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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Foundation ArtDeco

To create an unsurpassed make-up, each woman uses not only mascara, pencil, blush. The main tool is a foundation. It is he who allows you to disguise all skin imperfections and realize the perfect make-up. Consider the main features and advantages of a cosmetic product. ArtDeco foundation will help to cope with this task perfectly.

Features and Benefits

The foundation of this company has earned positive feedback from the ladies. They are the ones who talk about the unsurpassed quality of this cosmetic product. The main advantages include:

  • High quality product. This cream will help to perfectly cope with the defects of the dermis. You effectively mask signs of fatigue after a sleepless night or redness on your face.

  • Due to the optimal composition, the company's products have the appropriate consistency. The tool adapts to the structure of the skin.

  • Easy to apply. You can quickly and easily with the help of light movements of your fingertips apply the product on your face. At the same time, remember that you should not stretch the skin - this is fraught with negative consequences.

  • A wide range of products. You will be able to choose a product suitable for yourself, appropriate tone.

  • Availability. You can purchase foundation in any specialized store. It is necessary to check the product before buying. In a period of unfair competition, you can often stumble on a fake.

  • Democratic cost. This is another important indicator for prudent ladies. You will be able to purchase the product at an affordable price for you, while not spending all your savings.

  • Good mood. A positive attitude will help you achieve your goals much more quickly. You will feel more confident and attractive. Perfect makeup will help you achieve your goals.


Among the many types of product companies can distinguish the most common models.

"High Definition"

This ultra-light foundation is perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive dermis. This product is a 4 in 1 complex. The cosmetic product perfectly moisturizes the skin, makes it supple, nourishes with vitality and energy. The cream contains hyaluronic acid. Violet extract also provides active cell nutrition.

In the composition of the product, you can see panthenol, and vitamins A and E.


This cosmetic product has an ultra-light texture and at the same time perfectly matts the surface of the skin, effectively hiding all its imperfections. You will feel only lightness and tenderness. The weightless texture will be perfectly evenly distributed on the skin. Your face will look natural and attractive. This foundation is created for natural makeup. The substance is distributed quite easily over the skin. You can quickly apply the drug with your fingers or sponge. Make-up will be perfect.

"Rich Treatment"

This option is equipped with reflective particles. The cream has an excellent masking effect, which will help hide all skin imperfections. It is easy enough to distribute the substance with the help of a sponge or fingertips. Using a sunscreen, the product perfectly protects your skin from environmental hazards. The bottle includes silicones, squalene, egg oil. The presence of bitterness extract helps soothe the dermis and tone it. Thanks to licorice extract, irritation is relieved. Strengthening the capillaries helps the extract of the mulberry roots. Moisturize the cells hyaluronic acid.

Buyers also note the ease of application of this product.


Many positive reviews indicate the high quality of the product. Ladies note that when using the tonal products of this company, all skin defects, as well as traces of its fatigue, are effectively eliminated. The product has an optimal consistency, with which you can create a smooth and perfect skin tone. However, you will not see the effect of the mask. Everything will contribute to natural makeup.

A wide range of products is another indicator that satisfied users note. You can choose the cosmetic product that will suit you in tone. Women also like the fact that the product has an affordable price. You can purchase a cosmetic product at an affordable cost and not empty your family budget. At the same time, it is better to purchase a product in professional stores. So you can protect yourself from a fake. Be sure to ensure that the product is sealed. Pay attention to the expiration date of the goods.

The optimal composition of creams also attracts the attention of ladies. It helps not only to mask all the imperfections of the dermis, but also to actively care for the skin.

Thus, we examined the main advantages and features of ArtDeco foundation. Now you know which product you like, as well as how to use it correctly.

For more information on other ArtDeco products, see the video below.

Watch the video: BESTE FOUNDATION? ARTDECO Perfect Teint Foundation im Test ! Wirklich so gut? Pia Pietsch (April 2020).


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