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Long Lasting Lipstick

Many girls think that the main difficulty in buying lipstick is to choose the right color, but they are wrong. Of course, a shade suitable for a particular woman is important, but besides him, there are other, no less important factors. This is color fastness, and product quality, and the content of useful components in it, and much, much more. But when taking into account all the factors, you finally buy lipstick, it will become your indispensable friend and assistant in the difficult battle for beauty.

Types of lipstick

Before you start choosing a shade, you need to decide, because lipsticks are different - classic, matte, liquid, felt-tip pen or moisturizing lip gloss.

Classic it has wax and pigment at the base, it can be either matte or with a glossy finish. Has the richest palette among lipsticks. It will help to create an elegant look.

Liquid - A novelty in the world of cosmetics, super-resistant and non-marking. It does not have such a rich palette as a traditional lipstick, but it also happens matte and glossy. It will help to create a vivid image.

Lip gloss may have a saturated color, but thanks to transparency, gives the makeup the most natural look. From the name of the tool it is clear that it can not be matte. Helps create a delicate look.


When buying lipstick in the first place, choosing the look and color, you need to check its durability. It is desirable that it be waterproof and resistant to all types of mechanical stress. No one will like it if during a romantic evening it suddenly appears that the lipstick is smeared on the cheeks and chin.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of persistent lipsticks are undeniable - they do not leave marks on clothes, glasses and kisses. Some manufacturers promise perfect color and shape retention for up to 24 hours (although according to numerous surveys of women around the world, such a persistent lipstick could not be identified). But this same resistance turns into a disadvantage, if you suddenly need to erase it, since it is difficult to remove without a special tool. In addition, it very dry lips, and the presence of any nutritional and moisturizing ingredients in the composition is not able to fully cope with this problem. Therefore, it is not recommended to use persistent lipstick every day, but for any important event it is indispensable.

Popular firms, their lines and cost

Each manufacturer of makeup products has several lines for lip care. We will briefly review the brands and their value.

  • Oriflame "The ONE Color Unlimited" - a classic stick, a pink palette, the pigment is weak, the consumption is not economical, the durability is low, the price is high (about 500-600 rubles).
  • Faberlic "Lasting Kiss" - A classic stick with a light shimmer, which, oddly enough, does not spoil the beautiful shades of the series, presented in the line in an amount of 7 - from neutral to bright red. Does not dry lips, leaves no residue, medium firmness, easy to apply, good quality. According to consumers, the only drawback of the product is the packaging - the case is too narrow, it erases the lipstick at the edges. The price on the official website is 229 rubles.
  • Manly pro - The Chinese brand of professional cosmetics is a liquid matte lipstick. Gorgeous colors in the original jars - perhaps this is all that can be said good about lipstick Manly pro. User reviews warn that durability is not up to par, and besides, they dry lips very hard. The price (within 750-900 rubles) is unpleasantly high for this quality. Although, in fairness, we note that the matte effect is really impressive, as well as the brightness of the color.
  • Estrade "Catherine" Infinie Lipstick - The budget series is presented in 16 shades. According to most consumers, excellent lipstick at a fantastic price, quality is quite high, colors are persistent and saturated. Plus - a rare fact worthy of respect when the manufacturer saves on packaging and not on maintenance. It costs about 150 rubles.
  • Paese "Silky Matt" - liquid lipstick presented in ten shades. Despite the name, rather semi-matte, as there is a slight sheen. Durability is excellent, but leaves traces no less persistent. The price compared to quality is illogically high, especially against the backdrop of negative consumer reviews (about 900 rubles).
  • NoUBA "Millebaci" - Liquid, leaving no trace, 100% matte lipstick from an Italian manufacturer has earned the title of legendary. It is rare when a society shows such unanimity in opinion, as in the case of the Millebaci line. Extremely resistant, insanely bright and rich - users do not hide the enthusiasm. The only reason for the dissatisfaction that sounds in the reviews is the absence of the so new “new” shades. The cost is quite high, but entirely justified (1250-1350 rubles).
  • Smashbox "Be Legendary" - A traditional stick of fairly high quality is made in Canada. Vivid colors and ultra-durability attract customers even despite the high price. Lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients and almost leaves no residue, the design is stylish. The only drawback can be considered the price (in the range of 1200-1300 rubles).
  • Colorpop - An American company producing decorative cosmetics, produces several lines of lipsticks: from liquid and matte to classic and bright colors. The palette of colors is generally quite good, quality and price vary along the lines, but, basically, they are quite budget ones. You can only buy in online stores.
  • Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick - Another American matte fudge of good quality, this time budget. It is presented in 12 shades, durability is average, according to the manufacturer, it does not contain talc and paraben. Claims to moisturize the skin of the lips. In any case, according to reviews, it does not dry much. Just like the previous one, you will have to order in online stores. The price is nice (within 250-300 rubles).
  • Max Factor "Lipfinity" consists of two parts: liquid lipstick and gloss. Resistance at altitude, lasts up to 6-8 hours (although it is far from the promised 24 hours of resistance by the manufacturer), but it goes, according to reviews, terribly ugly. In addition, due to the fantastic durability, it is practically impossible to erase from the lips. Despite the shine, very dry lips. It does not justify its price (approximately 500-650 rubles).
  • Tony moly - A popular Korean brand of natural cosmetics, produces all kinds of lipsticks, except liquid and matte. Felt-tip pens and lip liners, tints and glosses - all of them, thanks to the natural composition enriched with various oils and vitamins, perfectly look after delicate female lips, actively nourishing and moisturizing them.
  • Misslyn - German manufacturer of decorative cosmetics, quality at the level, prices are affordable, products are diverse and multi-colored, have excellent color fastness and saturation. Most user reviews emphasize lipstick and gloss Misslyn perfectly nourish and moisturize the sponge. Most likely, this is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in the composition.
  • I would also like to note Belarusian cosmetics, because lipstick brands Relouis, Luxury Visage, Bielita-Vitex and Belor-Design By the quality of their products they proved that the “budget” and “cheap” concepts are very different in meaning and, judging by the reviews, they won a lot of fans.


