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Guerlain Mascara

The brand Guerlain gained its worldwide fame through the creation of exquisite perfumes. Now this company is known for its decorative cosmetics, which are of high quality and original design. Guerlain mascara has gained particular popularity, which suits absolutely everyone and helps in creating the most expressive look.

About Brand

The founder of the French brand in 1828 was the chemist Francois Guerlain, who was born in a family of pharmacists and from childhood was interested in experiments in the field of science. He received a decent education in the UK, after which he opened a small pharmacy in Paris. Initially, his shop was engaged in soap making, producing a fragrant solid soap, which Francois later sold on his own. The pharmacy brought a steady income, but the young chemist strove for development and dreamed of fame. In his store, he began to mix different components to get the perfect flavor. So there was a perfume from Guerlain, which was the first step towards creating a huge empire.

Among the clients of Monsieur Guerlain, one could notice such famous personalities as the writer Honore de Balzac, Princess Elizabeth. The aromas produced in the store were new for that time and brought the founder great fame.

Until 1994, the company produced only perfume, but then there was a successful transformation into a huge cosmetic concern. Prior to that, the reins were inherited, but the last of Francois's heirs (Jean-Paul Guerlain), tired of production affairs, sold the company to LVMH. However, the brand managed to maintain traditions and remain the main perfume giant, and then launch the production of premium decorative cosmetics.

Decorative cosmetics from the brand gained worldwide fame due to the high quality of production, the famous name of its creators and a large selection. These are tonal products for the face, lipsticks and the legendary mascara, which will be discussed later.


The company produces three collections of its popular mascara, each of which performs certain functions and differs from the others in a set of properties. All of them are packed in cases of the same volume, which can be distinguished by color. The traditional difference of all Guerlain products is a light aroma of flowers when using the product.

  • "Cils d'Enfer" - classic

The most popular collection, the main advantage of which is the polymers responsible for the beautiful shape and curvature of the eyelashes. They envelop each hair and soften its structure so that it can be easily stretched and bent. The smallest and thinnest eyelashes become denser and stand out without sticking together.

The product is evenly distributed over all hairs, without leaving lumps and marks on the skin.

The collection is presented in several colors - saturated black, brown, bright blue and purple. You can choose the right color by defining your color type. Stylists distinguish four main color types, each of them is called one of the seasons. They differ in the color of hair, skin, eyes. In accordance with individual characteristics, you can choose your ideal color of mascara, lipstick, foundation and look as natural and attractive as possible.

  • "Cils d'enfer so volume"for maximum volume

Mascara "Cils D'Enfer" gives the eyelashes maximum volume and makes the look surprisingly alluring. Bright and dramatic black color is highly saturated. The carcass contains a special polymer mixture, which is responsible for the volume, while not violating the structure of the eyelashes and does not stick together individual hairs, making the eyelashes sloppy.

Even the thinnest eyelashes after applying this mascara will become thicker and visually longer, more voluminous. Creamy light texture allows you to create a beautiful shape that lasts all day without falling off and keeping makeup in its original form.

You can remove mascara with the help of a special tool for removing makeup from the eyes, it will be difficult to do with ordinary water.

In addition to the complex of polymers, the carcass also contains natural extracts of herbs that affect the growth of eyelashes, and caring keratin. The natural wax in the composition protects the eyelashes from environmental influences.

  • "Maxi Lash Waterproof"

A tightening and lengthening mascara that is resistant to water even on the hottest day. It is erased from eyelashes only with a special tool for removing waterproof makeup.

Gives a beautiful bend, highlights every hair. Mascara "Maxi Lash" is a great option for those who want to achieve expressive look and not worry about the stability of makeup on the face.

The waterproof mascara has a special conditioner with a formula against drying out eyelashes. There is also a special polymer complex to prevent bonding.

  • "La petite robe noire"- a famous novelty

The spectacular new La Petite Robe Noire mascara was created to solve several problems at once: it gives maximum volume, increases length, creates a graceful curl, and reliably separates hairs. This innovative 4 in 1 product runs the risk of becoming a sensation in the world of makeup.

The creators of multifunctional mascara promise a stable application for up to 10 hours without shedding and smearing, as well as a saturated color without loss of brightness.

