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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Catrice Mascara

Mascara is one of the most common and sought-after types of decorative cosmetics. With just one stroke of the brush, you can increase your eyelashes, give them volume, change or emphasize the color, thereby opening your eyes and making it more expressive. The modern consumer market offers this cosmetic product of various recognizable worldwide and little-known brands. This article will focus on mascara series Catricewho have many rave reviews from those who have already tried it.

About Brand

The German brand Catrice began its history in the early 2000s with the founding of Christina Oster, a small company producing high-quality cosmetics in line with global trends and the latest innovations. At the moment, Catrice cosmetics is sold worldwide and is represented by a wide range. In addition, more than ten times a year, limited collections of lip, eye and skin products enter the consumer market.

According to beauty bloggers, the famous brand in its time made a real revolution in the field of eye makeup. Particularly popular are mascaras of this company, which have won love and trust among women around the world.


Catrice has released several series of mascaras that have their own characteristics and advantages over many others.

  • The composition of the product contains only high-quality components;
  • The proposed options when choosing the best mascara can satisfy even the most inveterate requests of fashionistas;
  • Cosmetics do not have an annoying smell that can cause an allergic reaction;
  • Stylish packaging and a bright color scheme of the design contribute to a good mood;
  • The fairly budgetary cost of the carcass allows representatives of different social status to purchase the product.


Shop windows offer a rich palette of Catrice mascara, which allows you to choose the best product for a specific occasion. Consider the most popular.

Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara

This mascara creates the effect of false eyelashes and gives a look that attracts the attention of others. An innovative formula helps to open your eyes, providing a dramatic effect. It is achieved with the help of a convenient arcuate brush that dyes each hair, separates them from each other and covers with a thin even layer of mascara, without sticking hair and leaving no lumps. Towards the end of the brush, the villi are smaller than on the base, which allows the cilia to be stained in the corners of the eyes.

This tool is a bestseller and is presented in a limited version.

Lash dresser

Mascara "Lash dresser"has an unusual brush in the form of a comb, which conveniently applies the cream structure of an ultra-black color and helps to achieve a stunning result. After applying, the eyelashes acquire a unique volume and maximum length. All hairs are perfectly separated without the effect of clumping and heaviness. The product holds perfectly on the eyelashes throughout the day , does not crumble, does not spread, does not gather in lumps.The deep black color will create a playful mood, gives self-confidence and a boost of energy for a long time.

Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara

Luxurious Mascara "Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara"has a jet black color and an innovative formula, thanks to which the eyelashes will acquire an extraordinary volume, a graceful bend and incredible length. The cosmetic product lifts and tightens the hairs.

The effect lasts for 24 hours and is achieved by one movement of the brush with small bristles that paint over each hair, lying flat, without leaving lumps. The waterproof version of this tool allows you to spend a hot weekend in open water.

Allround mascara

"Allround mascara"has a non-spreading consistency, which with a single sweep of the brush gives the hairs a unique length and extra volume. A convenient brush gains the optimal amount of composition, evenly covers each eyelash, twisting them and making the look delicious and eye-catching. The product holds well throughout the day and is easily washed off, without creating a "panda effect".

Evolution to Revolution Ultra Black

The process of creating makeup using this mascara is a pleasure, as it gives an unusual volume and length for a long time. A convenient brush evenly applies mascara to each hair from roots to ends, twisting them and giving irresistible. Thanks to the patented composition, mascara has a beneficial effect on the cilia, protecting them from loss and fragility. It is an ideal option for creating the effect of a "dramatic look" for a stunning image at an evening event.

Application Tips

In order for eyelashes to be as spectacular as possible, you can use some tips when creating eye makeup.

  • For a more extravagant look, before applying, you can tighten the eyelashes with special tweezers.
  • Several layers applied to the eyelashes allow you to create the effect of incredibly long and voluminous cilia. To do this, each previous layer must be well dried before applying the next.
  • For a more even application, the movements should be zigzag and have a direction from the base to the tips.

Catrice fashion makeup awaits you in the video below.

Watch the video: 9 CATRICE MASCARAS REVIEWS. Best & Worst w Comparisons! DYNA (January 2020).


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