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Lipstick stellary

Swiss company "Stellary Cosmetics AG“With the help of a high-class team of professional makeup artists, she produces professional makeup products for individual use. Stellary brand products are produced in several European countries and in Russia. Not every woman can easily make a choice in a large flow of information about new makeup trends and techniques, adapt them for herself The main objective of this brand is to give a potential customer the opportunity to get advice from a makeup artist individually while still in the store. types and marked with the corresponding letters.

Features and Benefits

Stellary in Russian means "stellar". With Stellary brand products, the star standard has become available and makes every woman feel like a "star."

One of the directions in the production of cosmetic products was a collection of lipsticks with different textures and effects. When developing, all modern trends in the creation of makeup were taken into account. A wide selection of shades and an affordable price enable beautiful owners to be always in trend.

The main features of lipsticks of this brand are:

  1. The use of professional developments of leading manufacturers who have vast experience in creating modern images (taking into account all current trends).
  2. The use of soft, comfortable in applying luxury textures.
  3. A wide range of colors for all types of appearance.
  4. Stylish and comfortable packaging.
  5. High quality funds at an affordable price.

The advantage of lipsticks is the classification by color type. For a woman, a specific range of tones has already been determined, which are perfect for her type of appearance. It remains to choose only your own - perfect.


The composition of the lipsticks is indicated inside the box in which they are packed. The main components that are part of it are vitamin E, panthenol and a complex of shea butter, cocoa and grape seed.

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that protects the skin of the lips from free radicals.

Panthenol or provitamin B5 is an excellent moisturizer, nourishes and softens.

The complex of oils cares for the skin of the lips, deeply nourishes and moisturizes it, stimulates the production of collagen.

Shelf life

All cosmetics have their own shelf life. Like most lipsticks, the shelf life of Stellary cosmetics is two years. The production date is indicated on the lipstick packaging.


By type of lipstick can be divided into classic, liquid matte, glossy liquid, cream, stable, lipstick-balms and radiant. Each type is highlighted in a separate brand line. Lipsticks have an even and resistant coating, a delicate texture resembling an air souffle. They have a pleasant smell. Enclosed in stylish softtouch cases.

Lipstick balms are packed in compact pencil cases that open, it is worth turning the bottom of the base. After use, the base rotates back and closes with a cap. A click on the lid indicates complete closure. Liquid lipsticks are equipped with a bottle with a convenient applicator for comfortable application.

Brand lines

Today, Stellary produces the following lines of lipsticks:

  • Classic lipstick "Lipstick"have a delicate, very comfortable texture, are easy to apply, give an even and dense coating. Vitamin E and shea butter included in the composition gently care for and protect lips. Choice of color type.
  • Cream Lipsticks "Creamy lips"thanks to their texture, they create the effect of sensual lips. A stylish softtouch case, a pleasant aroma and excellent sensual colors. A range of colors according to the appearance color type. A complex of cocoa, shea and grape seed care oils softens and gives protection from external factors.
  • Lipstick-balm "Fruity lipstick"combine gentle care and colorization. Convenient pencil-shaped packaging. Soft texture nourishes and softens lips. Has a fruity aroma.
  • Sustainable Lipstick "Long lasting lipstick"gives a good and lasting coating thanks to the candelilla wax that is part of it. It provides an easy and comfortable application. The softtouch case is convenient to hold in your hands. A rich palette of colors. The choice of shade by color type.
  • Liquid lipsticks "Shine lipstick“with a gloss effect they have good durability, luxurious gloss and rich color. The delicate texture cares for the skin of the lips, does not give stickiness and a feeling of tightness. The products are equipped with a convenient applicator and have a fruity aroma.
  • Liquid matte lipstick "Matte lipstick"give a uniform saturated color. Have a good fixation and a light texture that does not dry and does not give a feeling of heaviness on the lips. The even layer is easily applied with a convenient applicator. It has a pleasant fruity aroma.
  • Shining "Glow lips"creates the effect of brilliant shine and has a long-lasting coating. Gives a seductive radiance, due to which the lips seem more voluminous. For softening and protection, the composition contains vitamin E. Possibility of choice by color type.

