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How to choose the color of lipstick?

The time has passed when, in order to be in the trend, it was enough to just get a fashionable lipstick color. Modern make-up is a real art with its own rules and laws. One of the directions is make-up of lips, which teaches how to determine the tone of lipstick in accordance with age, color type of skin, eyes, hair, with a shade of tooth enamel, lip shape, light, time of day and the situation when you need to be perfectly beautiful.

How to determine the right tone?

Age has a decisive role in this:

  • girls light colors with mother of pearl or gloss are recommended;
  • women after 30 - Saturated bright colors of lipsticks satin texture, matte and dense shine (taking into account the time of day);
  • mature (elderly) women - dark discreet tones (cherry, plum). Gloss and pearlescent lipsticks are not recommended. It is best to use pastel colors, as bright and shiny can emphasize wrinkles.

How to choose a tone to face?

  • Fair-skinned natural tender shades of cold tones from light pink to plum color are more suitable.
  • For dark skin Bright, saturated samples of warm peach or brown shades are recommended.
  • Owners of the neutral (not light, but not dark-skinned) they are advised to use red and golden tones. The warm skin tone is harmonious with the warm shade of lipstick, the skin of the cold undertones, respectively, is ideal with cool shades.

How to choose by hair?

Hair color is also important in choosing lipstick.

  • For red hair, saturated tones of dark pink, brown, plum, brick and coral colors are recommended. Redheads are not recommended bright colors, orange and pink. The evening make-up allows the use of dark burgundy.
  • Blondes need to use light tones of pink, plum or coral.
  • Brown-haired women are perfect with make-up of dark pink, plum and light brown tones.
  • For dark-eyed brunettes, it is best to use a tone of plum, chocolate, orange and dark red.
  • Saturated dark tones are suitable for swarthy women, owners of dark hair.

What shade goes to the eyes?

When choosing a decorative product for eye color, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • holders of gray eyes fit natural plum, beige, nude shades;
  • those with blue, blue eyes - beige, pink, wine cherry color, scarlet;
  • brown-eyed - saturated bright red, pale pink; brown color is perfectly harmonious with all shades of brown;
  • green-eyed - terracotta, pink tone; shades of red are ideally suited to green eyes.

Color selection

Each girl, woman is individual, but everyone can be attributed to one color or another: spring, summer, autumn or winter. Lipstick is selected and in accordance with the color type.

  1. Spring - it's time for freshness, flowering. So the color type includes a pink-peach skin tone, blond, blond or light brown hair with a soft warm glow. Eyes of a heavenly color of various tones, bright and light shades of green, gray. Owners of the spring color type are suitable shades: in combination with a pink undertone (coral, peach, salmon, carmine), warm light, just pink, French rose; vanilla, carrot, tomato, tomato-carrot, ruby ​​red, begonia, sangria, burgundy, bronze, scarlet, warm-bodied, golden beige.
  2. Summer everything plays in the modulation of the sun. And the girls belonging to this color type are also sunny. Mostly they are fair-skinned girls (ivory skin) with hair from the lightest blonde to dark blond with shine (brown-haired and brunettes with cold-tinted hair are possible). Blue-eyed, green-eyed (without brown shade). "Summer" girls are suitable shades: combined with a pink undertone (pale, royal, lavender, bright, quartz, neon), cold shades (chestnut, beige, light red), light cherry, madder, earthy, cutter, fuchsia, lilac, strawberry, raspberry, cherry , plums, amaranth.
  3. Autumn - time of year, which is characterized by brightness and saturation. Such features and this color type. Owners of blond hair in it almost never happens. Most often these are red-haired girls (from red to dark copper), brown-haired women and brunettes with a warm shade of hair. The presence of freckles is a clear sign of this color type. Most often these are green-eyes with brown tint or just brown-eyed, sometimes blue-eyed. The skin is pinkish undertones or very light, almost pale. Girls of the "autumn" color type are suitable tinted colors of vanilla, peach, strawberry, cherry, warm plum, ruby, burgundy, burgundy rose, ocher, carrot, tomato, golden beige, coral pink, carmine pink, bright red, wine red, terracotta, begonia, sangria,
  4. Winter - time of year, full of contrasts: fluffy snow-white cover of the earth and dark bare tree trunks peering out from under it. So in this color type: contrast is the main indicator. Black hair, dark eyes in combination with snow-white or dark skin. Sometimes there are owners of blond hair and eyes, but with the obligatory cold shade. Central to this color type is the eyes. "Winter" girls fit shades with a pink undertone (pale, lavender, steel, deep, neon), burgundy rose, scarlet, bright red, wine red, brown raspberry, ruby, burgundy, deep wine, madder, raspberry, mountain ash, cherry, sangria, fuchsia.


