prepare lipstick from the remnants of unnecessary cosmetics.

If you plan to make lipstick from wax, you will need wax itself, a dye of the right shade and oil. Wax can be bought at almost any pharmacy, honey shop or specialty store. If you are allergic to it or if you do not use animal products for ethical reasons, then you can take Candelilla or carnauba wax as an alternative. Such a base will not spoil the product and, in fact, will not differ much from ordinary wax.

As for oils, they can be chosen at your discretion. For hydration or nutrition, choose cocoa butter, avocado, almond, mango or shea. If you add this ingredient, the product will lie on your lips in a more even and beautiful layer, nourishing them throughout the day. And for shine, you can supplement the base with coconut or olive oil. Just a few drops of pure olive oil will make your lipstick glossy and more effective.

Now a few words about dyes. They can be both natural and synthetic. You already know about different products to give the lipstick the right color. It can be seasonings, which are in almost every kitchen or shade.

Also, if desired, flavorings can be added to the mixture. It is advisable to use light aromas that will not interrupt the smell of perfume and attract too much attention. Otherwise, the fragrance can bother you very quickly. The favorite smell for many is vanilla. To get such a flavor is simple - buy vanilla in the seasoning department and add it to the composition during cooking.


If you want to get a lipstick that will not only make your lips more beautiful, but also treat them, then you can choose healing mixtures or oils as an additional component. One of the most popular products of this kind is scarlet or honey.. Prescription lipstick with the addition of such products will be useful to everyone. It can be used to enlarge the lips, because in this composition everything is selected so that the lips are more moisturized and voluminous.

A beautiful color lipstick is easiest to obtain using colored crayons or shadows. If you want to use a recipe based on crayons - choose non-toxic with a minimally pronounced odor. The best option is beeswax crayons. The recipe for making such a lipstick is very simple - grate finely chalk and enter them into the base during a water bath. Be careful - the color after using crayons, as in the case of making lipstick from the shadows, may turn out to be too saturated. So introduce the supplement gradually and look at how much it colors the base.

Among lovers of natural cosmetics, recipes using seasonings and beets are popular. Beetroot juice makes the shade of lipstick purple-red. And seasonings allow you to get a spectacular shade of brown or red. You need to enter all the additional components at the stage when you melt the lipstick and its consistency is soft.

How to make lipstick from colored crayons and olive oil - in the next video.

How to cook

To make lipstick You will need utensils for a water bath, a wooden stick and all the necessary components. You can use both the old broken lipstick and create a new one from scratch. In fact, the procedures do not differ much, except in terms of the naturalness of the components.

Melt the wax and coconut oil or its alternative in a water bath. Two containers are needed for this. One will have hot water, and the other a mixture for lipstick. Place a container with wax or other components that need to be melted in hot water and wait until everything melts and acquires a uniform consistency.

Remember that you can’t bring the mixture to a boil in any case.

Control the process by slowly stirring the base with a wooden stick. When it becomes more or less homogeneous, additional components can be introduced into it. Here the fun begins. After all, it depends on what you add at this stage and what you get in the end.

It is advisable to prepare all the components in advance so that the base does not cool down while you rub the crayons or measure out drops of oil. All the necessary components must be measured in advance and distributed over individual containers, so that it is convenient to add them to the base. Also try to combine only those products that can be in harmony with each other. So you will achieve a result that will suit you with its quality and durability.

Do not try to do everything faster. Even if you are preparing a transparent natural lipstick without dyes, each stage still needs to be given the proper amount of time. So you get a beautiful and high-quality fondant, and not just waste time and products in vain.

After you add everything you need to the base of the lipstick, you need to immediately pour it into a tube or jar. You can do this either with a small spoon, or using a pipette. But the main thing is that all your movements be as fast as possible.

If you hesitate, the product will have time to freeze. Then you have to reheat everything in a water bath. And if your lipstick is supplemented with natural dyes, then this will harm her and the shade may not turn out the way you wanted. After the lipstick is in the right shape, she needs time to cool. Put the jar in a cold place for a while and use the resulting fudge only when it becomes hard.

Home-made lipstick will last you almost as much as a lip product bought in a cosmetic store.

As you can see, even if you first wondered how to prepare lipstick yourself, now you can already proceed to the experiments. This is a very simple process and if you follow all the recommendations, then you will succeed. Of course, in order to learn how to create lipsticks similar to the creations of real masters in the field of home cosmetics, you will need a lot of time. But practice and desire will allow you to achieve the desired result over time.

Watch the video: DIY: Lipstick Out Of CRAYONS. Txunamy (March 2020).


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