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Henna Back Drawings

Beautiful patterns on the body fascinate many. However, not everyone is ready to decorate their body with a full-fledged tattoo, which will remain forever. For those who do not want to get a tattoo, but are interested in body art, a variety of drawings on the back of henna are suitable.

Features and Benefits

Temporary henna tattoos appeared a very long time ago. They girls and men adorned their body long before the advent of a full-fledged civilization. Henna patterns were intended to be protected from evil forces, they protected their owners or were part of complex religious rites. Today the situation is much simpler - henna tattoos are used simply to decorate the body.

Henna drawings stay on the skin much less than ordinary ones. Typically, patterns remain for several weeks, or even a month. Patterns on the back are often created in the beach season, when you can boast of such beauty on the shore of the sea or river.

Another advantage of henna painting is that such drawings are very simple to perform. This is an absolutely painless procedure that takes about two hours. The duration of the application of the patterns depends on their complexity and the talent of the master who makes the tattoo.

Pattern on the back: pros and cons

Patterns on the back are made not so often - especially in the cold season, when the skin is constantly in contact with warm things, the pattern is wiped and becomes faded.

However, on the back you can create really voluminous and interesting patterns that are much more difficult to implement on smaller areas of the skin. So you can turn your body into a real canvas, on which the artist will depict everything that is needed. This can be either one voluminous and complex pattern, or several small ones, interwoven with each other and turning into one complex picture.

As for the areas on the back where the patterns are located, they are very different. Most often, patterns using henna are painted on the upper back. Girls like to have a small temporary tattoo on the back of their neck. This is very convenient, because at any time it can be hidden behind the hair.

The painting often adorns the shoulder blades or the space between them. The most obvious option for a tattoo on this part of the body is beautiful wings.

Girls sometimes have floral patterns or complex weaves on their lower backs. It looks sexy and spectacular.

Popular patterns

Henna painting allows you to decorate the body with almost any pattern. You can restrict yourself to light mandalas or depict more complex patterns on your body. Let's look at the most popular sketches that guys and girls choose.


In mythology, this beautiful and noble bird is associated with the goddess Lakshim, who gives people well-being. So the peacock depicted on the body should attract everything good to a person. The henna pattern on the body looks really impressive.


One of the most popular pictures that are placed on the back is the wings. Such patterns are usually associated with the desire to be free. Wings are a symbol of freedom that we all know. He is often associated with angels. If the name of a person is located between the wings, then it is believed that you become the protector of the one whose name is written on your body.


Since the practice of applying patterns to the body using henna is closely related to Indian culture, among the lovers of mehndi, the lotus is also popular, which in eastern countries is considered one of the main female talismans.

Patterns in the form of a lotus should protect the girl from everything bad. Due to the fact that it is a symbol of the birth of something new, it is often applied to the skin by those who are preparing for motherhood.

The Dragon

The spectacular voluminous dragon on the body also often adorns the body. On the back you can draw a European dragon, and a mystical animal, which is present in Japanese or Chinese mythology. The dragon among fans of the East is associated with power and authority. Confident and strong-willed men often choose this pattern. Even if you do not believe in any special power of wearable images, such a picture will still interest you. At least thanks to its spectacular appearance.


Such patterns are most often performed in the Arabic style. It looks unusual, despite the apparent simplicity of the drawing itself. Such temporary tattoos most often adorn the backs of young girls. The pattern can go down the spine, adorn the neck, shoulder blades or lower back.


Another traditional oriental decoration is the elephant. This huge animal in eastern tradition is associated with wisdom. It is believed that elephants are carriers of a higher power and very wise and merciful animals. If you want to bring calm and balance to your life, then this pattern made of interesting complex details will suit you.


Fans of minimalism can limit themselves to simple lines, arranged in random order. It can be straight lines, waves or spirals - it all depends on your wishes.


This image is also often found in the portfolio of henna masters. It is associated with devotion and fidelity, so this tattoo is suitable for girls and boys.


Star skin looks good on the skin. The most popular option is a spectacular eight-pointed star. Such a picture is considered a protective amulet, regardless of whose body it is located on. The pentagram also provides protection, but only if the image is not upside down. A classic five-pointed star is a symbol of hope, which is also very popular with many young people.


Another interesting pattern is a dream catcher. If you have such a picture on your back, you are almost certainly a fan of oriental culture. It was such drawings that were one of the first to be applied to the skin using henna. The symbol is designed to protect its owner from all that is bad: bad thoughts, negative energy, insomnia. Such patterns can be adapted to your taste and complemented by religious inserts, feathers or flowers that are inside the web.

The variety of drawings does not end there at all. You can realize any of your fantasies by decorating your back with the most unusual pictures. After all, the main advantage of henna tattoos is that it will not last a lifetime, but only a few weeks, and over time you will be able to change the pattern to something new that you will like even more.

You will learn how to draw a floral mehendi on the back by watching the video below.

Watch the video: Making of a Henna Tattoo ASMR (November 2019).

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