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Carnauba wax

Nowadays, many companies are engaged in the manufacture of decorative cosmetics, during the production of which they use all possible innovative technologies and components.

One of these components, which is part of many high-quality cosmetics, is carnauba wax.

What it is?

Carnauba wax is extracted from the leaves of the palm tree Copernicia prunifera, it is also often called carnauba, palm wax, palm juice or Brazilian wax. This product has exceptional properties, for which he even received the nickname of the King of Waxes.

The palm of Copernicia prunifera reaches a height of more than ten meters and grows only in the northern and eastern parts of Brazil. Leaves of palm trees with a diameter of one and a half to two meters must be collected, dried for several days in the sun, squeezed out - thanks to which the leaves will release wax, it remains to refine and lighten it. Sometimes, during very intense heat, the wax emerges on its own on the exterior of the palm leaves - this is how the plant protects itself from fluid loss.

It is often used in cosmetic products as a natural emulsifier that binds an agent and a sorbent, and in addition it is also just a very useful additional cosmetic substance.

In cosmetics, carnauba is used to give shine products, as well as to control the structure and viscosity of the product. Additionally, it has a softening effect, it retains moisture well in cosmetics, and provides temperature stability of the cosmetic product. In cosmetics, carnauba wax often acts only as an auxiliary component, mainly for thickening, absorption, moisture retention, and the formation of a glossy surface.


For the most part, carnauba wax contains esters, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and resins. Due to its composition, this substance can be stored and used for years - it never spoils. Carnauba wax is very hard and has a dense structure, so it must be melted before being added to cosmetics. But thanks to this structure of the substance, if you add it, for example, to lipstick, it will not smear and blur even on the hottest day.

This wax is not used in cosmetology in its original pure form, but it goes well with other natural ingredients, for example, with small cocoa - this combination will give the product additional hardness. Note that due to the presence in this substance of a property of strong resistance to water, it is also often used as an oil impregnation for wooden surfaces in construction.


Due to its properties, Carnauba wax will in itself become a miraculous helper for people with problematic oily skin. This plant ingredient is completely environmentally friendly, has a structure-forming effect, but it does not clog pores and does not provoke the appearance of comedones. This product also has a fairly pronounced antibacterial and emollient effect.

Harm to the body

This palm ingredient is considered completely safe - Carnauba tests were carried out and experts confirmed that it does not cause irritation, does not contain toxins, and is generally harmless. Copernicus wax is completely hypoallergenic. It is officially allowed to use in cosmetology. Application can be contraindicated only for those who manifest individual hypersensitivity to this product. And, of course, carnauba as part of cosmetics is used only externally. Although this ingredient is also widely used as a food additive, as well as by pharmaceutical companies for the creation of medicinal shells.

Application in cosmetics

Carnauba wax is often an analogue of beeswax common to all of us, although it costs more and, unlike beeswax, is much more refractory. Due to the fact that this type of wax, like its other brothers, softens and becomes malleable during heating, and hardens when it cools, it is used in cosmetics as an enrobing agent, as well as the main component of many hair removal products.

And due to the fact that carnauba wax is completely hypoallergenic and has emollient properties - it is also used in many cosmetic skincare products and in decorative cosmetics. It is part of various creams, ointments, balms, sunscreens, lipsticks and glosses, mascaras, eye shadows and eyeliners, antiperspirants. Added to lipstick, mascara or lip gloss carnauba wax makes them more glossy, shiny and very lasting.

Due to its emollient and protective properties, this substance is also introduced into cosmetic creams, the task of which is to soften and protect the skin from an aggressive environment.

For example, it is part of hygienic lipsticks that heal cracks in the lips, nourish and moisturize the lips. Carnauba also does not allow scalp to accumulate, and it is used in the manufacture of hair and skin care cosmetics made from natural ingredients, which is especially appreciated by vegetarians.

The palm product has found its application even in perfumery - it is used to create aromatic sticks and hard perfumes. To understand if this substance is a part of any cosmetic product - carefully read its composition, look for the name copernica cerifera or additive E903.

How to dissolve?

When working, you need to take into account the melting temperature of carnauba - it ranges from 78 to 86 degrees Celsius. Its hot oil phase dissolves. You should not heat the wax directly in the container, it is best to use a water bath for these purposes. If you decide to use this product in the preparation of home cosmetics, then, based on a specific recipe, it is best to heat the oil initially, then inject wax into it and transfer it to the dishes together with the oils. And we advise you to adhere to the optimal concentration of the substance: up to 5% in skin care products, up to 10% in decorative cosmetics.


Often carnauba wax is sold in the form of flakes, it is also found in the form of bars and powders. Many companies are engaged in production, the most famous domestic manufacturer is the Zhivitsa company. Among foreign popular is the German company Sonax Premiumclass.


After reading the reviews on the Internet, we can conclude that Carnauba wax is indeed a very useful cosmetic substance. Many users write that they often came across this ingredient in the form of yellow hard flakes. People note that wax has a pleasant, subtle, practical, elusive aroma.

Girls write that they store Carnauba wax at room temperature - the main thing is in a dry room and away from heat sources.

It is best for reliability to store it in a tightly twisting container. To melt this ingredient, the girls successfully use an ordinary water bath and claim that carnauba wax in the form of flakes melts even better and faster than beeswax. But at the same time, he has much better qualities for our beauty and health.

Many girls also combine this tool with other types of waxes. Buyers also write that the cost of this wax is very low, and is about 300-400 rubles per 100 grams. From this component, girls produce home-made cosmetics at home - lip balms, various creams and other useful skin care products. As part of store cosmetics, customers met palm wax in the following products:

  • lipsticks;
  • lip balm;
  • pencils for eyes and lips;
  • solid deodorants;
  • carcases for eyelashes;
  • moisturizers;
  • sunscreens and sunblocks.

The quality of cosmetics, which includes this ingredient, the girls are very satisfied.

All cosmetics perfectly retain their structure. Lipstick girls with carnauba are singled out separately, their quality is highly praised - they do not smear and do not spread even during periods of extreme heat.

And girls characterize moisturizers as a panacea for everyone who has dry and dehydrated skin. Summing up, we can confidently say that carnauba wax is a very interesting, useful and safe product in cosmetology. Therefore, feel free to use cosmetics, which it includes.

You will learn more about the beneficial properties of carnauba wax from the following video.



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