If you are not ready to choose the lipstick that suits you, you can conduct testing to make an unmistakable choice. The fan (stick) method is especially popular. Be sure to pay attention to the lighting in which you will conduct testing, it is desirable that this happens during the day. Do not paint before going to the store. Take along a small mirror (it is possible that there will be insufficient lighting in the store).

Getting to the test:

  • choose your favorite shades (up to 10 - by the number of fingers);
  • apply one color to each finger;
  • we approach a brightly lit mirror or with our own mirror we go to a window or to the street (in the daytime);
  • make a wide smile, look in the mirror;
  • apply alternately one finger to the lips (painted side to the mirror);
  • We pay attention to the combination with skin tone, with eye color, if the teeth do not yellow on the background of the selected shade.

Thus, we determine the choice.

When choosing a product in the online store, it is recommended that you print a photo of the shades on the printer and apply pictures to your lips. You should know: the printer ink does not always 100% match the real color. Please note that when choosing a color, it is worth considering the structure of lipstick: gloss will give more volume, matte dark ones will reduce the size of the lips. Correction is carried out using a pencil.

It is likely that speeding up the choice of a suitable lipstick will also help comparing your appearance with the appearance of some famous, popular pop diva, over which whole groups of stylists and make-up artists work. If your appearance matches the color of eyes, hair, skin and age, and you like the makeup of this woman, then try to “try on” the colors of her lipstick. Of course, you should not blindly purchase cosmetics of her color palette, just with fan (wand) testing, you can start trying on exactly the colors that this woman uses.

Who needs carrot lipstick?

One of the most moody colors is carrot, it is not suitable for everyone. Ideal for girls with a warm color type (spring-autumn). Carrot lipstick is a salvation for girls who have circles under their eyes: the expressiveness of the color of lipstick distracts attention from this shortcoming. To create a harmonious image, you need to choose the appropriate wardrobe, take into account the other features of makeup. Using carrot-colored lipstick, focusing on the lips, the eyes should be painted with neutral beige, gray, brown, coffee colors. Excessive variegation of the wardrobe with makeup with such lipstick is unacceptable. Restrained sets are preferred with the addition of color accents when using accessories (for example, shawl, scarf or scarf, headband, headband, jewelry, in the picture of which there is an orange color, a small elegant envelope bag (clutch) with details of the same color as pomade).

Who should use red lipstick?

Red color symbolizes passion and confidence. It is almost universal and fits any girl, while there is a "but." But you need to decide on the right choice of the shade of red: with the slightest mistake, the luxuriousness of the image can turn into elementary vulgarity. Red shades of about 20, while their number is constantly growing.

The rest of the makeup and clothing should match red lipstick. You should avoid the brightness of the shadows, blush, slightly shading the cheekbones and making arrows in the eyes. The emphasis is on the lips. A pencil for the lip contour is selected according to the natural color of the lips, outlining the contour, sketching the entire surface, applying lipstick over the pencil. Pencil or concealer adjust the size. Red lipstick can only be used with perfectly healthy skin, as it will emphasize the existing defects (cracks, weathering, peeling). You should remember about nails, the selection of appropriate accessories.

Many blondes feel insecure when choosing red lipstick, believing that this can make the image indecently bright. Here we should recall the blonde star, the sex symbol N 1, the brilliant Merlin Monroe. Red lipstick, blond hair gave her image an absolute perfection. Blondes are best suited muted tones: coral or pink.

Red lipstick gives a passionate charm to dark-haired beauties who can use any saturated shades without restrictions. You should not forget that in the daytime it is recommended to apply lipstick lighter. It is recommended to use fair-skinned wine, berry and golden tones; dark pink, coral, brown shades - dark-skinned; bright juicy tones - burning brunettes. When purchasing red lipstick, carefully examine your skin in good light:

  • with pinkish skin - use pure red lipstick or cold tones that have a bluish or pink tint;
  • the darker the complexion, the brighter the lipstick should be, peach and orange shades do not fit;
  • with yellowing of the face, use orange, persian shades, without bluish;
  • with a dark complexion, bright and saturated natural red lipstick is ideal, burgundy and brown shades are possible

How to use red lipstick - in the video below.

Who is cherry lipstick for?

