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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Foundation Divage

Each representative of the fair sex wants to have perfect facial skin, but nature has not endowed everyone with such a luxurious gift. The effective Divage foundation is designed to hide the visible imperfections of the epidermis. With it, the makeup looks very gentle and beautiful. Indeed, thanks to its light texture, it lays in an even layer, filling the face with freshness and a pleasant tone.


Like any other cosmetic product, Divage foundation has its own features such as:

  • Disguise disadvantages. The relief becomes even, the skin looks toned, smoothed and has a natural shade.
  • Protection from adverse factors. It creates a reliable protective barrier against the effects of the sun, frost, wind and dust.
  • Nutrition. It penetrates deep into the epidermis, nourishing each layer with useful components, and also contributes to the production of collagen.
  • Moisturizing. The presence of essential oils makes the skin moisturized, soft and fresh.
  • Fixation makeup. It maintains the pristine quality of makeup throughout the day, making the skin attractive and radiant.

The foundation is very popular. Divage "Velvet Stay Matte" and "True Color". These high-quality and effective products create the most natural and even complexion, which makes them widely in demand among women. In the process of their application, there is no feeling of tightness and discomfort, as the texture of these products is fully adapted to one or another type of skin.


A professionally selected cream composition provides a light and airy texture. Natural oils and Vitamin E gently care for the skin, filling it with a natural shade and radiance. The face looks beautiful and well-groomed due to the presence of green tea extract, which acts as an antioxidant. This prevents premature aging of the skin, and also helps to maintain a flawless matte texture. Additional components create a full-fledged caring complex, and also perfectly hide visible imperfections in the form of freckles and age spots.

Application Rules

The foundation for face Divage has a very delicate texture and is characterized by the excellent effect of matting the skin.

It is applied in a thin layer, while perfectly concealing all irregularities and defects. The pores are significantly narrowed, and the surface acquires perfect smoothness, which makes the face even more attractive. In order to achieve maximum results, cosmetologists and makeup artists recommend that you adhere to the following rules for applying this product:

  • Healthy skin. Before proceeding to the direct process of applying the foundation, it is necessary to improve the skin of the face. To do this, you can use cleansing and soothing cosmetics, such as gels and scrubs, as daily care. If the skin is prone to rashes and irritation, then it is worth using special medications prescribed by a qualified doctor.
  • Tone selection. At this stage, the best and most correct solution will be the help of a professional makeup artist who will help you choose an individual tone of the foundation, as well as provide important recommendations regarding its further use.
  • Trial copy. Allows you to accurately verify that it is this or that type of cream that suits the individual type of skin.
  • Hygiene above all. Before applying foundation, it is mandatory to wash your hands, as well as sponges, sponges or other objects used for this process.
  • Healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, good nutrition and good mood are the key to beautiful skin and the foundation for flawless makeup.

Adhering to such simple tips, you can achieve maximum results, as well as fill the skin with beautiful radiance, youth and freshness. You can apply Divage foundation with both your fingers and specially designed objects. To do this, take a small amount of the product, apply it to the cheeks, forehead and chin, and then shade it in a circular motion.

You will learn more about applying foundation in the next video.


Numerous reviews of the beautiful half of society indicate the good quality of the product, as well as its incomparable effectiveness.

Some ladies make the choice in favor of the Divage foundation, as they appreciate it for a perfect matting effect. Women claim that this cosmetic product perfectly evens out skin tone, while masking pigmentation and freckles well. Its light texture and unobtrusive aroma are important indicators in the selection process.

This foundation cream harmoniously combines high quality, affordable cost and effectiveness. Thanks to the delicate texture, it is applied to the surface of the face very easily, evenly distributed and, during the day, practically not noticeable, which creates maximum comfort. A carefully thought-out composition provides reliable skin protection from adverse factors.

Watch the video: Divage Products by BOUBA Academy Part 1 (November 2019).

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