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Colored mascara

Colored mascara is one of the most sought-after cosmetic products among modern women. The increase in its popularity is largely due to the fact that it has been repeatedly used successfully by models of famous fashion houses. Being a trending product, this cosmetic product is of genuine interest even to those women who do not consider themselves lovers of experiments.

We select according to eye color

Colored mascara must be able to choose the right eye color. Beauticians believe that brown eyelash dye is a universal remedy in this regard. It has additional advantages: it does not emit short or rare eyelashes, gives a soft expression to the eyes of a blonde or owner of fiery red hair, effectively highlights blue and gray eyes. Brown eyelashes go well with green, bronze, golden and beige-brown shades. Dark brown eyeliner should also be used to maintain color harmony.

Trending carcass green represented by the variety of its tint range: you can easily pick up a greenish and rich emerald, khaki and light green shades. Bright green and emerald shades are ideal for brown eyes, giving them languid seductiveness. Muted shades of green and khaki successfully emphasize the charm of gray and green eyes. Green color goes well with the whole palette of brown shades of eyeshadow, pencil and liquid eyeliner, as well as warm shades of peach blush and coral lipstick.

Blue mascara It is famous for its rich palette, but you need to use it carefully, observing the rules for the compatibility of colors and shades, used not only for makeup, but also to create a holistic image. With blue mascara, brown-eyed women look most original, especially if the expressiveness of their eyes is further emphasized through shades of brown shades. The turquoise mascara, which looks great together with purple lipstick, makes a non-standard impression.

Purple mascara Suitable for blue, gray, brown and green eyes. It effectively solves the problem of increasing the length, volume and density of eyelashes. Her dark purple hue will especially appeal to girls who have a cold color type. Plum color mascara is especially good for brown-eyed or green-eyed brown-haired women and brunettes, and lilac, which gives bright blue to the richness, is for blue-eyed blondes.

Yellow mascara often chosen by women with wheat-colored hair. Such a color scheme not only makes the look much wider, but also gives it the freshness of youth. However, yellowness cannot be abused, it must be used very sparingly, otherwise, instead of the sun's effect, you can get sand fade. At the same time, one should not forget about the small detail: orange mascara applied to the very tips of the eyelashes can give the image additional brightness.

Burgundy mascara, as well as its reddish shades, successfully harmonizes with green eyes due to the maximum color contrast. The gaze becomes mysteriously mesmerizing, attractive. The burgundy color also shades gray-blue eyes well, but is not suitable for brown, as it makes them dull. It is not recommended to overly accentuate reddish shades, because of them, the eyes can look painfully tired. To avoid this, use black eyeliner.

Golden mascara It is usually used as a means of holiday makeup: even due to its finest layer, you can achieve the maximum effect. Makeup artists usually recommend combining it with chocolate brown shades, complementing them with black eyeliner. However, this exclusive cosmetic product is often used by girls in the summer in hot sunny weather, as it reflects sunlight well.

The holiday option also includes silver mascararepresented by several options. Its classic silver variety requires the use of white or colored mascara as the basis. Shading the silvery top layer, this two-layer coating creates an unusual effect. Using silver carcass with a dark base, the effect of light flicker is achieved, and a kind of silver carcass - silver metallic - ideally emphasizes the blue eyes.

For lovers of the color palette, it is equally important to know about the possibilities white color. The fact is that along with the well-known white primers, white ink of a saturated color is widely used. It solves two problems - gives the eyelashes a shade and emphasizes a different color. In the first function, this cosmetic product is usually used in the winter, because when it is applied, the illusory effect of the eyelashes that are frost-soaked in frost occurs. The second function involves its use as the basis on which the selected colored mascara is applied. In this case, the white base emphasizes the saturation and brightness of the color of the surface layer.

Secrets of applying

Unlike standard mascara, colored carcasses have an increased resistance to moisture: it will not leak either in the rain or under snow. Its other specific property is a special application technique.