Hue palette

Stellary lipsticks have a rich palette of colors. Each line additionally has a separation of lipsticks by color type.

The Long Lasting palette consists of 24 lipsticks: from the lightest tones SP03 Ice Cream, F23 Dried Rose and SP04 Gentle Ray to the bright and rich colors S15 Glamorous Pink, W34 Magic Red and W49 Passionate.

The classic Lipstick lineup consists of twelve amazing shades - from W01 Gentle Smoke to W12 Red Coral.

Creamy Lips lipsticks include 16 shades. Most are delicate nude tones (SP08 Peach Souffle, F26 Peach Juice, W47 Nutmeg). Even the bright colors F27 “Orange Sun”, S19 “Drop of Wine” or W37 “Raspberry Sherbet” have muted colors, as if whitened.

Fruity Lipstick balms in ten tones - from the lightest to gorgeous red.

The range of gloss "Shine Lipstick" of six tones - from pale pink to raspberry. Matte "Matte Lipstick" make up six juicy berry shades.

Sparkling "Glow Lips" have eight beautiful sparkling shades - from the delicate S10 "Cowberry Mors" to the berry S11 "Natural Chiffon" and the enchanting W30 "Air Kiss". This line of lipsticks is perfect for creating evening looks.

How to choose the right tone?

Makeup artists and stylists in their work to select an individual image use the method of color division into four types of female appearance - "Winter", "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn". Conditionally, separation occurs according to the color of hair, skin, and eyes. In the Stellary brand, all lipsticks have an alphabetic designation of a color type. With this tip, every woman can easily choose her perfect lipstick color.

"Winter"(brunette) - cold, pure colors are perfect for this type. Cold white, deep black, lilac, deep violet, ruby ​​go well with the appearance of the Winter type, emphasize beautiful skin color and natural beauty. Lipsticks for this type are marked with a letter W.

"Spring"(blonde) - bright and clear options without impurities are ideal for this type: the color of young herbs, the color of green apple, peach, coral. The color palette for this type is indicated by Sp.

"Summer"(fair-haired) - the most delicate type of appearance for which you need to choose gentle, whitened tones. The entire range of pastel shades will fit perfectly into the image for this type. The lipstick palette for this type is indicated by the letter S.

"Autumn"(brown hair) - warm shades of beige, red, golden and chocolate tones are ideal for this type. The palette for this type is marked F.


Stellary products are available in an affordable price range. In different retail outlets, the price of lipstick ranges from 130 to 180 rubles. Almost any woman can afford to spend such a small amount on the purchase of a suitable shade from a large palette of colors and textures.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

To distinguish an original from a fake, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • The presence of a quality certificate. An easy way to find out about the quality of the goods is to ask for a quality certificate at the outlet. It must be mandatory, and the seller has no right to refuse to provide it. If there is no certificate, you should not make a purchase at this outlet.
  • Packaging must be geometrically regular shape, without distortions, with even inscriptions and the presence inside the corporate image. The full name, composition, volume, manufacturer - all this must be indicated on the packaging. Look at the case. The plastic should be smooth, even, a little flickering, the inscription - even letters. Unscrew the stick from the lipstick and examine it. The stick should be smooth, without sagging and bumps, twist straight.
  • Barcode on the packaging in the form of black and white stripes with numbers below. This barcode gives information about the country of origin and the product. In Europe, this is a 13-bit EAN-1 code. You must enter it in a special program for checking barcodes. The program will determine the country of manufacture and confirm or deny the authenticity.
  • Place of sale and price. It is better to buy products in trusted specialized stores. You need to pay attention to the price. Even at a discount, the cost of lipsticks cannot vary several times.


Stellary lipsticks fell in love with many customers because of the wide variety of colors. It is convenient to navigate in the selection. Previously, many did not even try to “try on” some colors, as they were sure that they would not work. Now, having determined your type of appearance, you can navigate by the letter designation and choose from the recommendations of professional stylists. Ladies like the texture of lipsticks, aroma. The stated durability is not always justified. Some tones accentuate the creases on the lips.

In general, lipsticks were highly appreciated. The advantage for most is the affordable price. Ladies get good quality for little money.

An overview of Stellary lipstick, see the next video.



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