Cherry is one of the varieties of red lipstick. This color makes the image refined and elegant. There is an opinion that purposeful, imperious, self-sufficient women use cherry-colored lipsticks. Cherry color is not suitable for all types of appearance.

  • Perfect with dark hair and eyes.
  • Perhaps the use of blue-eyed blondes.
  • The advantage of this lipstick: does not create the visual yellowness of tooth enamel, but rather sets off their whiteness.

Feature: gives the lips a subtlety, the face is slightly aging, so women of advanced age are not recommended to use the cherry blossom. Saturated cherry lipstick is not combined with the dark contour of the lips, as this will significantly age the face and make makeup heavier. Suitable for both daytime and evening gala events.

During daytime makeup, the emphasis should be on the lips, light shades are used in eye makeup, black mascara is insignificant, thin liners. The evening make-up is complemented by saturated shimmering blush (pink, brown, peach), golden powder, eyebrow pencil matching hair color, make black eyeliner.

How to choose a bright lipstick?

Bright lipstick - An indispensable attribute of social events, star parties, ceremonial exits to the red carpet. It is worth trying it in your makeup.

Makeup artists have developed 9 tips on how to choose and apply bright lipstick:

  1. If you do not decide to do this right away, then you need to start gradually, first restricting yourself to lip gloss, adding a little bit of lipstick, giving the lip color an ever-increasing saturation.
  2. Bright lipstick requires thorough lip care.
  3. To increase the resistance of lipstick, it is recommended to have a silicone primer.
  4. Universal contour pencil for bright lipstick - transparent colorless. But it is better to use color, drawing them all over the entire surface of the lips, this will give additional saturation and firmness.
  5. Matte textures require special care, as they visually reduce the volume. If you want to increase the volume of lips, you should give preference to berry tones, choosing shades lighter and the most creamy textures. Owners of narrow lips are better to use gloss, as it visually enlarges the lips.
  6. When choosing a shade, you need to consider your color type, skin and hair shade.
  7. The contour of the lips should repeat the contour of the eyebrows: the soft-smooth lines of the eyebrows correspond to the smooth lines of the lips, clear geometric eyebrows require the same sharpness of the lip design.
  8. You must be very careful in choosing orange lipstick: it is not suitable for everyone.
  9. Be sure to remember the ideality of tooth enamel. Bright lipstick attracts attention, respectively, in the epicenter are the teeth. Cold shades visually make teeth whiter, while orange and warm red emphasize the yellow color of enamel.

How to choose a dark lipstick

Dark lipstick has a strong position in the fashion of many generations. Special skills are required to use dark tones. If you want to make lips bright and saturated, it is necessary to be more concise in the makeup of eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones.

When choosing a wine group, stylists advise paying special attention to the color tone of the skin.

  • For dark-skinned people, it is better to choose a warm burgundy with a slight pearly tint,
  • light-skinned or having a pinkish skin-shades of cold-purple undertones.

With monochrome makeup, when the lips and eyes are painted in a single color scheme, you should make the eyeliner black or dark brown, carefully painting over the eyelashes. For lovers of smoky eyes, wine shades are combined with the gray, blue and black colors of the rest of the make-up.

Makeup examples

When applying dark lipstick has its own characteristics:

  • using a scrub or any other exfoliating agent, it is necessary to give the skin of the lips perfect smoothness and softness;
  • use a brush to apply a corrector that will mask the natural color;
  • powder lips a little (optional);
  • squeeze the lips and circle them with a perfectly sharpened contour pencil, initially drawing a check mark on the upper lip, and then moving the bars to the edges with strokes; also outline the lower sponge (the pencil is selected to match the lipstick or slightly darker; when applied, keep it perpendicular);
  • start sketching from the corners;
  • apply lipstick with a synthetic brush, strictly adhering to the borders;
  • cover the lipstick with a shine of the same shade (this will give softness, enhance color, create a play of color);
  • with the help of a brush and a drop of corrector, go as close as possible to the contour of the lips (this will give even greater expressiveness, clarity and contrast);
  • if possible, use liners for the lips, which will not allow the accumulation of lipstick in peri-wrinkles, prevent spreading, which does not allow to maintain a clear contour of the lips.

Remember that the emphasis is on only one thing: eyes or lips. The lipstick that adorns your girlfriend is likely to be unsuccessful for you. Consider your personality, conquer the tops of make-up, be always on top. The power of your charm is in your lips.

Watch the video: How to pick the best lipstick shades for your skin tone. Beauty. Vogue Australia (November 2019).

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