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Henna lush

The Lush company (England) differs from other cosmetic companies in the naturalness of its products and the use of manual work in the manufacture of cosmetics. One of the areas of products: hair care products, among which henna occupies a special place.


The company’s entire production process is organized manually: the collection and processing of the original natural components, packaging, sticker manufacturer’s labels, which indicate the expiration date and even the name of the employee who manufactured the Lush tool. This is one of the few companies that does not test its products on animals, which is an important positive factor for the prestige of a European-level company.

Henna is obtained from dried and ground leaves of a plant called lavsonia, which grows in the tropics. The top sheets of the plant are used as a dye for painting textiles and leather, and the bottom for preparing a dye for hair. Colorless henna is obtained from the stem. The younger the shrub, the richer the tint effect. In addition to its coloring properties, henna has several advantages: it restores the cellular composition of the skin, treats dandruff, relieves irritation, strengthens hair, and is an excellent conditioner, making hair thicker.

Henna is used not only as a dye, but also as a delightful mask to give your hair a healthy shine.

Henna Lush has the appearance of pressed bars, resembling chocolate bars, with various natural additives (coffee, cocoa and others) that allow you to diversify its shades (from light red to black).

Shelf life

This natural dye is not very large Shelf life - up to 12 months. Freshness can be determined by color: fresh - green. At the same time, storage conditions also affect shelf life. It is stored in a tight, well-closed package, as it starts to oxidize when opened. The powder becomes darker, gathers into lumps and loses activity. Overdue henna cannot cause harm, the only thing is that the saturation of the color result will be weaker. Users of henna pay attention to the fact that as the expiration date expires, the amount of oils in it decreases, the smell weakens. This is a positive factor for owners of an increased sense of smell.


Henna Lush consists of directly henna (milled leaves of Lavsonia), cocoa butter, algae powder of pearl (Irish) moss, clove oil, a variety of essential oils and perfumes. To give a different tone, ground coffee beans, nettle powder and other components are added. Colorless henna is contained in the hair mask "Jasmine and henna."

This hair care product has an amazing aroma of jasmine, which together with henna gives obedience to the hair, making it shiny, silky, providing care for the tips.


Henna Lush lineup introduced 4 color schemes:

  • Brown: includes ground coffee beans; it gives the hair an intense brown color; nettle powder (one of the ingredients) heals the scalp, gives the hair shine, makes the roots stronger.
  • Chestnut: the combination of red and black henna, supplemented with ground coffee beans, oils - gives the hair a red with a fiery tint color of fresh chestnuts.
  • Red: traditional, creates a red color with an orange tint. It includes rosemary and clove, lemon oil.
  • Black: It contains cocoa and clove oil, it can give a blue-black tint, and at the first coloring it can only shade the existing natural color with a cold shine. It depends on the method of application of the product.

All types of henna can be mixed with each other in different ways, achieving an infinite number of shades.


  • When using black henna to obtain black with blue tint it is necessary to let the hair with the paint dry in the open air.
  • If you want to get brown tint it is necessary to cover the hair with cling film.
  • If you want to achieve red tint When diluting henna, use red wine rather than water.
  • Purple, shimmering in the sun is obtained by diluting henna with hot juice of freshly squeezed beets (without the use of water).
  • Honey Golden Tone will be achieved by diluting henna with chamomile infusion.
  • Noble shades of dark color obtained by mixing dye with black coffee.
  • It is advisable to add to all these mixtures a few drops of essential oils This will allow you to evenly distribute the dye across the hair.

If you do not want to experiment with natural components, it is better to purchase Lush colored henna, which without any hassle will give the hair the necessary shade.

How to use?

To achieve an excellent result, experts advise you to follow some rules.

How to be painted?

For painting are required:

  • grater,
  • gloves
  • a towel (probably after painting it will be impossible to wash off),
  • comb, hairpin,
  • paint brush
  • breeding tanks (glass, or better porcelain),
  • kneading tool (wooden spatula),
  • some kind of floor covering (so as not to stain it: film, newspapers).

Very important: it is not recommended to use henna on hair recently dyed with artificial dyes. It is advisable to try to dye an initially small curl to make sure that the desired result is achieved. For a short haircut, 30-50 g will be enough, for an average length of 100-150 g, for long ones up to 250 g, one cube is about 50 g.

Important rules:

  • Grind the henna with a fine grater.
  • It is poured into a container, filled with hot water (75-80 degrees), thoroughly stirred until the lumps disappear, put in a water bath (up to 3 hours), in winter you can use a warm battery. The hotter the henna, the brighter the color. A microwave oven is not allowed for this.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of oil (avocado, shea, coconut, jojoba).
  • Carefully comb the hair.
  • Wearing gloves until the dye has cooled, apply on thin strands of cleanly washed wet hair (washed with shampoo without the use of masks, balms), carefully smearing the basal hair line.
  • After painting, dye is applied at the roots along the entire length.
  • Henna-coated hair is not combed, but as if slammed to the head so that the henna does not move from the roots to the ends.
  • Shelter as necessary with a package, insulate. If a red tint is not desired, the head is not covered with anything.
  • Withstand the necessary time.
  • Wash off with a conditioner or hair mask. If necessary, comb out the "dust" with a comb. You can use a mild shampoo.
  • A thorough washing of the hair with shampoo is carried out after three days.

If the color is too bright, you can muffle it by applying warm vegetable oil for 30 minutes. Chemical brighteners should not be used.

For more on hair coloring with Lush Henna, see the next video.

How much to keep?

Keep the coloring matter on the hair from a quarter of an hour to eight hours. Some leave her even for a night or longer. It all depends on the desired result: the longer you hold, the more intense the color.

Does it paint over gray hair?

Painting gray hair using henna is real. However, you should know that if you use it in its pure form without additives, you may get a bright red color. In order to get a brown or reddish tint, you need to add the dried leaves of rhubarb, basma, red wine and other ingredients. If the gray hair is not sufficiently dyed during the first staining, it should be repainted. When using basma, it is recommended to paint in two stages: first, be painted separately with henna, and then basma. The result is a delicious chestnut color.


Consumers believe that Lush henna rightfully refers to good cosmetics, since having only natural components in its composition does not harm hair in any way, but on the contrary, lifeless, dry hair before using henna takes on a healthy look.

Henna heals hair, strengthens it, stimulates growth.

Very effective homemade masks prepared on its basis. The hair after them becomes strong, soft, elastic, shiny.

The disadvantages of using this coloring agent include the pain of painting, it takes a lot of time, It is necessary to be attentive to expiration dates and storage rules. residues. But the effect is worth it.

In the East, henna is considered a love tool: it gives rise to passion. There is an opinion that men cannot deny anything to a woman painted with henna. This is most pronounced after the first time of coloring. Make wishes and enchant. It’s impossible to refuse: we have henna Lush!

Watch the video: Lush Deep Dive: Henna Instructions (December 2019).


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