The main innovation is the unusual shape of the brush. In an upright position, she resembles the famous little black dress by Coco Chanel. The lower wide part is intended for the separation of eyelashes and a kind of combing, and the main central part is for dyeing and curling along the entire length.

The original gold package with a black base attracts attention and looks luxurious in any purse.

The composition traditionally contains several basic polymers, each of which is responsible for a specific property - volume, nutrition, softness, prevention of lubrication and imprinting on the eyelids. Mascara is made on the basis of innovative coloring pigment, which is more saturated than in previous collections and makes the look even more attractive.

How to apply?

For proper application of mascara, you must use a number of recommendations:

  • Puppet "wide open" look can be obtained by painting the upper and lower eyelashes well, especially in the central part.
  • A gentle and alluring "look of a gentle fallow deer" with the help of mascara can be done by coloring the upper eyelashes, especially highlighting the outer corner of the eye.
  • The "cat's eye" of the seductress is achieved by applying the carcass in several dense layers (with the goal of maximizing the volume).

How to choose?

  • First you need to pay attention to the packaging. It should contain a full description of the product, composition, information about the manufacturer, as well as instructions for use should be attached to the tube. Expired mascara can not be purchased in any case - many substances in the composition can lose their properties and even deteriorate, causing harm to eyelashes and eyes.
  • A tube of ink should be opened and held with a brush on a hand or paper. The remaining imprint of a quality product will be primarily clear, saturated, will lie on the surface with a uniform layer. If the trace is dull, the mascara leaves clumps; on the eyelashes it will also lie unevenly and messy.
  • Guerlain products are distinguished by the fact that even decorative cosmetics have a light aromatic fragrance, so the mascara should smell good, but in no case be annoying.

You should buy the product only in company stores where the brand is represented. Guerlain mascara is sold in large chains L'Etoile, Rive Gauche, Ile de Beaute.


During its existence, the company received many positive reviews, which indicates a constantly growing confidence of customers in the brand and improving product quality.

The first thing that attracts attention is the unusual design. One wants to pick up a luxurious case, it stands out on any shelf in the store.

Saturation of decorative cosmetics with its signature aroma also leaves a pleasant impression. It is an unobtrusive odor that does not irritate or affect receptors. The voluminous mascara smells of milk chocolate, classical - a delicate violet. In the aroma of the novelty you can catch a whole bright composition, consisting of ripe peach, fragrant raspberries and expensive powder. After coloring, the aroma quickly ceases to be felt.

After applying the mascara to add volume, the eyelashes become incredibly fluffy. Even if they are not too long, the look is very expressive.

A varied color palette of classic mascara allows you to create the most original images - a rich blue and purple hue will help you look perfect at any party.

Eyelashes look natural, mascara does not create the effect of "spider legs", gluing individual eyelashes and turning them into ugly bundles.

With the wide part of the brush of the new Guerlain mascara it is very convenient to paint over the corners of the eyes and the lower row of eyelashes, for this it has a very suitable shape and sufficient softness.

The consistency of a pleasant density does not drain off the brush and does not remain on the neck of the case, drying up and quickly deteriorating.

The dispenser located at the neck allows you to take exactly as much funds as is required for uniform application of one layer. It’s easy to remove the brush from the packaging in a circular motion so that the excess remains on the walls. In the same way, you need to return it inside. If you simply stick it into the case, air will enter there, which contributes to the quick drying of the product.

Mascara is hypoallergenic, suitable when wearing lenses, does not cause discomfort to sensitive eyes. All this thanks to the adhesive oil in the composition of the product.

Each instance is complemented by a small mirror, which many use to test makeup and quickly adjust it.

The main advantage of French mascara is ease of application and cost effectiveness. A luxurious look and magnificent eyelashes can be achieved by applying just one layer. Mascara remains fresh and retains texture even after a few months, without drying out and without losing its properties. This is a distinctive feature of this brand.

The average price for one package of mascara is about 700 rubles, but Guerlain eye products remain one of the most desirable for women all over the world. One easy application, and the look is already becoming more open, affecting not only the makeup as a whole, but also the internal self-confidence.

Check out the La petite robe noire line and discover the world of luxury!

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