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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Concealer Vivienne Sabo

Even tone of the face and the absence of any imperfections on the skin is the dream of absolutely any woman. A good foundation cream will help to cope with some imperfections. Here are just some of the defects on the skin, such as severe inflammation, spots or bruises under the eyes, not even one, even the best tonal remedy can do. For this case, cosmetologists have long foreseen everything. To overcome these problems, you must resort to the use of other masking agents. One of them is the Vivienne Sabo concealer.

About Brand

French cosmetic brand Vivienne sabo produces high-quality hypoallergenic products that are absolutely safe for the skin. Even despite the fact that the company began its history relatively recently, only in the year 2006, the label's products already won the hearts of girls and women around the world. The history of brand development is fascinating. Surprisingly, the label's activity goes back to the distant 30s of the last century. It was then that a talented woman Vivienne Szabo lived in Paris, by whose name the brand got its name.

Vivien specialized in chemistry and had an interest in cosmetic experiments. She was distinguished by her unprecedented industriousness, ingenuity and determination, and her passion was the creation of her own cosmetic products. She outlined all her works in a special diary. They say that this very diary still exists, and it stores absolutely all the recipes developed by Vivienne Szabo and her lover Louis. Rumor has it that after the death of Louis in the war in 1940, Vivienne stopped writing down her recipes, and how the life of this talented woman went on is unknown. But she definitely left her mark on the history of cosmetology.

The label itself appeared thanks to the well-known company Gradient, which began to translate Vivien’s chemical recipes into life and create cosmetics based on them. Naturally, it would be dishonest on the part of Gradient not to name the brand Vivienne sabo in honor of the creator of recipes for their products. Currently, many recipes have undergone some changes and modifications. In their composition appeared a greater number of natural and useful components. It is due to the natural components of the brand and has gained its popularity and appreciation from beautiful ladies.


The assortment range of the brand is very diverse. The brand produces all kinds of decorative cosmetics products, ranging from lipstick to masking agents. Concealer deserves special attention among masking agents Vivienne sabo. Very often, girls have one or another face problem: bruises under the eyes, severe inflammation, or something else. Concealer Vivienne sabo It is presented in the form of an applicator, which is extremely convenient to use. It allows you to apply the agent dosed directly to the defect site.

The concealer has a dense, but at the same time weightless texture, which is applied evenly and perfectly conceals flaws.


Concealer Vivienne sabo can be classified as professional cosmetics. It can be used both for everyday use and for special occasions. Not a single professional photo shoot or shooting is complete without this miraculous means. Truly competent makeup artists have long introduced him into the arsenal of their makeup tools. Currently, any girl can become the owner of a magnificent make-up, without resorting to the services of a professional makeup artist. But some modern ladies still neglect the use of this tool, because they are sure that their foundation can hide any imperfections in the skin.

However, there are situations when one tonal remedy is not enough. For example, in cases of circles under the eyes, severe inflammation or a suddenly popping pimple. The special brush of the Vivienne Sabo concealer allows you to apply it with a thin, barely noticeable layer.



One of the masking products from Vivienne Sabo is the novelty of this brand - concealer "Radiant". This product is specifically designed for use around the eyes. The dense, but almost weightless texture will hide circles under the eyes, making your face fresh and rested. Using it as a base under eye shadow will prevent them from shedding and sliding into the bend area of ​​the upper eyelid.


1. The innovative formula of the product has a color-correcting feature, which adjusts to your face tone and blends with the skin. This makes the tool completely invisible;

2. Hyaluronic acid in the composition prevents aging and smoothes light wrinkles around the eyes;

3. Disguises circles hides traces of fatigue;

4. Easy to apply.

"Perfect Concealer"

If your goal is not only to mask dark circles under the eyes, but also to hide some very noticeable skin imperfections: pimple, age spots, rosacea, traces of post-acne, etc., we recommend that you pay attention to another series Vivienne Sabo - "Perfect Concealer".


1. Convenient packaging in the form of a twisting applicator;

2. Minor flaws become completely invisible;

3. Can be used as a highlighter when sculpting a face;

4. It contains carnauba wax, thanks to which the concealer has an elastic texture.


Concealers Vivienne Sabo Radiant and Perfect Concealer are available in only three colors:

  • No. 01 "Light bodily";
  • No. 02 "Warm beige";
  • No. 03 "Dark Beige".

The shade should be selected based on the tone of your own skin. For representatives of the cold color type, shade No. 01 is recommended. Girls with a warm color of appearance need to give preference to one of the last two options: No. 02 or No. 03, depending on how dark your skin tone is.

In general, you should always take a shade of concealer, which is one tone lighter than your natural skin color.

How to apply?

If you had a sleepless night, or you got tired at work, and under your eyes a nuisance formed in the form of dark circles, then the concealer will help you Vivienne Sabo "Radiant". Apply it pointwise to the area around the eyes, and then blend the product with light finger movements. Start application from the inner corner of the eyelid.

In the same way, you can use another concealer of this brand - Vivienne Sabo "Perfect Concealer". Acne, rosacea or age spots will literally disappear from your face if you lubricate these imperfections with just one touch of this concealer.

Remember that the tool shade well, your hands should be clean and warm, and the skin - well moisturized.

You can moisten it with a special tool. In no case do not apply the product on fresh wounds and abrasions. If you want to mask a very noticeable defect on the skin, you can resort to the second application after the first layer.


We wanted to know the opinion of real experts on this product, i.e. those who in their own experience were able to feel the impact of this concealer, and turned to the reviews of the girls. Those young ladies whom the product pleased, among the pluses of the remedy are noted:

  • Light consistency, which evenly lays on the skin, without leaving stains and spots on the face;
  • Convenient applicator and brush with which it is convenient to apply;
  • Resistance - the product stays on the skin for a rather long time (approximately 4-5 hours);
  • The ability to apply the product in several layers in order to increase its masking ability;
  • Affordable price - the product can be purchased in the price range from 300 to 350 rubles.

Problems the concealer has dealt with:

  1. Bruises under the eyes;
  2. Couperosis on the face;
  3. Fine wrinkles.

Among the minuses, the girls note only the fact that the concealer does not moisturize or nourish the skin at all, although the manufacturer claims these properties of the product. So, we can conclude that the girls had a positive opinion about this product.

Feedback on the Radiant concealer is presented in the video below.

Watch the video: БИТВА КОНСИЛЕРОВ: Maybelline Fit Me vs Vivienne Sabo (March 2020).


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