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Eveline Foundation

The foundation is a basic product in any cosmetic bag that will help even out skin tone in case of imperfections. This tool is very individual, since when choosing it is necessary to take into account everything: from the type of skin to its undertones, also not forgetting about the desired resistance. In this regard, almost all cosmetic brands in the assortment have several lines of tonal foundations suitable for girls with different needs. Eveline Cosmetics stands out among the brands - an impressive arsenal of products will appeal to even the most fastidious customers.

Most popular remedies

"Art Professional Make-Up 3 in 1"

The manufacturer said that "Art Professional Make-Up 3 in 1" combines the properties of 3 products at once:

  1. Base makeup. There is no need for an additional product, which is very good for hot summers, when you want to look beautiful at the same time and not overload the skin.
  2. Concealer. Girls expect a similar effect from all means of this type.
  3. Corrector. In case of sudden imperfections, the cream can be applied pointwise.

Girls in the reviews note the durability of the product even at high temperatures in the summer, but they warn about the imperfection of the shade palette: the lightest shade in winter may not look natural with "snow white", so it is better to save it until the warm season. If your skin tone is dark in itself, it makes sense to try the cream in the winter as well - it will adjust to your skin color.

"Ideal Cover Full HD"

The high content of matting and tinting pigments, and a dense tone with success will last from morning to night at a large party. The girls' reviews confirm that the skin remains fresh even by the end of the evening, and the imperfections are reliably hidden. In this case, there is no "mask effect" when the product is visible on the face and on the border with the neck. Moreover, unlike the previous base, the color palette "Ideal Cover Full HD" allows you to choose the right product even for the winter. It is worth noting the packaging of the product: a weighty glass bottle with a pump will not break and will allow squeezing out exactly as much as needed - quite hygienic and economical.

"Cashemire Effect"

The word "cashmere" in the name is not accidental: this cream is as loose, light and airy. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who love the effect of porcelain skin without the slightest flaw: in order to achieve the perfect tone, you will have to additionally use the concealer on problem areas. If on the whole your skin suits you, but there are any minor irregularities, then the tool will help out and create an even tone.

"Cashemire Effect" due to its texture, it is suitable for the summer, when light products are especially relevant, but even in the cold season it should not be discounted, especially since the palette is also designed for pale-faced beauties. In this case, it is worth considering that in winter the skin suffers from cold, and it makes sense to use a good nourishing or moisturizing cream to match the tone.

"Matt professional"

Oily-skinned girls have a really hard time: tonal bases often do not last long, roll off, leave stains, clog pores. In this regard, to choose a faithful "assistant" is very difficult. Eveline cosmetics released cream "Matt professional " - a real salvation for girls with oily dermis. The tone really keeps dull from morning to evening and keeps its dignity, while not polluting the pores, which could lead to the appearance of inflammation.

The reviews also note its lightness, which will relieve the obsessive feeling of the presence of a mask on the face, which is known firsthand to girls with oily skin. This is true if you have a long working day, you need to look tidy and not be distracted by the manipulation of dusting and matting wipes.

"Super Match Full HD"

Eveline notes that the "2 in 1" tool combines the properties of both foundation and corrector. This is very convenient for girls whose skin is prone to imperfections. However, the product has some limitations. Since the finish of the coating is rather satin rather than matte, coupled with a greasy sheen, it may look messy, therefore it is more suitable for normal and dry skin, and for a type prone to oily, it is better to choose matte means (Eveline Cosmetics has "Matt Professional"). "Super Match Full HD" enlivens a dull complexion, gives it energy. The skin will seem truly porcelain and “glow from the inside”, which some girls are so lacking.

"CC Cream Magical"

CC-creams relatively recently appeared on the cosmetic market, having won the love of many customers. Many brands have acquired their own “letter” cream, and Eveline - not an exception. "CC Cream Magical" differs from the brand products listed above: it is a tool with several properties at once. Initially, it has a white color with dark spots, which, revealing on the skin, give it a shade. In this regard, you should not expect a full coverage from the cream, it is intended only to even out its shade and give it a sleek look. Nevertheless, the foundation contains moisturizing ingredients, which will please owners of dry skin types. Moreover, such girls will be delighted by the presence of luminous components in the composition - small spangles will not look foreign and vulgar on the skin, but will highlight it as if from the inside.

With this tool, you can not use a highlighter, which is good for the hot season, when you want to apply as little makeup as possible, but at the same time look perfect.

"Magical Cover 5 in 1"

The manufacturer indicates 5 properties of the foundation that attract attention:

  1. Masking flaws. This will appeal to girls with imperfections, because there are times when you want to look perfect. Then tonal foundations come to the rescue, and Eveline - a good option.
  2. Durability. Actually, this is the main advantage, which is emphasized. The tool can be used "exit" for special occasions.
  3. Tone Alignment. Rarely, someone has the perfect skin color, most often they can see small redness on the nose, freckles, black spots, and so on. "Magical Cover 5 in 1" will cope with the above problems and many others.
  4. Moisturizing. Often, persistent bases dry the skin, from which it begins to peel off. This also affects the quality of the coating, because many creams sin by emphasizing peeling and, at the same time, look untidy. This will not happen with this product.
  5. SPF protection. Even in the cold season, the skin needs protection from the sun. There is a myth that the sun's rays are active only in the summer, but this is not so. Therefore, before each exit to the street, it is necessary to take this fact into account and apply a special Sanskrin product or use a tinting product with the presence of a sunscreen SPF factor. Fortunately, in this cream, the manufacturer took into account the needs of the skin and included protection in the composition. Thus, no additional funds are required.

It is worth adding that SPF is present in almost all tones from Eveline Cosmetics. They are in various concentrations from 10 to 15. This is enough for the winter, but in the summer it is worth protecting yourself in order to avoid the appearance of excess pigmentation and wrinkles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now on the market there are many brands of decorative cosmetics, and almost everyone has their own similar products, or even several. In the reviews, women mark the Eveline brand - the company produces really worthy funds. What is important, a girl with any tone and skin type will find her product. It is important to carefully approach the selection and test the product near a source of natural sunlight, not on the back of your hand, but on the border of your face and neck: this way you can make sure that the product is exactly right.

Moreover, the ladies believe that the brand’s cosmetics are presented at very affordable prices. However, this does not mean poor quality - the brand holds the bar, releasing funds that may well become loved.

For a review of Eveline foundation, see the next video.


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