To maximize the use of colored mascara to get a natural make-up that emphasizes your attractiveness, cosmetologists are strongly advised to follow a number of recommendations:

  • Thoroughly think over your new look before using mascara;
  • Curl your eyelashes with tongs.
  • To prevent bonding, coat them with a gel that has a persistent texture effect.
  • Apply mascara to curled eyelashes in several layers.
  • Firmly decide on the choice of mascara color, do not try to change it during the application process, as the colors differ in the methods of their application.
  • When covering the upper and lower eyelashes, use mascara in different colors: this will help emphasize the color of the eyes.
  • When dyeing the lower eyelashes, choose a discreet color scheme that provides a contrast with the eyes, and paint the upper eyelashes in black.
  • To get the effect of large eyes, apply regular black mascara to the tips that are already colored with a colored agent.

As for bright non-standard makeup, its makeup artists recommend making it two-layer: the bottom layer for visual extension of the eyelashes should be dark, colored dots are applied on top of the eyelashes.

The secret to applying colored mascara is revealed in the next video.

In general, when dyeing eyelashes, the choice of color determines a number of factors, none of which can be neglected: the color and shape of the eyes, the length and density of eyelashes, skin color, the color scheme of clothes, and the type of image you choose. When deciding on color, take into account the social specifics of the situation for which makeup is applied.

Makeup Features

Colored mascara is a cosmetic product that cannot be used without special knowledge, relying only on your own intuition. However, with proper use of it, you can achieve amazing results.

First of all, every woman should master the technique of creating natural makeup. Its essence lies in the fact that an impressive openness of gaze is achieved through a game of different colors and shades applied to the eyelashes: the upper eyelashes should be black and the lower ones brown. At the same time, color-contrasting layers help to shade the color of the eyes themselves.

To make it easier for women to experiment with colored mascara, manufacturers have developed its special two-tone variety with two brushes, which allows you to process the upper cilia with a volume brush and color the lower ones with a smaller one.

This new product is offered for sale in three different win-win color combinations: black + brown, black + blue, black + plum.

In addition to mastering the skills of creating a natural image, every woman needs to carefully read the rules for applying makeup, used for festive events. Typically, in such cases, colored mascara or one that has a metallic effect is selected. Custom makeup of this type can be easily done in the summer by young women of fashion in a club or at a party.

When choosing mascara color for makeup, you need to remember that his choice depends not only on the features of your appearance, but also on the time of year. In summer, it is recommended to use golden yellowish shades more widely, and in winter, give preference to saturated green, blue and purple colors.

If multi-colored mascara seems to you rather difficult to use a cosmetic product, you can try to use it differently - apply on a basic black or brown. Thus, you will not inflict the slightest damage to your usual natural image, but you will be able to give the look a subtle mystery.

Top brands

Among the popular brands of colored mascara, Art-Visage domestic products are often called. It is important that it can be successfully applied in different ways:

  • superimposed as the main color, covering the entire length of the cilia;
  • as an additional tool is applied only to the ends of the eyelashes;
  • as an accent, it is used exclusively as a tool for coloring lower eyelashes.

Affordable Art-Visage products are in steady demand due to their composition: the presence of jojoba oil provides softening and moisturizing, provitamin B5 has a stimulating effect on eyelash growth, and vitamin E protects them from the aggressive effects of a polluted environment.

NYX Color Ink It belongs to the category of professional cosmetics, but it is quite affordable. It is easy to create an original image with it: it has a variety of shades that, through the use of a modern formula, provide color saturation.

Well-proven special tool for special occasions - two-tone mascara "Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara" (manufacturer Max Factor). It is distinguished by a bold non-trivial combination of shades: silver and black, pink and bronze. There are other effective combinations of it: bronze-brown, golden-chestnut, blue-pink.

If you prefer an inexpensive, but high-quality tool, you should become more familiar with the products of brands such as Tony Moly or Catrice. If you are attracted by news and bestsellers, regardless of their value, then it makes sense to pay attention to the brand Benefititquickly gaining popularity in the world market of decorative cosmetics.


Mascara has been present on the domestic market for quite some time, but it still causes mixed feelings. Some treat her with caution (usually women of mature age), others, as a rule, young girls, with genuine interest and enthusiasm. This is understandable, because it is young people who boldly go for experiments in search of vivid, memorable images and original solutions that emphasize individuality.

Among the reviews of colored mascara, those that attract user-based advice on its use based on personal experience and which help to avoid annoying errors are primarily noteworthy. Often, “author's” successful proposals on the compatibility of its colors and shades with other cosmetics are also brought up for discussion. All this is additional evidence that colored mascara has found its buyer.

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