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Foundation for feet

In summer, I want to replace the dim colors of the wardrobe with bright and rich colors, pull short skirts and shorts, dresses and sundresses from the far shelves. In anticipation of incredible summer looks, we throw an evaluating look at ourselves in the mirror and freeze in horror ... Pale skin on legs, redness, venous “stars” and capillary mesh emerging on the surface ... Fortunately, the modern beauty industry does not stand still and annually presents pleasant surprises for us or long forgotten old things return to fashion. So, foundation for feet is an ideal cosmetic product that will help not only to hide the imperfections of the skin, but also visually change the shape of the legs, giving them harmony and fit.

Features and Benefits

Beautiful female legs have always been the object of attention of men. Unfortunately, the skin on the legs does not always look the way we would like. From birth, someone is characterized by pallor of the skin, sometimes giving off a light bluish tint, while others have too sensitive and delicate skin that reacts to any cosmetic procedures with redness and irritation. Ladies of the middle age group complain of capillary nets and venous "stars", which do not add attractiveness to the lower extremities.

As it turned out, the foot cream is not a novelty developed by modern cosmetology centers. This tool was popular in the post-war period. After the Second World War, nylon tights were in great shortage, so women began to use foot creams with a masking effect.

Often, the foundation is confused or compared with tanning. In part, indeed, both products are similar: they hide various imperfections of the skin, even out the color and make the skin more dark. This is typical for a dark tone foundation with bronze tint. However, unlike tanning, which has a cumulative effect and is difficult to remove, foundation after a single use will make the legs ideal, they are easily washed off with ordinary soap or shower gels. Even a waterproof, indelible cream can be easily washed off by conventional means.

Brand Overview

Foundation creams used to even out the tone of the skin on the legs are represented on the cosmetic market today with a fairly wide range. The most popular and sought-after tonal means among contemporaries are:

"Spray on Leg Foundation" by Artdeco

An excellent tool for smoothing the color of the skin on the legs. It is made in several shades:

  • natural - gives the skin a pleasant natural tone, while smoothing and hiding all unpleasant moments;
  • bronze - in addition to the characteristics that are inherent in the natural tone, it additionally makes the skin more dark, simulating a light tan, it can be applied if you really want to have tanned legs, it is also suitable for the body.

It is not difficult to use the spray, while the consumption is negligible, respectively, the product is economical. Does not paint clothes and bedding.if not rinse overnight.

Ideal legs "FabLinelic SkyLine series

The name is fully consistent with the effect that this tool produces. Having tested on myself Ideal Feet by Faberlic, you are unlikely to want to part with this cream. Tone leveling, ease of use, elimination of symptoms of fatigue and swelling, venotonic effect, resistance after application, pleasant aroma of ingredients on a natural basis, reliable protection against ultraviolet rays (SPF 15) - this is how this product can be characterized.

See the video below for an overview of faberlic foundation for foot cream.

"24 Karat Golden Legs" by Nannic

Like other foundation creams of well-known brands, it has an excellent texture, lies flat, gives the skin a natural shade, is easy to apply (however, there are complaints about the small volume of the bottle), does not leave a feeling of stickiness and heaviness, does not stain clothes and has a high level of water resistance. Presented on the modern market in two colors - natural and bronze. Another advantage: does not require updating after swimming in the sea or pool.

Also, buyers show a high interest in funds "Face and Body Foundation" from MAC, "Body Cover DermaColor" by Kryolan, "Perfect Legs" by Coverderm, "Airbrush Legs" by Redist.

How to use?

The final result directly depends not only on the quality of the product used, but also on the technique of its application. Therefore, always try to follow the recommendations set out in the instructions for use, which can be either a separate package insert or displayed directly on the bottle of the cosmetic product itself.

The foot cream hiding varicose veins is simplicity and laconicism of use. It is necessary to perform the depilation procedure in advance. According to the recommendations of experts, it is better to do this the night before, so that the skin has time to calm down. Apply foundation to clean and dry feet. It is advisable to pre-moisturize with special creams or sprays and wait until they are completely absorbed.

Before applying, it is recommended to shake the vial with foundation well. If you have a spray, then keeping a distance of 15-20 cm, spray evenly along the entire length of the legs. Massaging movements easily rub into the skin. If the product has a creamy texture (liquid or denser), then it is better to first “type” into your hands, rub it gently and then apply to your feet.

Will need a few minutesso that the spray or cream is well absorbed. It is better to dress after the skin on the legs has become completely dry.


When choosing any cosmetic product, it’s worth focusing on the feedback of consumers who have already tried a particular product on themselves. If we talk about foundation creams for the legs, then the comments are very diverse. Some girls do not see the need and expediency in acquiring this type of makeup. But most often such reviews are left by the owners of ideal legs or young ladies who are not yet familiar with ugly capillary “drawings” and stretch marks.

You can also often read negative reviews about the fact that the cream doesn’t lie unevenly, staining some parts of the body abundantly, while others remain almost untouched. If you carefully read the advice of specialists about the correct application of the product, you can come to the conclusion that such difficulties can arise when using a poor-quality product or with incorrect application.

A nice feature - foundation does not dye clothes. Exceptions may be tight-fitting things, such as fashionable skinny jeans. Another positive point includes: leveling skin tone, the ability to hide various imperfections and vascular networks, relieving fatigue and swelling of the lower extremities.

Watch the video: कस लगए फऊडशन और कनसलर. How to buy & Apply Foundation & Concealer (April 2020).


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