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Blush Chanel

Unfortunately, not every girl can boast a healthy natural blush on her face, which is why ladies so often resort to using such decorative means as blush. They return former freshness, brightness and well-groomed. Today, many brands and brands offer the most diverse assortment of these products. The legendary brand Chanel You will find truly worthy specimens that easily emphasize your natural beauty.


The Chanel brand has already established itself over many years of its existence. The products of this brand are appreciated in many countries, it is very popular among people of various classes. Chanel is acquired by many stars, top models and actresses.

Today, Chanel cosmetic products are pleased with their huge assortment, palettes of shades and textures, as well as regular updating of collections and the release of new advanced products. All funds from the brand undergo many tests, are produced and developed under the strict guidance of specialists. They are absolutely safe to use, do not cause allergic or other negative reactions.

Chanel cosmetic products belong to the luxury category, the prices are quite high, but the quality never leaves ladies indifferent.

Shelf life

Blushers, powders and other dry cosmetic products are some of the most durable in a women's cosmetic bag. A lot of ladies use them for up to three years (without any fear for their face and health). If the blush began to crumble, it means it is time to get rid of them, because they have lost their decorative properties. Makeup artists believe that you can use them, but it is very inconvenient. Crumbling of such products may be associated with temperature changes or improper storage in general.

Do not forget to check the date of manufacture of a cosmetic product before buying. Sometimes on bottles and packages of cosmetics there is a 12M marking - this means that after opening the product must be used within 12 months.

Do not forget to regularly clean your blush brushes so that the remaining fat from the skin does not fall into the product itself, otherwise it may become unusable faster.


A beautiful complexion always attracts a lot of attention. Pink cheeks are a sign of the health and well-being of a real lady. To date, the Chanel brand offers many different varieties of blush, designed for one or another female preferences and needs. Among the vast assortment you can find the following blush:

  • compact;
  • double;
  • blush palettes;
  • in stick.

In addition, the blush from the brand can be matte and with a shimmer, as well as cream, with the most delicate texture.


Among the huge assortment of a wide variety of blush it is simply impossible not to find the very ones that you were looking for so long. Blush Chanel was created for the real connoisseurs of beauty, because the variety of the most unusual, luxurious shades and an excellent selection of textures simply can not but rejoice:

  • Compact blush "Joues contraste"are considered a legendary product from the brand. These blush will help emphasize the freshness of the face, give it a natural pinky and rested look. They are perfect even if your face needs to add a couple of hours of sleep in the morning. They have a silk texture, they are very nice to apply. A convenient brush is included , which in just a couple of touches will allow you to achieve an excellent blush.There are no oily components in the composition, so that the product does not roll off all day and is easy to shade when applied. and there were wonderful blush "Ombre Contrast", which allowed to make the face truly aristocratic and emphasize all the most necessary, but these are no worse.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the wonderful shades of blush from the "Joues Contraste" palette: 15 "Orchid Rose", soft pink 44 "Narcisse", 55 "In Love", 64 "Pink Explosion", 71 "Malice", 72 "Rose Initiale ", 82" Reflex ", peach 85" Evocation ", 160" Innocence ", 170" Rose Glacier ", beige and pink 370" Elegance ", limited to 180" Caresse "and 190" Angelique "from the spring collection.

  • Double Tweed Blush "Les tissages de chanel". These luxurious blush will help to make the most natural make-up and get a well-groomed face in just a couple of touches. They contain special mother-of-pearl particles that illuminate with a natural radiance. Such cosmetics have a delicate powdery texture that is very easy to blend. You can use it not only to add missing color, but also simulate the contours of the face.

In our country, these shades can be purchased in two wonderful shades: 100 "Tweed Coralline", 110 "Tweed Cherry Blossom".

  • It’s worth paying attention to the blush palette "Coco code". It is presented in a limited edition. In it you will find the favorite colors of the founder of the brand Coco Chanel, namely - white, cream, scarlet and gold, in matte and satin textures.
  • Limited Autumn Blush Palette "Lumieres de kyoto“with harmoniously selected shades will please even the most fastidious women. In this palette you will find the most delicate shade of cream, which can be used as a highlighter, and pinkish red with gold for accents. These blush can be applied to the face completely or on its individual parts They are produced in one shade.The composition is enriched with pearl particles and organic pigments.
  • It’s worth paying attention to the very comfortable blush stick "Les beiges". They are no worse than Chanel's cream blush -" Chantecaille ". They can easily get a velvet effect and a luxurious result. These blush should be shaded in a circular motion (using your fingertips). The composition of the product is enriched with useful extracts of wax, cotton and roses, which not only perfectly care for the skin, but also make the product itself very comfortable in application. Very interesting tone "Blush" 22.

How to choose?

It would seem that there is nothing simpler than choosing a shade that will appear on your face, but there are a couple of nuances. Many makeup artists pay attention to the following points that you should consider when buying a blush:

  • The lighter the tone of your skin, the more gentle the glow should be. For light-skinned blondes, pale pink and peach blush are best suited.
  • A very good combination is obtained exactly when the blush and lipstick are in harmony with each other.
  • Ladies with a dark skin tone will suit rich beige, pink colors and shades with gold.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

As they say, a fake is visible from afar. A copy of the blush will give cheap packaging and the appearance of the product as a whole. Since they save significantly on fakes, the inscriptions on them are crooked, and very often with serious typos. The smell of copies (in contrast to the original) always dignifies much to be desired.

Be careful with a copy of blush "Chanel All Over Muffin Cake Finish". Some ladies write good reviews about this tool, but no one knows what blush is made of. Perhaps they are not so safe to use. A lot of questions cause blush with balls.

Always give preference to licensed stores that are eligible to sell luxury cosmetic products.

How to use?

Using blush at home is quite easy - it turns out no worse than in the cabin. To do this, just apply them with a special brush on the cheekbones. If you want to emphasize, then emphasize the hollow of the cheeks or whiskey, the forehead and oval of the face.

To give a delicate shade, apply blush on the "apples" of the cheeks.

One layer of blush adds freshness to the face, making it more rested. When applying several layers, you get a more contrasting shade, which can advantageously emphasize facial features.

When using the brand blush palette, they can be mixed, and the resulting warm shade should be evenly applied to the cheekbones. Light shades with a shimmer can be used as a highlighter and emphasize the convex parts of the face. Caramel, beige and any other dark shades can be used as contouring.

To distribute the blush, you can use the retractable brush from the brand.


Most women leave a lot of positive reviews about Chanel blush. Many ladies are long-time loyal fans of the brand and never cheat on him. Women note that blush lasts a very long time, well pigmented and have a pleasant aroma. Dam pleases the regular replenishment of the collection of shades and the release of limited series with new textures. Negative reviews, perhaps, include dissatisfaction with the relatively high price of funds, some also note a short persistence.

An overview of Chanel's "Joues Contraste" blush look in the next video.

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