There are components that must be present in the composition of lipstick (for example, vitamin E, which protects against free radicals, or vitamin A, as they say, "youth vitamin"). There are components, the presence of which may be undesirable, but necessary for various reasons (for example, various preservatives and parabens, despite allergies, are needed to increase the shelf life of the product).

And there are also ingredients in the form of which you should immediately return the product to the shelf. For example, an ingredient designated as Mineral Oil or Paraffin Oil (a petroleum product, essentially a liquid mixture of high boiling hydrocarbons) creates an airtight film on the skin surface that prevents the elimination of toxins, carbon dioxide and other harmful human waste products from the body through sweat. It literally forces the body to draw moisture and nutrients from the deep layers of the epidermis to the surface of the skin, which, in turn, weakens the protective properties of the skin and dehydrates it.

At the initial stages of the use of cosmetics with this component in the composition, the effect of smoothed and well-groomed skin is created, which manufacturers of cosmetics shamelessly exploit for marketing purposes, but this is an illusory effect. Paraffin oil slows down the growth and, therefore, the renewal of epidermal cells, which in the very near future will cause aging and aging of the skin.

There are still fierce debates about the dangers and toxicity of mineral oils. There is a version that the film created by mineral oils just prevents the penetration of harmful substances into our body. Maybe, as a part of the rest of the cosmetics, it brings more benefits than harm, but even persistent lipstick is the product "eaten", therefore, the substance is guaranteed to enter the body. Therefore, it’s not worth risking your health, it would be better to refrain from buying and look for a harmless option, for example, with an indication in the composition Organic Oil Fortunately, the choice of lipsticks today is simply huge.

Usage Tips

The choice of lipstick, despite all the complexity, is only half the battle. It is equally important to be able to properly apply it on the lips in order to prolong the color fastness. And here we have the advice of makeup artists on the use of the product.

  • First of all, lips should be cleaned and peeled. Since the skin on the lips is very delicate, use as soft and gentle as possible for scrubbing.
  • Further, it is recommended to apply special balm on the lips (in case of using lipstick marked super-resistant, ultra-resistant), and if it is absent, apply any oil (olive or cocoa butter is most useful, shea butter or shea butter, if possible). You can also use the most common hygienic lipstick.
  • After the product is absorbed into the skin, circle the lip contour with a pencil (the pencil must always match the tone with the lipstick).
  • Your lips are ready for the finishing touch. Before applying the pigment, following the advice of professional make-up artists, it is necessary to powder your lips properly and only then make up them. In the event that one layer is not enough, you need to wet your lips with a napkin (another little secret from makeup artists - just hold the napkin between your lips), and repeat the application procedure.

It is not recommended to apply more than two layers, as the sponges will look unnatural.

If you diligently followed all the advice of professionals, sponges will delight you for a long time with their beauty and rich color.

Now that we have learned how to apply lipstick for the best result, let's move on to the make-up removal process. Proper cleansing of the skin of the lips after using makeup is important for their health. Remove makeup from the lips with special means for the mouth or with micellar water. In no case can they be rubbed so as not to damage the delicate skin of the lips, since it will not be easy to restore it.

If you can’t rinse off a particularly stubborn, persistent lipstick, use the following trick - soak a cotton wool in olive oil and gently run along the lips. So you can remove even ultra-long-lasting lipstick without harming the lips.


To summarize the information received, and based on feedback from users and makeup artists, we will create our own rating of the best lasting lipsticks.

The first place in the opinion of consumers undoubtedly belongs "Millebaci" from the italian brand NoUBA. It turned out to be the best in all respects - in terms of durability, brightness and color intensity, ease of application and harmlessness to the lips, so lipstick "Millebaci" - the undisputed leader of our today's rating.

The second place customers gave "Catherine" Infinie Lipstick from a Russian company Estrade, I must admit, quite deservedly - the quality is normal, the palette is rich, durability is not bad. In addition, a fabulous, simply unrealistic price, which delights lovers of lipsticks. And most likely, the loyalty factor played a role - as we already noted in the article, Estrade chose to save on packaging in order to be able to lower the price of the product without compromising its qualities, which speaks of concern for the interests of customers and is really admirable.

Third place, after some debate, consumers gave the brand Smashbox and his "Be Legendary". It is worth noting that the controversy was caused only by the high cost of the product, but in no way by its qualities - and in a variety of shades, and in durability, and in composition "Be Legendary" turned out to be on top.

The fourth place rightfully takes Misslyn with its moisturizing and nourishing lip glosses. With truly German quality and no less German perseverance, the brand has achieved a place in the ranking - among the merits of its lipsticks are endurance, and a variety of shades, and affordable prices

And finally, closes our today's rating Faberlic "Lasting Kiss" - Despite many advantages, the main reason for getting the best lipsticks in today's rating was a very low price, or rather, the golden ratio of price and quality.

Making long-lasting lipstick from the usual - in the next video.

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