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Pencil concealer

If you have a lot of different rashes, pimples and dark circles under your eyes, then you can cope with these problems even without a dense tonal foundation, simply by using concealer in pencil.

Why is it needed?

This product allows you to correct minor imperfections on the face, without creating a dense layer, and without clogging the pores. If you use a light moisturizer with a tinting effect in your daily life, or don’t wear makeup at all, this product will be your salvation. With it, you can accurately correct minor flaws in your appearance without overloading the skin.

Often, concealers are bought to mask noticeable dark circles under the eyes. Carefully using this tool, you can hide your fatigue, without putting much effort in order to make a full-fledged makeup. Concealer can also be used for contouring. So you can make a neat make-up by slightly shading the color.


A concealer in the form of a pencil is good in that it can clearly hide all the flaws. You can mask freckles, acne, spots and moles. If the pencil is thin, then it can be sharpened to the most acute state and sketch even the smallest dots. A concealer in the form of a pencil is the most convenient means for makeup, because, unlike a liquid means, even a person who does not have visage skills can use it.

How to choose?

To make it convenient for you to use a concealer, the masking product must be selected so that it ideally suits you both in its properties and in shade. First of all, it is worth mentioning that a concealer-pencil can be not only corrective, but also reflective. In this case, the product can be used as a substitute for a highlighter, highlighting the zones you need and brightening them. It is also important to choose the right shade of the product. Unlike tonal foundations, concealers are presented in not quite typical shades. So, for example, you can find green, pink or purple pencils. All are designed to mask certain flaws.

  • Green. This product seems to many at first glance unsuitable for makeup. But this tool copes with masking redness very well. Since it is green that overlaps red in the color wheel. As a rule, green concealers are not just a means to mask inflammation, but also an antibacterial product that dries up inflammation.
  • Yellow. This concealer overrides the blue tint. It allows you to hide the pronounced veins and bruises under the eyes, which are formed as a result of fatigue or lack of sleep.
  • Violet. All shades of this color are aimed at masking age-related imperfections. Lavender shade hides age spots and even post-acne.
  • Red. Just like the yellow color of the pencil, this one will make it possible to paint over the blue, but in its stronger manifestations. So, if the circles under your eyes are too noticeable, then the yellow concealer needs to be connected with a red tint. Often, a simple lipstick of the desired shade is taken as this red tone.
  • Natural. To mask subtle imperfections, you can use a product that is suitable for skin color. This is especially true if you use one concealer and do not retouch your face with a tonal foundation. Using a natural shade concealer, you can hide small problem areas, mask small tattoos, or simply refresh your face.

How to use?

This tool, made in the form of a pencil, can be used both independently and in combination with other makeup products. If you don’t want to “plaster” your face very much, then simply moisturize your face with cream and apply the product pointwise on your rashes and pimples.

If you do a full-fledged make-up, then you need to use a pencil after you even your face tone. This will be one of the final touches of makeup. Many makeup artists also use a concealer in the form of a thin eyeliner to emphasize the mucous membrane. This will make the look more open and open. For eyebrows, this tool is also suitable - if you circle them along the contour, after the makeup is completed, then the contour will be more clear.


Pencil concealer is a product that many girls love. It is appreciated for being convenient and easy to use. It is enough to pick out a shade that will help you correct exactly your imperfections, and doing light makeup will be as simple as possible.

How to apply the concealer in the next video.

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