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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Concealer Catrice

Catrice is always at the peak of fashion and innovation. The inspiration for the manufacturer is modern trends on the world catwalks. Using decorative cosmetics of this brand, you can always be sure that not a single novelty in the field of make-up will pass by. The color palette in the Catrice product line is impressive. These are various fashionable shades of shadows, lipsticks, varnishes, tones, concealers.

Disadvantage control

The high quality of decorative cosmetics of this company, as well as innovative developments and active components in the composition - this attracts more and more satisfied customers.

The Catrice concealer has a pleasant texture and looks very stylish in appearance. The prices for these products are very affordable, and the quality is not inferior to luxury brands.

Cosmetic products have incorporated all the fashion trends and inspire to create the perfect, bright, unique make-up.

Concealer Catrice is a high quality cosmetic product. Even on issues such as the fight against shortcomings, you need to follow the latest fashion trends and use the most innovative technologies.

Makeup with products of the Catrice brand will not take much time, will stick firmly to the skin, hide all roughness and unevenness, emphasize the benefits. For the face, concealers of this brand will be an ideal solution, because it is care and skin care.

A diverse palette in a duet with professional developments will help create a natural and long-lasting make-up.

No women’s cosmetic bag today can be imagined without a concealer. This is a little savior for all occasions. It has a delicate but dense texture, which allows you to hide any redness or inflammation that has arisen in a second.

Using this tool is very easy: you need to take a little product and blend it on the site that stands out from the general ideal image. The product must be shaded carefully so that there are no noticeable boundaries.

The Concealer Palette (or a single Catrice product) can easily cope with the effects of a sleepless night - both for a young mother and an avid party girl. With dark circles under the eyes, you can fight with both a liquid and a creamy one. Any insect bites, irritation, allergies - all the flaws are hidden by a masking agent.

How to cope with skin imperfections with the help of a concealer palette can be found in the next video.


"Liquid Camouflage" - "High Coverage Concealer" Gives perfect coverage and skin care. This liquid concealer is not afraid of water, as it has a waterproof texture that is super resistant to rain, snow, sweat and other liquids. A dense coating will be held throughout the day and will not open the veil of secrecy that it hides. 005 "Light Natural" - one of the three shades of concealer, ideal for owners of very fair skin.

010 "Porcelain" will help to deal with imperfections on the face of girls with porcelain skin (light pink tint).

For women with a darker complexion, tan should choose 020 “Light beige”. And then you can forget about the bumps, redness and dark circles under the eyes.

Liquid concealer easily conceals all this without harming the delicate and sensitive skin. Another plus is a persistent pigment that will not be erased and will remain until the evening, regardless of the weather.

The dense foundation holds well on a light basis, does not create a mask effect and does not stand out in makeup. A 5 ml bottle is enough for a very long time, so you often do not have to buy a masking agent. Ease of use is created by a convenient brush, which can reach the very bottom of the jar. The smell is filled with floral notes. The texture is liquid, but the concealer does not spread and holds tightly in the place where it was applied.

Decorative set

Concealer Palette - It is a compact, very convenient and versatile tool. Such a cosmetic product is able to cope with any shortcomings and is suitable for women with any skin tone, at any time of the year. Catrice Allround Set consists of five colors - green, pink and three shades of beige. Such a diverse palette allows you to hide the smallest irregularities and roughness.

With this palette you can not worry that the skin in the summer becomes dark, tanned, and brightens by winter. Three shades of beige concealer in the set will allow you to deal with imperfections at any time of the year and in any weather.

The concealer has a delicate creamy texture, mixes easily, lays down and shades. The combination of colors will help you feel like a real professional in the matter of masking defects.

Green tone will hide any redness, pink will remove dark circles from under the eyes, beige shades will retouch the image, lead it to a single denominator and create an ideal, even “finish”.

Customer reviews leave the most flattering. They note resistance, a pleasant texture, high-quality masking properties, an affordable price and a box that is resistant to shocks and drops.

An overview of the Catrice Concealer Pallet can be seen in the next video.

Cream products

"Cream" - these are cream concealers of different shadescreated by Catrice for specific purposes. The product is enclosed in a convenient 3 g round jar.

The small format of the cosmetic product allows you to always carry it with you and apply as necessary, when necessary.

“Camouflage” - This is a cream from the Cream line of products, which allows you to hide skin irregularities one hundred percent. The shades of the product are perfectly combined with the skin of different tones.

A feature of “Camouflage Cream” is that after applying powder to it, it becomes waterproof. In total, three different shades are produced. "Ivory" is suitable for fair-faced beauties who dream of skin without defects and bumps. For light tanning in spring, 020 “Light beige” is suitable, and sultry dark-skinned girls should give preference to cosmetic product 025 “Rosy Sand”.

This concealer can be called a star among similar masking agents. A dense texture that retains its properties throughout the day (in combination with proven retouching properties), makes all bumps, pigmentations, spider veins, redness invisible. Everything that catches your eye spoils the mood and makes the image imperfect.

You can learn more about Camouflage Cream concealer in the next video.

"Anti-Red", "Anti-Shadow", "Wake Up Effect"

Any professional makeup artist will say that only green color can cope with redness on the skin. therefore concealer "Anti-Red" You’ll definitely need it on a frosty day, when your nose turns red before you go out. In the summer, either insects bite or the face burns. In these situations, a masking agent for the color of young foliage is useful. The ideal color without any redness will be due to the matting properties of the product, a dense creamy texture.

Another useful new product from Catrice - yellow concealer "Anti-Shadow". It aims to combat pigmentation. The epidermis with age spots can not be called healthy, therefore, a fashionable image will not do without the use of a masking product. A dense yellow tint in just one coating layer is able to remove, hide the heterogeneity of the skin. And most importantly - the pores will not clog, which will start the process of natural oxygen circulation in the epidermal cells.

Natural and natural beauty, fresh and peppy look will give concealer "Wake Up Effect". The creamy pink texture leaves no chance for dark circles under the eyes. The main enemy will be defeated due to the density of the composition and quality of the product.

Always with you

The ideal option (especially for those who like to travel - and at the same time always look well-groomed and rested) can be called a concealer from Catrice in the format of a masking pencil. “Allround Coverstick” contains reflective particles, therefore, to achieve an excellent effect with it is not difficult.

This is a universal tool that allows you to hide in a few strokes the circles under the eyes, and redness, and wrinkles - any flaws on the skin. The result is a perfect finish for an unforgettable onion.

What is very important, the concealer is tested and approved by dermatologists. The line of this tool contains three tones. Each shade (it's creamy 030 “Sand”, 010 “Nyde” and yellowish 025) will help to cope with any problem that arose on the face.


Especially enthusiastic reviews of the fair sex are left after using the Allround concealer palette. This product from Catrice compactly contains the most necessary shades that will suit any woman. There are no impossible tasks for this product.

The advantages of masking products of this brand, according to customers, are texture density, instant effect, natural shades, convenience of bottles and boxes. Product quality is combined with stylish packaging and affordable price. Girls also find unconventional use for the concealer. For example, a pink tone is applied to the lips as a base so that the lipstick lies evenly and does not clog into folds.

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