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Peach gel polish

Peach gel polish is one of the fashion trends of the season. The shade “peach” looks beautiful and natural on the nails, it adds a sense of health to the nail plates and is a soft accent of the manicure.


Peach gel polish is a plastic composition of gel and nail polish. This is a modern nail tool with the properties of varnish, but needs to be dried like a gel. The coating requires compliance with the rules of manicure technology with mandatory drying in a special lamp.

Peach gel polish can be an independent background of manicure or its decoration.

In any case, he brings notes of aristocracy and delicate taste to the design. With a skillful approach to design, you can draw them on the surface of the nail plates a variety of drawings. This shade is in harmony with matte and glossy paints.


The peach shade of the gel polish allows a lot of possibilities for the design of the nail plates. Due to the light tone, it is an ideal foundation. With this color of varnish, drawings made on nails will have clear boundaries and a bright color. This design basis is well combined with the following decorative elements:

  • water and glue-based sliders, flat and 3D;
  • small sparkling cuts;
  • microbisser;
  • narrow tape for nails;
  • stamping.

Peach gel polish is appropriate in the technique of moon manicure and French. A variety of coatings allows you to make a unique manicure using matte, glossy, shimmer and yogurt gel polish. Any variety looks beautiful and appropriate. Peach-colored gel polish is combined with different shades of other gel-based coatings. In each manicure, he brings notes of freshness and incredible femininity. This shade can be pale (closer to cream) or quite dense and bright (a mix of bright beige and pink). The coating of such tones always looks elegant, and when you add a design, it acquires depth and volume.

Who is it for?

Peach color gel polish is designed for the beautiful half of humanity of different ages and styles. Thanks to a pleasant shade, it is appropriate in a different image of a woman. Peach tone belongs to the pastel color palette, therefore, it harmoniously combines with different design elements and suits many things of women's wardrobe. Both the young lady and the mature woman will feel confident with a peach shade manicure.

Application technology

Being a gel polish, the coating is highly resistant. Usually, it stays on the nails for more than two to three weeks and does not need to be adjusted. Unlike regular nail polish, all the time while it is on the nails, the gel polish will not lose its original color, it will not fade or lose its gloss. Today, brands offer quality products, so you can do it yourself, as in a salon. It will not be difficult.

You can learn how to make a moon manicure with peach gel polish from the next video.

Usually a peach hue has a dense pigmentation and medium density, so it is easy to apply. The background is always smooth, without stripes and unpainted areas. However, the peach tone is quite light, so if you ignore the accurate implementation of all the stages of applying gel polish, uneven spots and defects in the technology can be seen on the surface of the nail plates. Usually it is applied in three thin layers, unlike other tones in the color palette.

Manicure technology includes the steps of:

  • preparation of the nail plate with the processing of the free edge;
  • grinding and removing the keratin layer;
  • degreasing the nail plate;
  • applying an acid free primer;
  • base coating;
  • applying the pigment in three layers;
  • fixing the result with a finish layer;
  • removal of residual stickiness.

This video demonstrates step by step how to create a beautiful manicure using peach gel polish.

Each applied layer must be dried in a lamp. It is this device that provides the hardening of the coating and its durability.

If, in addition to one tone, you want to perform nail design, this stage is carried out after a layer of top coating. After completing the art, to increase the durability of the manicure, another layer of the finish is applied to the surface of the nail plates.

Design ideas

  1. Peach jacket with gel polish looks modest, but tasteful. First, a transparent base is made, and with the help of a peach pigment a "smile" is made. To add a bright accent, you can make up a completely ring finger or add a small pattern to it.
  2. Shades of gold, wood, pearls and ivory will help to add tenderness and a special holiday feeling to the manicure.. In combination with black, the peach shade becomes brighter. The original design option will be a tiger motif.
  3. Peach color personifies spring and tenderness. It is an ideal tone for a summer manicure, and if you choose other paints for it correctly, it will not be lost in the winter.
  4. One of the design options can be an imitation of temperature gel polish. This technique looks beautiful. If you want creativity, then you can apply stamping in a contrasting color on a monophonic basis. The pattern will constantly change color throughout the day, which will create an unusual effect.
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What stickers are suitable for peach gel polish?

There are several types of stickers. The most successful options will be water-based pictures. Their subjects can be very diverse:

  • flower arrangements or single flowers;
  • animalistic drawings;
  • lace;
  • various birds;
  • animals;
  • ornaments (geometry, scallops, stripes, peas);
  • berries and fruits;
  • autumn leaves;
  • bears, kittens, hares;
  • portrait sketches;
  • Japanese motives.
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When doing a manicure with stickers, do not oversaturate it with an abundance of pattern. Two fingers are enough. So they will be the accents of the chosen design and will not hide the main peach background.

If you want to add a twist, it’s quite enough to decorate each nail plate without a picture with a small rhinestone at the base. Manicure for a special occasion allows for a more generous decor. So, in addition to the peach base, you can decorate the nails with sparkles, a sticker and gold decorative elements. The main thing is to successfully choose a nail design.

Watch the video: PEACH 10 Easy Nail Ideas! (April 2020).


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